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Asuka of the Scarlet Sky is a web novel made by Amana, アマナ.
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 A new female hero (5)

「I didn’t」

Thunderbolt murmured, Yuuto had a surprised face as he look at her.
In front of him is the appearance of the obstinate Thunderbolt as she sits down on the bathroom.

Even she’s raising a voice like a sea lion, down to her knees while her body twitch, she still don’t want to admit defeat it seems.

It seems that Thunderbolt is a hardcore sore loser1

「No, you can no longer make an excuse. You’re legs are loose already」
「I-I just slipped. It’s a bath. Soap remained. It’s just a misfortune」

‘How dare you’, slipped on her tongue, Yuuto looked down at Thunderbolt while admiring her. If it comes to this, Yuuto also won’t admit defeat.

‘What should I do?’, Yuuto placed his hand on his chin. Unlike men, It’s difficult to know whether a woman has c.u.m or not.

「…N? Woman?」

At that time, A good idea flashed into Yuuto’s mind. What came into him is a new treasure tool that was made several days ago.
He originally planned to use it for Asuka but ‘it can’t be helped in this situation’, Yuuto had his lips lifted to the corner.

「Thunderbolt-san. When it comes to this, you have to prepare yourself」

Saying that, Yuuto swung his right hand. His right hand shone and Thunderbolt’s eyes widened from the sudden treasure tool that suddenly appeared.
But, what caught Thunderbolt’s attention stronger than the details of the ability jumping in front of her eyes was the silhouette of the treasure tool.

「W-wait, what’s that?」

Thunderbolt came to stare at it anxiously, Yuuto grinned.

Flesh colored surface. Softness of a human skin. And, a thick long fine rod.
It’s a treasure tool that looks like a man’s thing, Thunderbolt stepped back instinctively.

Approaching with a smile, Yuuto held out his right hand to Thunderbolt.

A simple story.

If judging it is difficult, then just make it easy

「N-No way. It really feels…」
「It’s interesting isn’t it? Haha, It’s not yet ripe」

After a few minutes, Thunderbolt was was looking at the male genitalia installed in her crotch with trembling eyes.

Though she thought it was a joke, the sense of touch was certainly transmitted, Thunderbolt sent an anxious look to Yuuto.

「Don’t worry. It can be removed. …Well, it would only be removed depending on my mood」

Hearing Yuuto, Thunderbolt’s face looks like she’s done. With this, the situation is completely reversed.

Well, it had a specification of coming off after three days pa.s.sing, Yuuto won’t be explaining that of course.

「Look. If I rub your nipples, get errect, get errect」
「Nhi. Wai, wait…!?」

Her nipples were caught from behind. At that moment, Thunderbolt opened her eyes wide as the p.e.n.i.s jumped up.

「Haha, you’re sensitive as I thought. It’s linked to your c.l.i.toris, so Thunderbolt-san’s sensitivity remains」
「T-that’s…I’m not that kind of」

Having her breast slowly kneaded, Thunderbolt’s treasure tool got hard obviously. The genitals have been swelling and trembling, Thunderbolt’s cheeks dyed in shame.

Although the c.l.i.toris is unnoticed, it could be understood from the man’s genital. Whenever Yuuto’s fingertip touches, the p.e.n.i.s is trembling and moves up and down as it desire.

「Yaa…this is such, because of me…Nou!」

Yuuto’s finger touches Thunderbolt’s genitlal. Thinking that she will c.u.m flas.h.i.+ly, Yuuto brought his hand close to the p.e.n.i.s while grinning.

But, Yuuto’s arm stopped before he gripped it.

「Mu, muu」

Looking at it carefully, it’s still a male genital. Even though it’s stuck in Thunderbolt’s body, when he though of giving it a handjob, Yuuto’s hand stopped immediately.

「W-what’s wrong?」

Yuuto makes serious face, Thunderbolt timidly asked him. Her tone has expectations mixed in it, Yuuto draws his eyebrows.

‘I might as well defeat her completely’

「…It can’t be helped」

‘When it comes to this’, Yuuto made a treasure tool appear on his right hand.
Thunderbolt’s body shook to the knife that appeared. Making a nod and saying ‘This should be fine’, Yuuto grasped the knife

「Yuuto-sama?! W-what happened?」

The dimension door suddenly appeared. Sasha raised her vocie in surprise as she saw Yuuto and thunderbolt appearing from there.

「Yeah, Sasha. Could you clean my room? There’s something, no, Help me here」

The dimension sword was connected from the large bathroom to his own room. Sasha raised her right hand and smiled on Yuuto that appeared under it.

「I-I don’t mind but. …Uhm, who’s this woman?」

Thunderbolt behind Yuuto was looking around restlessly, Sasha’s face turned suspecting. After all, she’s nude in eyemask. Furthermore, she has a male genital even though she’s a woman. Sasha tilted her head to the Yuuto with his lower half exposed defenselessly.

「Yeah, this is Thunderbolt-san. She dislikes Asuka-sama so I threatened her」
「Eh, Asuka-san?」

Sasha was startled at Thunderbolt because of the blunt explanation. Thunderbolt tries to say something but Yuuto strengthened the pinch of her nipples before she could say something as an excuse.

「Noo~ Ou」
「As you can see, I’m in the middle of punishment. Also, this is my work. …How’s it? Does Sasha want to help me punish her?」

Yuuto smiled apologetically besides the jumping Thunderbolt. Sasha looked at Thunderbolt’s lower half and understood the rough details.

「So that’s the case? …Fufu. Please leave it to me」

The servant smiled from the thoughts of her master, Thunderbolt felt chill on her back.

「Nouu!? ou! Ouuun!?」

After an hour, a sea lion’s voice resounds on the room.
Together with the white liquid being released, Yuuto’s breath was taken away.

「Oh? You ‘byuruybyuru’2 again? What an impatient hero」
「Oh! Oh! Coming, it’s coming out!? nuu!?」

Thunderbolt vigorously released s.e.m.e.n as her hand is placed on the wall. The s.e.m.e.n was splashed on the wall and a white puddle reached her foot on the floor.

Even she’s in the middle of c.u.mming, Sasha’s finger doesn’t stop. Thunderbolt had her p.e.n.i.s look like being milked as her legs are opened wide bowlegged.

「No…stop, I came…I came already」

Thunderbolt shook her head in refusal, Sasha looked at her with a bright face. Thunderbolt’s mouth certainly pledged 「I came」
Since he’d win if she, Yuuto felt relieved as it finally ended.

「Eeeh? Is that so?」

But, the next moment, Sasha’s happy voice reached Yuuto’s ear.
Sasha looked back, Yuuto faced her though he doesn’t know what’s going on.

「Yuuto-samaa. 」 Apart from men, they came when they e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e don’t they?」3
「Eh? Yeah, Yup. Well, when touched, It’ll come out naturally」

Not knowing the meaning of Sasha’s question, Yuuto honestly answered. Actually, men actually release it even if they haven’t came yet. It’s surprisingly empty. 4

But, Thunderbolt that it’s wrong no matter what you think but Sasha spoke with a smile.

「See? Did you hear that? We won’t understand whether you came or not. You might be lying」
「Fue? I-I didn’t lie…nou~!?」

The perplexed Thunderbolt had her chin go up. Thunderbolt smiles as her legs tremble, Sasha gladly proposed.

「How’s it? Yuuto-sama? Should we go until she can’t c.u.m anymore?」

Sasha claps as she had a bright Idea, yuuto had sweat flowing on his forehead. Thunderbolt’s p.e.n.i.s is Yuuto’s treasure tool. That thing has a specification that can make it let out a hundred times, he just told Sasha on the middle of her play. She doesn’t have to do that much, Yuuto told Sasha with his glance.

Then, Sasha’s eyes became narrow. Sasha looked at Yuuto with a gentle eyes and smile.

「You mustn’t, Yuuto-sama. This kind of people must be trained properly」

Yuuto can’t do anything but nod.
・・・・ ・・・・ ・・・・
False Magic sword

Offensive power F Synthesis Rarity B
Supplement: Yuuto made it for Asuka’s use, It’s a body joint type treasure tool. Just in case, it’s categorized as a sword.
It connects to the woman’s c.l.i.toris at neural level and the sensation is connected to the user. e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n function is attached, just like its name, it doesn’t have ability to impregnate.
For s.e.m.e.n, it has built in 100 rounds and it would be supplemented the next day when it wear off. It can also be installed on male genitalia, It’s effective on treating men who lost genitals due to injury and sickness. In that case, if the person has his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e remaining, the fertility would recover too. The reason it’s rarity degree is high is because it’s a treasure tool with high biocompatibility.


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