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Sabrina and Gabriel had arrive just on time for the dinner. Ethan and Aria are already in the living room. As soon as Sabrina saw Aria her eyes widens. Aria’s stomach was swollen. d.a.m.n it, her brother is good at making babies. She wanted one but—it’s not yet their time for that.

Gabriel also eyed Aria’s stomach and glance at Sabrina. Then he murmur in her ear.

“I’ll make babies with you after you are done with your stuffs.” She grin and started kissing his face.

“Where’s Enzo?” Ethan asked her father who greeted them.

Ferdinand’s face lightens seeing Sabrina and Ethan and he was over joyed to see Aria pregnant. He said that it might be triplets and that’s when Ethan make an announcement that it was twins. It was good then.

“Extra careful Ethan. Aria needs a lot of calcium and iron. When your mom was pregnant with the three of you—it was hard carrying the three of you but we were overjoyed when the three of you came into this world.” Ferdinand said. “Where’s Enzo?” He asked. Ethan cleared his throat and they didn’t say anything.

They already know what’s keeping Enzo in his room. Versace run down from stairs and jump in front of Sabrina. Sabrina kneel down and started scratching Versace’s chin. After what seemed like thirty minutes that they stay in the living room and chatting with each other Enzo walk down stairs with Catriona.

He was too cheerful and he even greet Sabrina with hug and kisses even Gabriel who flinches on Enzo’s greetings. Enzo even gave Aria a big hug and kisses on cheeks after he had recover from his surprise on her big stomach. He even hold it and press his ears to hear inside.

“Okay that’s enough.” Ethan pushes him away.

“I’m going to be an uncle!” he said and even hugged his brother. “Good job bro.”

“He’s over joyed.” Ethan told Aria and Aria just giggle.

Catriona gave her boss a look and Sabrina just shrugged. Then Marga enters with paper bags of Dior in her hands.

“Did you just finish shopping at this time?” Ferdinand asked as he greets her. “Go upstairs and change. We’re going to have dinner.”

“I just ate my dinner outside.” Marga said and walk upstairs.

Sabrina eyed the Dior brand and Catriona gave her a sign about something. Sabrina immediately got it. Catriona must have witness Marga meeting with Francisco. Their dinner wasn’t that grand but simple yet the dishes includes the triplet’s favorites.

Sabrina was feeding her husband since he’s been tired from his loads of work. His vice-president also the COO was on vacation leave so he have to handle few matters.

“Congratulation on the growing business.” Ferdinand said to Enzo and Ethan.

“It was actually Sabrina’s visions.” Ethan said.

“As expected of my Princess.” Ferdinand complimented Sabrina. She just nod and sipped on her wine.

“Sabrina is very much creative in her way.” Gabriel said.

“She got it from her mom.” Ferdinand replied. It was the first time that they had talk about their mother over dinner. Sabrina didn’t react much and just remain cool.

“Uhm, Dad. I was thinking, would this house be mine soon?” Immediately Enzo said that, everyone stayed quiet and Catriona stopped eating. “I mean, my siblings have their own houses and I am still living here—when I get married I also need a house.”

“This house is already named after the three of you. As well as the Mondragon Mansion.” Ferdinand said.

“Ohhh… so I can choose where to stay since my two siblings already have their own house.”

“It will be up to you and your siblings. So you’re already planning for the wedding? The two of you seemed to be into each other and hard to separate… I am also getting old so you better give me grandchildren soon.”

Catriona started chocking after hearing Ferdinand’s wishes. Good thing that she’s not eating nor drinking. She look at Sabrina and Sabrina just shrugged her shoulders.

“So when will the next wedding be?” Ferdinand asked Enzo. Enzo’s grin faded and glance at Catriona who gave him a deadly glare.

“Soon. Just soon.” He said and hold Catriona’s thigh and squeeze it a little.

After the dinner, they talk more in the patio and Enzo was hosting it. He make fun of his siblings and Gabriel. Catriona couldn’t help but laugh whenever Enzo try to hara.s.s Gabriel and Sabrina would cover Gabriel and push Enzo away readying her martial arts technique.

Ethan and Aria went to their room in the mansion and just as what Enzo’s father said. He did become more careful. But Aria’s needs wasn’t just food and drinks and care—she also need s.e.x that she have to wean on him and said that it will be fine but he’s afraid.

So he had to search on google about it. On the safe position, Aria and Ethan made love. He was happy since it’s been a very long time since they last made love. Aria ask for more and Ethan dotingly gave her pleasure and become extrcareful.

“You are getting more and more bold these days.” He mutter in her ear. She smile and hold his hand that was caressing her stomach.

“It must be the hormones…” She mutter.

“What would be the name of our twins?” he asked as he lovingly caress her swollen stomach. “It will be probably daughters.”

“But I want sons.”

“I want to spoil little princesses.” He said as he started imaging little princess that looks like Aria, how adorable would it be? She pouted.

“I want you to spoil only me.”

“You should’ve said that before we make babies? So I wont bother about babies first and just spoil you.” He tease. “But I’ll still spoil you my wife. You are my one and only woman.” He sat up and bent down a little on his sulking wife. “How do you want me to spoil you then?” his hand caress down to her navel and more down…

“I’ll let you have your way to appease me.” She grin. He grin back at her and kisses her curves down to her hips then to her side.

He was down there and he lay her back flat down gently and spread her legs.

“Will this do?” He asked. She hums and bit her lower lip.


Sabrina was still awake and let her husband sleep since he’s too tired from work. She was tired from her own launching of the building but she wasn’t that exhausted to think about Veronica who got kidnapped by Tony to Maldives.

“Brina.” Gabriel calls though he’s too sleepy, he knew that she was still awake.

“Go sleep, my love.” She said and started brus.h.i.+ng his hair to coax him back to sleep. He took her hand and kisses it. Holding it until he had fallen back to sleep.

Sabrina’s thought diverge to Gabriel. When Gabriel saw Aria’s stomach a while ago, his eyes show amazement. She knew that he wanted her to get pregnant but she failed to give it to him in their first honeymoon. Now that she was near in her plans, she can’t give him children yet. It is too risky for her.

When his hand ungrip from hers, she slowly pull her hand and planted a kiss on his forehead. She put her robe on and left the room. Then she went to Enzo’s room and knock there. It opens and Catriona got out and closes the door.

Catriona gave her the recording that she took while spying on Marga and Francisco. She nodded and went back to her room. She sat down on her sofa and watch the video. She read Francisco’s lips. She was calm and silent as always.

“You want your Queen back, then come and get her.” She utter and turn off the tablet.

She was about to go back to bed to be with her husband but her phone rings. It was Veronica from Maldives so she answer it.

“How do I get rid of Tony Lawson?” She wanted to laugh at Veronica’s question. “I am ready for my mission. Give me orders.” She hang up and texted her.

“It’s hard to get rid of a Lawson. Learn how to flirt.” She said.


Sabrina wanted to laugh. She was just kidding her but she took it. Anyway Veronica needed it. She’s a natural flirt when it comes to Tony. She had witness it somehow. But she can’t do it with another man. Veronica is disgusted with males.

“I want my wife…” Gabriel mutter. She put down her phone and remove her robe. Then she snuggle on him.

“Ayioo… don’t sulk my hubby. Your wife is here.” She started kissing his face. He pouted and she kisses it. “Sleep. You need more sleep.”


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