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Chapter 797: Present

O’Neil came back from his stupor and asked, “Are you sure? Did the realm identifiers malfunction?”

His lips twitched after posing the question, as it had already been asked.

“The whole thing makes sense if the man is backed by a grandmaster trainer…” Pablo mumbled.

His eyes were filled with pa.s.sion. He was a hundred percent sure that there was a grandmaster trainer in the shop!

Only grandmaster trainers could have endowed Fate State pets with the power of laws and make them as strong as Star State creatures!

Everybody was silent in the room after hearing what Pablo said.

It wasn’t until half a minute later that O’Neil finally took a deep breath and said, “I’m glad we didn’t do anything recklessly. It would have been a shame to p.i.s.s him off just because of Randall!”

The Ryan family had been standing on Rhea for a thousand years. They had received countless honorable guests and offended some tough figures, but they had never made any grave mistakes, until they met this man.

The influence of a grandmaster trainer could easily overturn the Ryan family and reduce it to dust!

“O’Neil, he wants the Transcendence Fruit. Do you think we should offer him one as compensation?” suggested the old man.

O’Neil was stunned for a moment and fell into deep thought.

A few minutes later, he heaved another sigh and said regretfully, “Having reached this point, the last thing we should care about is keeping appearances. A grandmaster trainer is worth making friends with. I also believe he’ll be happy to talk to us if we are proactive in showing our friendliness.”

Garland and the black-haired woman were rather surprised, not expecting the tough man to yield.

However, it did make sense. Even the lord of a tier-one planet would probably bow to a grandmaster trainer, too.

“It’s very considerate of you, chief,” Pablo nodded and said, “I can hand the gifts to him.”

Of course you can… O’Neil looked at him, not saying anything. You sly old fox, do you think we don’t know that you visited him? You want to impress him with a gift from the Ryan family? Nice try!

“Thank you, master, but it won’t be unnecessary. Since we’re trying to make friends with him, I should go there in person to show my respect. I can also get other things done once I make the trip over,” said O’Neil courteously.

Regret flashed in Pablo’s eyes. He had indeed planned to visit Su Ping again through that opportunity, so that they would become closer.

“Other things?” Garland was stunned and looked at O’Neil. He instantly realized what the man was talking about and heaved a sigh, knowing that the latter was probably going to make a real effort in trying to make friends with Su Ping by sharing such important intelligence.

However… Even if he didn’t, Su Ping had already joined the Alliance of Stars and would learn of it sooner or later. So, might as well impress him by telling him in advance.

Pixie Pet Store—

Su Ping had returned from the square. He tore s.p.a.ce open and appeared in his shop.

Although flight was forbidden in Woffett City, traveling through s.p.a.ce was allowed; that was the privilege of Void State experts.

Of course, you could also indulge in such privilege if you could tear s.p.a.ce open before you reached the Void State.

Once flas.h.i.+ng back to his store, Su Ping summoned his pets and had them rest in the advanced nursing pens. He then asked Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong to open the store.

“It’s open! It’s open!”

“It’s finally back in business! I’ve contacted my family and I’m ready to sell my house. I’ll train all my pets even if I have to spend all my money!”

“The skeleton and the dragon back in the screening phase gave me gooseb.u.mps. They’re so powerful. I would never have to train for the rest of my life if I had such pets!”

“That’s true. Those pets are definitely S Cla.s.s or even Ultra S. Even Star Lords would have fought for them. If those pets have Star State or better bloodlines they’re probably as valuable as half a galaxy!”

“I heard that there’s also professional training available; it costs ten billion. Pets attain Cla.s.s A with normal training… Would they become Cla.s.s S battle pets with professional training?”

Everybody was whispering outside the shop.

The screening battle which had taken place right above them got them all excited.

Battle pet warriors were mostly devoted to battle pets, especially the rare ones and those with high apt.i.tude.

The previous battle was a great eye-opener for them. They almost wanted to shove away the people ahead of them and purchase the best training with all the money they had whenever they thought that a grandmaster trainer was in Su Ping’s shop.

After seeing Su Ping back in the shop, Tang Ruyan remarked in shock after overcoming her dazed state, “Your pets… have become really strong.”

She had also seen what had happened through the window, and she was as dumbfounded as Zhong Lingtong.

Unlike other people, they recognized that the pets belonged to Su Ping.

As for those pets… Tang Ruyan remembered that they only had t.i.tled rank combat ability when she first got acquainted with Su Ping. Even though they had been growing fast, they had only demonstrated Fate State power in the Abyss Battle on the Blue Planet.

Still, after barely half a month, they had become strong enough to subdue Fate State pets!

It was also obvious that they had never shown their real power in battle.

Such a growth speed was appalling!

“I’m a trainer. It’s only natural for them to grow stronger,” said Su Ping casually.

Zhong Lingtong’s round face glowed. Even though she wasn’t able to gauge how good Su Ping was among the trainers in the Federation, he was undoubtedly better than the Holy Spirit Trainers on the Blue Planet!

Her family would have never imagined her studying under such a strong master.

“Open the shop. You should help too; I’ll ask a master trainer to teach you the basics, so that you’ll become familiar with the knowledge of the Federation,” said Su Ping.

Zhong Lingtong snapped out of her reverie and nodded quickly.

She was reminded of the eighth-rank master trainers when Su Ping mentioned the ‘master trainer’ term, but that was just a t.i.tle on the Blue Planet. She was already half a Holy Spirit Trainer; it was unlikely that Su Ping would ask such a low-level trainer to teach her.

Zhong Lingtong was obedient; she never asked about things beyond her, because she knew she would eventually understand.

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping with mixed feelings. She had witnessed that man’s growth since she had been caught, being perfected and becoming stronger like a rare treasure. Even she felt more or less eclipsed in front of him.

She suddenly sympathized with Su Ping’s sister.

That girl had always been quite stubborn, probably because she had such a distinguished brother.

She didn’t want to surpa.s.s him; she simply wanted to catch up with him.

If you’re walking ahead of me, I only hope that someday… I can keep up with your shadow!

The store opened for business. All the customers acted obediently, all thanks to Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong’s hospitality, adding Su Ping’s intimidation. They were excited but none dared to show it; everyone was lined up before the counter in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

Su Ping received them one by one, registering their names and collecting money from them.

To Su Ping’s surprise, four of the customers chose professional training!

The four men alone had provided forty billion astral coins, which meant four hundred million energy points!

Su Ping had only received close to twenty customers in total. Each had requested training for a handful of pets, while others even left more than ten of them. Su Ping’s storage was soon full.

Then, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to inform the other customers that the shop was closed.

Some visitors arrived before they closed the door.

After being notified by Tang Ruyan, Su Ping walked out of the shop and saw Pablo, whom he had seen the previous day. The man was accompanied by someone he was familiar with—it was none other than Garland, whom he had held captive earlier.


Standing beside Garland was a brawny middle-aged man who wore purple n.o.bility attire; he seemed elegant and graceful.

His hat covered half of his face, but resolve and firmness were still evident.

“Mr. Su, he is O’Neil, leader of the Ryan family,” said Garland telepathically, while still harboring mixed feelings.

Su Ping was briefly stunned, not expecting the most powerful man on Rhea to visit his shop.


He nodded. He didn’t greet him just yet, not knowing why the man was there.

“Mr. Su, nice to meet you.” O’Neil slightly raised his head, showing the stubbles on his cheeks. It was obvious that he must have been very handsome when he was young.


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