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Read Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 1208 – Powerful Aura

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Chapter 1208: Powerful Aura

That Luan family elder was about to say something when Luan Hui, who was sitting at the head of the conference table on the right, raised his hand and that elder glared darkly at Nan Zhi and did not speak again.

Luan Hui stood up and greeted Nan Zhi and Ye Fengjun. His eyes were red and he said, “Queen, you’re right. Asking you over here today, we shouldn’t be arguing whether you should sit on this seat or not. We, the Luan family, want to ask you for an explanation.

“The Queen died so tragically and I couldn’t sleep the whole night after I heard the news. I know that after the King ascended the throne, he wanted to hold onto power and weakened the power in the Queen’s hands. Now, he’s targeting us, the Luan family. We were brought along by the Queen and he’s disrespecting us if he disrespects the Queen.

“We didn’t obey him and he killed the Queen. How can such a tyrannical and cold-blooded king be able to lead S Country?” Luan Hui looked at the relatives in the conference room. “He even dared to harm the Queen, let alone us, mere relatives?”

The relatives were used to a comfortable life and although the development of the country had been improving since Mu Sihan ascended the throne, Mu Sihan’s ability and b.l.o.o.d.y means would only serve to make them afraid.

Luan Hui’s words made the hearts of the relatives thump. The King even dared to get rid of the Queen. If they have any objections to him in the future, would he get rid of them too?

As Luan Hui looked at the silent Nan Zhi, it was clear he did not put the woman in his eyes at all. “The King has committed a serious crime and the law should make no exceptions. The country can’t live a day without a king. In my opinion, we should listen to the Queen’s will and elect a new king.”

Ye Fengjun, who had been silent, said with a cold expression, “The investigation results have not been released and you’re determining the King’s charge. Luan Hui, are you starting a treason?”

Luan Hui opened a doc.u.ment bag that was on the conference table and took out a doc.u.ment. “This is the last wish that was left by the Queen. She had expected that the King would deal with her so she proposed that if the King committed a crime, the Third Prince, who was imprisoned in Youming Palace, was to be released and inherit the throne.”

“Impossible. The Third Prince has committed a serious crime. How could the Queen release him?” Ye Fengjun shouted.

Luan Hui handed the doc.u.ment to Ye Fengjun and Nan Zhi. “You can find an expert to compare the Queen’s handwriting for fraudulence.”

In S Country’s law, if the reigning king committed a serious crime, the former ruler had the right to elect a new king.

“It’s true that the country can’t live a day without a king. Although the King has crowned Ye Jie as the Crown Prince, he is still young and because of the crime committed by the King, he won’t be able to set up his own offspring as a reserve. So, I suggest we release the Third Prince and let him succeed the throne.”

Some of the fencesitter relatives nodded.

Nan Zhi raised her hands and slammed down on the table once.

“Whether the King is guilty or not, the results from the investigation are yet to be released. Why are you in such a hurry to get the Third Prince out to replace the King? Shall I remind you that the Luan family also partic.i.p.ated in the matter with the Third Prince colluding with Lous?”

Before Luan Hui could say anything, he heard Nan Zhi continue coldly, “The Third Prince has no power now, but you’re in a hurry to let him out to succeed the throne. Could it be that you want him to be your puppet?

“Since the King ascended the throne, he had raised the country’s military, economy and diplomatic affairs to a new level. Before the investigation team determines his guilt, who dares to pull him down when he has the most supporters in the Royal family and also the military power of the two major military regions in his hands?”

Nan Zhi stood up from the chair and put her hands on the table, her gaze sweeping over the people coldly and sharply. At this moment, her posture was n.o.ble and her aura powerful.

Even Luan Hui was almost shocked by her. He was secretly stunned. A young woman like her had such courage and eloquence.

Ye Fengjun looked at Nan Zhi gratefully and said, “Queen, the people seated here are all members of the Royal family and important ministers. Talk to them nicely.”

Nan Zhi eased her att.i.tude and a smile appeared on her beautiful face. “Although a prince has to be punished if he commits a crime and a country cannot live a day without a king, before sentencing the King to death, you should give him time to prove his innocence. What do the relatives present say?”

Nan Zhi picked up the doc.u.ments she had brought and placed a printed doc.u.ment in front of several relatives.

One of the relatives looked at the doc.u.ment Nan Zhi had placed in front of him. It was the information of the mistresses he had outside, including their names, addresses, and even information of illegitimate children.

He had always been a man who was afraid of his wife and had secretly supported his mistresses and illegitimate children. He had never told anyone about it, and thought that no one knew about them at all!

The relative who had a h.o.a.rd of mistresses looked at Nan Zhi and Nan Zhi gave him a friendly smile.

Another relative received a doc.u.ment about the bribes he had received from which company during the Queen’s reign, as well as photos of him hiding his gold and silver jewelry in the bas.e.m.e.nt of his villa in the suburbs.

He was horrified to see all of this. His gaze looking at Nan Zhi also changed slightly.

Another three relatives received information which they believed to be secrets they would take to the grave. They never thought that the Queen would know their deepest secrets.

After Nan Zhi married into the Royal family, she had seen all sorts of scheming. Mu Sihan did not care to have anything over people, but she kept an eye on it. She checked on the relatives who were not on Mu Sihan’s side and collated information she had bought from an experienced reporter.

She did not expect that this information would be useful today.

At this time, several relatives who had not received Nan Zhi’s doc.u.ment, received a text message on their phones.

Seeing the contents of the message, their expressions changed.

Last night, Nan Zhi had told Xiaojie to gather the grandchildren of several relatives after he went to school in the morning and take photos of their belongings. These photos were sent to those relatives.

One third of the relatives who came to the conference room today were on Mu Sihan’s side, but the other two thirds, some were neutral and some sat on the fence. Now that their secrets were in Nan Zhi’s hands, no one dared to say anything.

“The Queen is right. The investigation team has not convicted the King, how can we change to a new king immediately? I think we should listen to the Queen and give the investigation team some time to find the murderer as soon as possible!”

Luan Hui’s expression changed slightly. “The evidence that the King killed the Queen has been firmly established. Once this matter is leaked out, it will cause a commotion in the country as well as outside the country. The best thing to do now is to support a new king and have him ascend to the throne as soon as possible!” Luan Hui looked at Nan Zhi. “Queen, even if you deliberately delay time, it’s impossible to wash away the King’s crime!”

“I think we need to give the King some time. How about this, ten days. If it can’t be proven that the King has nothing to do with the Queen’s death within ten days, we’ll hold another meeting to elect a new king,” the relative who was afraid of his wife said.


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