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Read Astral Pet Store Chapter 193 – Enemies In A Small World

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Chapter 193 Enemies in a Small World

A Thunderstorm Dragon was an upper ninth-rank Astral Pet, which had overwhelming strength even among all dragon-type pets. While it wasn’t as good as an Inferno Dragon, it could still be placed among the top ten on the “dragon ranking list.”

As for the Four-Winged Storm Dragons, they weren’t even in the ranking list. That was why Su Ping didn’t mind getting rid of them.

“Mister Su, are you selling the last egg?” another t.i.tled warrior in the room tried.

Su Ping shook his head. “Sorry but no. I have another plan for it. If you really want it, come and visit my shop someday.” This was a perfect chance to make his pet shop known. Of course he wouldn’t pa.s.s up the chance.

“Your shop? Do you run a company? May I know the name?”

All the others wanted to know Su Ping’s usual line of business because they could use it to learn more about Su Ping himself, even though the companies founded by t.i.tled warriors were usually for shady purposes like money laundering. “Company? Ahem. It’s not really a company. Just a small shop. I sell pet training services, and I also have some pet food for sale. I’m trying to expand the scope of business and perhaps sell pets in the future. This egg will be a candidate.”

“A small shop that sells dragon eggs? Ugh.” “Can I have your business card?” another worker asked.

“I… didn’t bring any, since this wasn’t a business trip,” Su Ping said, deadpanned, “I’ll just tell you my address.”

He told the shop’s location to everyone without fearing that somebody would investigate him. If a t.i.tled battle pet warrior wanted to know more about him, knowing his face and name was enough. Besides, the system would always keep the shop safe from danger.

Su Ping picked up the remaining egg and stepped out of the inspection room.

He took several random turns among the traveling people. Once he made sure no one was stalking him, he carefully placed the dragon egg in his inventory s.p.a.ce while no one was looking

He could have “smuggled” all the eggs away, but didn’t do so because he didn’t want to raise suspicion by always returning with cheap loot. To show his “occasional good luck,” those Storm Dragon Eggs were a perfect choice. It wasn’t hard to get his hands on the eggs because that mother dragon had been weakened due to the recent pregnancy.

Instead of going to another exploration right away, Su Ping headed to the lounge area and rented a single room to rest.

Those apartments had been built as soon as the Mysterious Realm was discovered, so smart businessmen could earn money from eager settlers. The rent was 100,000 coins for a night, which was pretty crazy. But the money was worthwhile because the houses were all protected by high-level astral barriers that could bar eavesdroppers. Furthermore, there were always powerful settlers stationed nearby as guards.

By going there, Su Ping would both recuperate and to wait out people’s suspicion. This way, people would believe that he needed some time to transport the dragon egg away instead of carrying it into another exploration, which would be too strange.

He unslung his backpack, summoned Little Skeleton to keep watch, and fell asleep.

The Mysterious Realm didn’t have days and nights. There were always people traveling to and fro, who would work or rest as they saw fit.

Su Ping woke up refreshed. His phone suggested that he had just spent 8 hours in bed, which was just about right.

He retrieved Little Skeleton, who had been giving him that unchanging, blank stare during all these hours, into the pet s.p.a.ce. Then he checked out at the apartment managing desk, ordered two bottles of hot milk tea and headed to the teleportation station again.

The waiting area was clearly not as crowded as before. Most of the time, people didn’t need to wait to use the teleportation circle.

By the time Su Ping arrived, he only saw one group of people waiting ahead.

He finished his strawberry milk tea while waiting and felt refreshed from the inside.

Suddenly, the man in front him looked back and gave him a confused look.


Su Ping checked his face but failed to remember him.

The man’s partners heard his voice and looked this way. This time, Su Ping saw two faces he recognized—the old servant who had attacked him at the dragon tower and the “young mistress” from the Tang family. Though he couldn’t remember her name.

“It’s you…” Zuo Fengqun gave Su Ping a hostile look. He was sure Su Ping would have died if Venerable the Blade had not intervened back there.

Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping and knitted her brows in disgust as if she had seen a c.o.c.kroach. But she soon looked away and forgot about him. Someone like her had no time to deal with weaklings, according to her line of thinking.

Zhuo Fengqun sneered but didn’t move. If Venerable the Blade meant to protect Su Ping, he would not carelessly disobey that decision.

“Insolent worm. You should be grateful that you’re still breathing,” the old man uttered under his breath and turned away.

Seeing their supervisors doing so, the other guards of the Tang family didn’t do anything in particular either.

Su Ping decided not to mind the unpleasant encounter. He didn’t have time for that.

Soon enough, Tang Ruyan’s group stepped onto the teleportation circle and vanished.

Su Ping waited for his turn, paid the fee and checked the available destinations.


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