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Read Astral Pet Store Chapter 120 – Suppress

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Read WebNovel Astral Pet Store Chapter 120 – Suppress

Chapter 120 Suppress

Before Su Ping had the time to raise his hand, the sharp claw that had just touched Su Ping’s shoulder was suddenly bent, until it cracked!

At the same time, the Wing Beast fell to the ground with a bang sound, right in front of Su Ping. There was an unspeakable, horrifying power pressing the Wing Beast down. It couldn’t move at all.

The Wing Beast didn’t try to struggle or fight back. The violence and bloodthirst in its eyes were long gone. It fixed its golden eyes on Su Ping full of terror. In its eyes, Su Ping was like a towering G.o.d that couldn’t be defied. The horrifying aura coming out from Su Ping almost overwhelmed the Wing Beast. Its insides were shaking and it was losing its mind!

Soon, a disgusting stink came out from the Wing Beast. An incontinence reflex!

This drastic turn of events astonished the young man and the many students behind him.

The young man and the many students opened their eyes wide in shock as they stared at the Wing Beast s.h.i.+vering on the ground.

A second beforer, the Wing Beast had an awe-inspiring appearance. How come an instant later, it was lying on its stomach in front of Su Ping, shaking and trembling?

Not to mention the organic reflex.

They didn’t even see Su Ping make a move at all!

If it weren’t for the fact that all of them witnessed how violent the Wing Beast was, they would have regarded this as pre-meditated blackmail!

Su Ping was also surprised. Soon, he realized that the system had taken action.

Anything that tried to attack him within the realm of the store would be taught a lesson by the system.

Last time, Fan Yujing verbally abused him and tried to hit Su Ping, only to have his arm broken.

The Wing Beast was in a more miserable state because its attack carried bloodthirst and murderous intentions. Not only was its claw broken, but it was also pinned down to the ground.

The horrifying aura over the Wing Beast could only be felt by Su Ping and the Wing Beast. It was something that came from supernatural beings.

Su Ping supposed that the Wing Beast would remain mentally scarred, if its mind wasn’t entirely lost, given the embarra.s.sing state it was in.

The young man stared at his Wing Beast, unable to believe this. He knew better than anyone else about the violence and cruelty exhibited by the Wing Beast. To tame it had been enough of a headache. He couldn’t imagine how the extremely arrogant Wing Beast could end up in this awful state.

The young man felt a strong terror coming from the Wing Beast.

This sense of terror affected him as well. He began to be wary of Su Ping.

What happened?

The young man couldn’t understand. The broken claw and the fear both came out of nowhere.

From beginning to end, the young man never saw Su Ping make a move.

Or, was Su Ping so fast that he could not see it with his naked eyes?

The plot had thickened.

Su Ping was at most about 20. To defeat the Wing Beast at this age was hard enough, not to mention taking action so fast that it was invisible at plain sight.

How powerful would Su Ping have to be?!

Many students came back to their senses after the initial shock. They turned to Su Ping.

Was that the actual strength of an advanced teacher?

He had defeated the Wing Beast in an instant. He didn’t have to take action to press down this violent beast and make it tremble!

Not even the average advanced battle pet warrior could have achieved this!

The only explanation was that Su Ping was an eighth-rank battle pet warrior… But, a master battle pet warrior at the age of 18?

Those students knew Su Ping’s age after checking the academy’s website. They amazement was stronger than the young man’s.

He was so young and yet so terrifying! Su Ping came back to his senses to face those silent customers. He darted a glance at the s.h.i.+vering Wing Beast on the ground. From the intense fear in its eyes, he knew the Wing Beast was scared half-dead.

Inside, he asked the system, “What should I do?”

The system answered calmly, “Since this is the first time, this is only a small punishment. Now that the customer has paid up, the host should carry on with the training.”

Su Ping understood. He bent over, grabbed the Wing Beast’s wings, and dragged it to the pet room in the back.

The young man moved his lips, trying to make a sound, as he saw Su Ping grabbing the pet. However, the words remained in his mouth. When he worked up the courage again, Su Ping had vanished into the back of the store.

Su Ping came back to the storefront after the Wing Beast was thrown into the training s.p.a.ce.

The young man asked in a hurry, “Sir, sir, what did you do to my Wing Beast?” Su Ping gave him a look of surprise. “Didn’t you pay for the training? Of course, I put the Wing Beast aside for the moment so that I can have it trained later.”

“Ah? What?”

The young man could not wrap his head around this. He didn’t expect that Su Ping would continue the training when the Wing Beast had offended him and he had taught it a lesson.

The young man knew he couldn’t be disrespectful to this young store owner anymore. Su Ping had remained quiet and unmoving when he surprised the Wing Beast. This alone made it clear to the young man that Su Ping was a formidable warrior.

A talent with such strength at this young age was not someone to be provoked.

“Please forgive me if I have offended you,” the young man apologized at once.

Su Ping didn’t think he had been offended. It was the pet that had tried to hurt him and it was not the young man’s intention. Otherwise, the system would have punished the young man as well. “Don’t worry. It’s just a small punishment. I will return the pet to you when the training is done.’

The young man was relieved. “Thank you.”

Su Ping waved his hand. “Do you want anything else? If not, please step aside.”

The young man didn’t know what to say in reply. He stood at the side.

He threw some glances into the store. However, the doors were closed and he couldn’t see anything. While curious, he was afraid to go into the back. In his mind, this old and shabby store was dangerous.

“Goodbye, sir.” Since the young man couldn’t find anything useful after he glanced around, he bid farewell to Su Ping politely.

Su Ping just made an “oh” sound without saying anything else. He was busy writing down the name and contact info of the next customer.

The young man forced a bitter smile. He turned around and left quickly without making another attempt to say something. When he reached the street corner in the distance, he turned around and took one more look at this place to remember the name of the pet store.


That was a strange pet store with a terrifying young store owner.

This was the label he devised for this pet store. Then, he left.

“Mr. Su, you are awesome!”

“That was a fifth-rank Wing Beast, a pet with a bloodline of the ninth-rank and an incredible pride. How did you overwhelm it so quickly? I didn’t even see you do a thing.”

“Right. That Wing Beast was scared out of its mind.”

After that young man left, many students finally came back from their stupor. They were so excited that their eyes were kindling. Previously, they had heard stories about Su Ping. They weren’t quite convinced and thought that it was Su Ping’s pets that were powerful. They suspected Su Ping was from some major financial group.

It turned out Su Ping was just as powerful.

The marks of the Wing Beast’s urine and feces were still there. The smell was bad but the students were still thrilled.

Su Ping was at their age. He could suppress the Wing Beast while simply standing there. On the other hand, those students lacked the courage to even face the Wing Beast. How huge the difference was!

Outside the store, under a tree.

Su Lingyue was standing in the shade, secretly observing. When the Wing Beast reached out with its claw, she almost cried out in alarm. She wasn’t afraid of the Wing Beast. She was afraid to see Su Ping be seriously harmed by the Wing Beast.

The change in events was mind-blowing and unbelievable. That was Su Ping’s strength?

The strength that this guy had been hiding all this time?!

The expressions on her face s.h.i.+fted again and again. Everything seemed surreal.

She knew that Su Ping was probably strong. After all, he became an advanced teacher at the academy. Still, she had underestimated him. At this rate, without relying on pets, he was more powerful than she was.

Su Ping couldn’t have achieved this overnight.

Hence, Su Ping had awakened a long time ago.

It was just he had never shown it, just letting her make fun of him and bully him as she wished…

All of a sudden, her eyes reddened. She bit her lower lip. A lump came up to her throat. She was filled with a complicated and yet unspeakable feeling.


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