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Read Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 1839 – Huo Ze and Xia Tang (43)

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Chapter 1839: Huo Ze and Xia Tang (43)

Xia Cha looked at the folder that Wu handed her.

She knew that it contained the admission notice. Wu must have been here because of Huo Heng.

If she accepted the letter, she would become Huo Heng’s fiancée. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t even be able to attend high school.

Xia Cha glanced at Huo Heng. That man probably knew why she went to look for Wu last time.

She never expected that his goal was to make her his fiancée.

Xia Cha did not understand what he saw in her.

Huo Heng raised his eyebrows and looked at Xia Cha with certainty, as if she would definitely take the notice.

In fact, after some hesitation, Xia Cha accepted the notice from Wu.

She had to go to school. As for becoming Young Master Huo’s fiancée, she was still young. She could think of a way to break off her engagement with him in the future!

“Thank you, Wu.”

Xia Cha took out the notice from the folder and handed it to Xia Zhenyuan and Qiu Zhi. “Dad, Mom, take a look.”

Seeing Xia Cha’s acceptance letter, Xia Zhenyuan and Qiu Zhi were excited.

“Dad, Mom, this is No. 1 High School’s Wu.”

When the people from Xia family’s old residence heard that Wu from No. 1 High School had come personally, they were all shocked. Wu came personally, which showed how much he valued Xia Cha.

Not only did Xia Cha receive the notice, but she was also exempted from three years of tuition fees. How many people would have thought of this?

After the guests understood the whole story, some of them a.n.a.lyzed the situation.

“Today, Zhenyuan’s family built a new house. The people at the old residence weren’t sincerely congratulating them, and even deliberately stirred up trouble to ruin the reputation Zhenyuan’s family.”

“The people at the old residence are too evil. We were almost used by them!”

“That’s right. No wonder the Huo Family only chose the daughters of the second branch. They have ulterior motives and can’t bear to see their own families doing well. They won’t have a good ending in the future!”

“What nonsense are all of you talking about?” Xia couldn’t stand the criticisms from the guests. She stood up first and left hurriedly after informing Old Madam Huo.

When Xia Zhenxiang, Ye Guixiang, and the others saw Xia leaving, they could only stand up and leave as well.

Old Master Xia was the most embarra.s.sed. He sighed, stood up, and patted Zhenyuan on the shoulder. “Zhenyuan, it’s all a misunderstanding. Don’t take it to heart.”

When Xia Zhenyuan heard Old Master Xia’s words, his heart turned cold.

“Dad, my Cha Cha’s reputation was almost ruined today. This is not a misunderstanding. It was premeditated.”

Old Master Xia saw endless disappointment and coldness in Xia Zhenyuan’s reddened eyes.

Old Master Xia thought to himself. He had a hunch that his son, who used to listen to them the most, would be out of their control in the future!

When Xia Furong returned home, she threw the things in the room onto the ground with a slightly twisted expression.

Today, Xia Cha’s reputation was supposed to hit rock bottom. She didn’t expect that not only had Xia Cha entered No. 1 High School, but she had also become Young Master Huo’s fiancée!

Xia Furong was jealous and angry. After a while, she picked up her phone and made a video call.

After a few rings, the video call was picked up.

“Baby, what’s up?”

Seeing the handsome face of the man on the other end of the video call, Xia Furong blinked her eyes and tears fell from her eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

“Brother Hongming, Old Madam Huo brought that prodigal son here today. He was so arrogant and stood up for my second uncle. He bullied the people in our old mansion and even said that he was going to marry Xia Cha.”

“Didn’t you help me spread the news of Xia Cha singing on the JP stage to No. 1 High School’s forum? He found Wu so that he would let Xia Cha go to school.”

“I think he’s purposely going against you!”

“Brother Hongming, didn’t you say that the Huo family will be in your hands in the future? He’s just a prodigal. How can he still be so arrogant?”

“Baby, don’t worry. I’ve been working on a project recently. I plan to develop a tourism base in Wenfeng County. When the time comes, I’ll focus on your orchard. I guarantee that your family will become the richest family in Wenfeng County. As for that prodigal, after this project, I’ll crush him and he will never be able to rise again!”

Hearing Ye Hongming’s words, a smile finally appeared on Xia Furong’s tear-stained face.

Ye Hongming’s men had heard about the plan to develop a tourist base in Wenfeng County and build a hotel hot spring at Huo Heng’s place. Ye Hongming was one step ahead and submitted the plan to the board of directors.

Huo Yuan had originally thought that Wenfeng County’s traffic was lagging, so he did not agree to build a tourism base here. However, he found out that the higher-ups wanted to build a highway here, and the traffic would become more convenient. Under Ye Shuangshuang’s persuasion, he agreed to this project.

After the plan was approved, Ye Hongming asked Xia Furong to communicate with Xia Zhenxiang. When Xia Zhenxiang heard that the Huo family wanted to invest here, she agreed to give up half of the orchard and asked the Huo family to build a hot spring hotel.

When Xia and the people from the third branch found out that they had to give up half of the orchard, they planned to stop it. However, the excavators had already destroyed half of the orchard.

When Xia saw that half of the orchard had been destroyed, she almost fainted.

Xia Zhenxiang quickly told her that the Huo Corporation was going to invest in Wenfeng County. When the Xia family heard this, they were immediately immersed in the dream of becoming Wenfeng County’s richest man.

Just like that, a month pa.s.sed. Just as everyone in the Xia family’s old residence was filled with antic.i.p.ation, Ye Hongming received some bad news.

The road that the higher-ups wanted to build was not in Wenfeng County, but another place called Wenfen County. Wenfen County was geographically accessible and had abundant coal resources. The higher-ups had already planned to invest heavily in that place.

“President Ye, I heard that Young Master Huo became Wenfen County’s partner.”


Only then did Ye Hongming realize that the Wenfen County that Huo Heng proposed to develop was not the Wenfeng County he thought it was.

He had deliberately tricked him.

Only then did Ye Hongming realize that Huo Heng was no longer the wastrel he used to be. He had become more scheming and shrewd.

Xia kept urging Xia Zhenxiang, and Xia Zhenxiang had no choice but to urge Xia Furong. “How’s the investment going? Our fruit trees are gone but we haven’t gotten any investments. What’s going on?”

Xia Furong called Ye Hongming but his phone was turned off.

She did not want to be bothered by the Xia family and thus left the house.

When she reached the street, she saw a tall figure.

Young Master Huo.

Huo Heng was on the phone with Xia Cha, who was buying stationery at the stationery store. The alley was too narrow for cars to drive in.

“Why have you been avoiding me recently? Come over when you’re done buying your things. I’ll wait for you at the intersection.”

Before Xia Cha could say anything, Huo Heng hung up.

He stood under a tree and was about to lower his head to light a cigarette when he suddenly heard a sweet ‘aiyo’. Then, a delicate body fell into his arms.

Xia Cha came out of the stationery shop and saw Huo Heng and… Xia Furong in his arms.


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