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As he was speaking, Anfey’s expression changed as the story went on and was very convincing. After a few moments, however, all of his emotions disappeared, as if he was just telling someone else’s story. Anfey was very good at controlling himself; perhaps it was the reason why he was able to succeed time after time.

Suzanna, however, did not care for formality. She gripped Anfey’s hand tightly, as if she could transport her strength to him this way. Niya looked at Anfey with eyes filled with compa.s.sion. If he was closer to her in age, she would have hugged him tightly to comfort him.

Unlike Niya and Suzanna, Christian looked at Anfey with admiration. Anfey’s story finally answered his question of why Anfey could go from a kind youth to a coldblooded killer. Christian knew what Anfey did during the war, and he knew that they were able to go home because of what Anfey had done. He had never asked Anfey about anything, because he did not want to damage their relations.h.i.+p. He had trusted Anfey, and no one could change that. Anfey had more than enough skill to leave, but he brought everyone with him. That showed that Anfey was a trustworthy person.

Miorich nodded. “Yagor is an archmage, sure, but his poverty is notorious. I have no idea how he gathered all those things in the end.”

“What did he have?” Niya asked curiously.

“Can’t tell you,” Miorich said, smiling. “It’s a secret.” He brought Niya along today for a reason. Suzanna was Anfey’s lover and had the right to know everything. Christian was Anfey’s trusted right hand man and had the right know as well. In the past, Niya was very sheltered. The older generation didn’t want her to get hurt, and created an idle life for her. Now, Miorich knew that it was not the way to raise a child. Saul had regretted raising Niya in such a sheltered environment. Sooner or later she would grow up and weather the storm by herself. The older generation could not protect her forever. It was time she learn something about the world.

Niya cleared her eyes and turned to Anfey. “You were on that island for so long,” she said, “you must know something.”

“He was already dying when I became his student,” Anfey said. “I knew nothing of magic then, and did not know what those things were.” Seeing that Miorich did not answer Niya’s question, Anfey decide he would feign ignorance as well.

Niya looked at Miorich and sighed.

“You should know how rare the Vacuum Confinement Scroll is now, right?” Miorich asked.

“Yes,” Anfey said, nodding. His most prized possession was the scroll. He would return Saul’s scrolls, but Yagor’s was his trump card, even though all his plans had already gone to waste.

“Good. Don’t waste it.”

“Of course not.”

“Another thing. I would advise against reading the book about black magic. It’s not just me and His Majesty. Lord Saul agrees as well.”

Anfey frowned and lifted his head.

“We’re staying here for a few more days, then we will go to Blackania City. All your possessions are kept there.”

“What?” Anfey asked, staring at Miorich in shock.

“Did you think His Majesty just claimed everything?” Miorich asked with a laugh.

“No, I just…”

“Don’t worry. What was Yagor’s will be yours,” Miorich said with a smile. “You are still his last student, and you are the owner of his possessions. Although His Majesty wanted to destroy that black magic book, we needed to get your permission.”

“But I don’t even have the power to use the Vacuum Confinement Scroll yet.”

“That’s why you should work harder.”

“It’s impossible for me to get that powerful in a short amount of time,” Anfey said. “I want to give that scroll to His Majesty. Surely then it could be more useful with him than with me.” He had thought that what Yagor left belonged to Yolanthe, and it had made sense. Even if the real owners were still alive, it would still be hard to hold onto those relics. Anfey could not imagine giving away such valuable relics, even the legendary Vacuum Confinement Scroll. This showed Yolanthe’s generosity.

Miorich smiled. He took the sword from his belt and handed it to Suzanna. “You’re a swordsman,” he said. “You should know what it is.”

Suzanna accepted the sword gingerly and slowly began pulling it out of the sheath. A burst of blinding light filled the room. The light did not disperse like regular light, but instead lingered in the room like morning mist. “Is this the Wing of Light?” Suzanna asked hesitantly.

Miorich nodded.

“Really?” Suzanna asked incredulously.

Miorich took the sword and pulled the entire length of the blade out of the sheath. The light of the blade bloomed like flowers and filled with room. Miorich returned the sword to its sheath, and the light in the room disappeared.

Suzanna’s eyes widened. She was a swordsman, and she knew very well what the Wing of Light was.

“If you want, let’s trade swords. I am a knight, and this sword is no good to me.”

“No, no,” Suzanna said hurriedly, returning the sword.

“Do you want it?” Miorich turned and asked Anfey.

“Me?” Anfey asked. He knew that Miorich still wanted to give it to Suzanna.

“I won’t take back my gifts,” Miorich said seriously.

After a few moments of hesitation, Anfey took the sword from Suzanna’s hand. This sword was a gift to Suzanna from Yolanthe. It would be inappropriate if she did not accept it.

“A good weapon should be in the right hands,” Miorich said. “His Majesty taught me that. This sword was given to His Majesty by a merchant as a birthday gift. His Majesty gave it to Baery the next day, but Baery didn’t take it. Do you know what Baery said then?”


“Baery said that His Majesty should keep it. Evil Mist had sent a dozen after His Majesty, but they never succeeded. Baery said that a sword like this is more useful in the hands of a two-discipliner.”

“His Majesty was a swordsman?” Niya asked, surprised. Christian’s expression did not change, however, as if he had already known this.

Miorich nodded.

“What happened then?”

“Baery is a stubborn man, and it’s very hard to change his mind. A month later, when Baery was leaving the capital with his legion, His Majesty gifted the sword to him in front the entire legion and sent him away,” Miorich said with a smile. “His Majesty told me that his responsibility wasn’t to be a good swordsman, it was to be a good king.”

“What happened then?”

“A month after Baery left, there was another attempt that left His Majesty injured. The first thing Baery did when he returned to Sacred City was go into the palace and throw this sword down in front of His Majesty. His Majesty grew angry as well and the two of them just stood in the throne room and stared at each other. I had to intervene to break it up. Then His Majesty gave the sword to me.”

“That’s very brave of him,” Niya said. She grinned, imagining Baery and Yolanthe standing in the throne room, staring at each other.

Anfey remained silent. Scenes like this were indeed very rare. He didn’t know Yolanthe very well in the past, but now he could feel how generous and open-minded Yolanthe was. He was indeed a good king.


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