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Chapter 54 – A Storm is Gathering!

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Xu Qi carefully made his way into a courtyard in the Xu Clan, where his Chief Housekeeper Xu Pingfan’s room was. Seeing as the latter had been putting on a grave expression and was silent as the grave, Xu Qi said, “Don’t act so stern, Uncle Mang. I’m already here; speak whatever is on your mind.”

Xu Pingfan was having mixed feelings at this moment. He didn’t know whether he should inform his young master about that matter or not, and sighed, “Young Master, I’m sure you’ve already discovered the presence of numerous experts in Rivulet City when you were making your way back. Do you perhaps know the reason why they’re gathered here in Rivulet City so suddenly? Furthermore, the biggest headache are the powers each of them represent!”

Xu Qi smiled, “Who cares about the powers supporting them? As long as they’re here in Rivulet City, I’ll have them keep to themselves silently. Otherwise, don’t blame this young master for being ruthless.”

“Young Master, your rash nature is exactly what’s worrying me. If you were to jump into the fray, I’m afraid you’ll find yourself in endless troubles,” Xu Pingfan exclaimed even more worriedly as he heard his young master’s words.

“Alright, Uncle Mang. You’re getting a little too worried there. You’ve yet to state their purpose for congregating in Rivulet City. Perhaps I won’t even be interested in their goals,” Xu Qi said, acting indifferent.

“Young Master, the current situation in the city is quite complicated. Even after investigating for a few days, all I’ve gathered is some insignificant information. The powers gathered in Rivulet City don’t belong only to our nation of Mirrorlink. There are even forces from other nations, and not from only one or two of them,” Xu Pingfan declared.

“Oh? Even forces from other nations were sent here, to this remote and desolate Rivulet City? Could it be that there will be something worth their attention happening here?” Xu Qi inquired.

“I’m ashamed, Young Master. Since my advancement to fifth stage Spirit Swordsman, I thought no one would be able to discover my tracks. However, my past attempts at investigating the matter were discovered just as I entered their range of perception. I had no choice but to give up in order to prevent unnecessary troubles,” Xu Pingfan explained.

“Although I haven’t managed to gather any key information, I overheard the general idea of their purpose in Rivulet City from another place. It seems that something important is about to born into this world near the eastern part of the city. That is why these experts have gathered in droves in Rivulet City. That was all I found out,” Xu Pingfan reported.

“East of the city? Something important to be born into this world? So that was why an incredible expert was situated there,” Xu Qi muttered.

Xu Qi pondered for a while, then instructed Xu Pingfan, “Uncle Mang, don’t go scouting for information anymore. Stay put in the mansion instead, even if the sky starts to fall on us. I’ll head over to Mo Dingtian’s place now; perhaps he’ll have information on the situation.”

Seeing as Xu Qi gave him such a stern warning, Xu Pingfan nodded lightly, indicating that he understood.

After bidding his farewell to Xu Pingfan, Xu Qi stealthily crept over to Mosuo Auction House and found Mo Dingtian, who was tending to Mo Yan.

“Young Master Xu, you truly come and go like a shadow; disappearing for such a long time on a whim, without any news of you. Now that you’ve suddenly come to visit this one surnamed Mo, there must be something up?” Mo Dingtian said in reproof.

“I think Boss Mo misunderstood something. I was actually injured after experiencing the great battle here previously, and went into seclusion to recover from my injuries. Due to their severity, I had to be in seclusion for a long period of time. I just came out of seclusion and made my way here immediately to check up on Boss Mo and Brother Mo Yan’s injuries. Please understand my thoughts and concerns for you, Boss Mo, or are they unnecessary?” Xu Qi explained, without any changes in his expression. How impressive!

Black lines appeared on Mo Dingtian’s head as he heard Xu Qi’s shameless speech. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he cursed inwardly, You were injured? Who are you kidding? You were cutting people down as if they were vegetables! And you say you’re here to visit; you’re definitely here because of the numerous experts popping up in Rivulet City! Hmph.

Although Mo Dingtian cursed unceasingly in his heart, he maintained his smile on the surface as he said, “My thanks to Young Master Xu for your concern. I hope to trouble Young Master Xu to take a look at my Brother Yan’s injuries, please.”

Xu Qi put up an act, and walked over to Mo Yan, who was on the bed. He placed his hand on Mo Yan’s wrist, feeling for his pulse and made up some nonsense, “His pulse is moderate; his injuries don’t seem to be of much concern. He will wake up within the day after I heal him up, and there won’t be any adverse effects on his cultivation.”

Then, Xu Qi released a strand of his rainbow energy and injected it into Mo Yan’s body. When all was done, the former’s forehead was pouring with sweat.

Mo Dingtian watched Xu Qi with furrowed brow; the latter was actually exhausted to the extent that he began breathing heavily. It seemed like Xu Qi did all that he could to help Mo Yan recover from his injuries. Thus, Mo Dingtian said very politely, “Young Master Xu, thank you once again for healing Brother Yan. I didn’t think it would exhaust so much of your strength. This one surnamed Mo is sorry for asking you of this.”

Xu Qi immediately waved his hand and said smilingly, “Boss Mo, you’re being too polite. Do you take me for an outsider? Though there is something I’m unsure of. With your vast knowledge and connections, I do want to seek Boss Mo’s teachings.”

Hearing this, Mo Dingtian smiled coldly inside. As expected, there was something up! He smiled and said, “Young Master Xu, men of integrity do not resort to insinuations. You don’t have to beat around the bush; I’m sure you want to know the reason why these unfamiliar experts have gathered in Rivulet City.”

Xu Qi had been putting on an act for all this time, but his goals had long been seen through. He rubbed his nose, embarra.s.sed, and said, “Yeah, I’d been in seclusion to recover from my injuries and am unclear on the happenings in Rivulet City. Thus, I hoped Boss Mo could clue me in.”

“Young Master Xu, do you wish to hear the truth, or lies?” Mo Dingtian asked directly.

“Oh? There’s even the choices of truth and lies. I’ll opt for the truth, then,” Xu Qi answered curiously.

“The truth is… to not ask or get involved in this matter. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death!” Mo Dingtian declared his heartfelt thoughts. This was because he understood better than anyone else the powers these unknown experts belonged to.

Xu Qi was shocked at Mo Dingtian’s advice. After all, the latter was aware of the former’s strength, and yet, said such words to him. He smiled, “Boss Mo, what about the lies?”

“The lies? That is actually the truth too, but telling you will be akin to me sending you to your death. Is Young Master Xu sure he wants to hear it?” Mo Dingtian asked gravely.

However, Xu Qi wasn’t discouraged by his words. He continued with a smile, “Don’t worry, Boss Mo. Just say it; I won’t throw my life away for no reason.”

“Most of the unknown cultivators who have snuck their way into Rivulet City belong to the six great cultivation schools of Mirrorlink. Aside from them, even experts from the top cultivation schools of other nations were sent here. Their reason for gathering here is said to be due to an object about to be born into the world near Mt. Burning Cloud to the east of Rivulet City. Its value is enough to warrant the attention of these super powers; I’m afraid it’s no ordinary object,” Mo Dingtian stated slowly and deliberately.

“Mt Burning Cloud to the east? Boss Mo, other than the six great cultivation schools from our nation of Mirrorlink, which schools and nations do the experts belong to?” Xu Qi questioned further.

“The foreign experts are: Misty Tower from the nation of Waterdusk, Monarchy Pavillion from Firesoul, Imperial Void Valley from Earthdream, and Shadow Wind Sect from Ghosteem! Each of them is the number one cultivation school of their respective nations! Not only that, I got wind that the experts who exposed themselves aren’t their main forces. In order to ensure their mission’s success, I’m afraid there are even stronger experts hidden in the shadows!” Mo Dingtian’s expression turned even more serious as he spoke.

Xu Qi was astonished at the news; all of them were first-cla.s.s forces. Not only that, there were even stronger forces in hiding. It seemed like the object in Mt Burning Cloud was truly a priceless treasure.

In the next moment, the look on Xu Qi’s face turned into a smile. He said, “Boss Mo is resourceful indeed, to have such a grasp on the information of such a secretive matter. I’m truly impressed.”

Mo Dingtian turned red at the praise. He sighed, then said, “It was because of my father sending me a letter to inform me; that was how I got to know a thing or two about the situation. Our Clan dares not have any ideas about vying for the treasure in Mt Burning Cloud.”

“Oh? So that was why. Then, may I ask, do your Mo Clan’s elders know about the matter of your younger brother sending for your life?” Xu Qi asked.

“Young Master Xu, that matter is over; let’s not bring it up anymore, this one surnamed Mo naturally remembers your favor to us.” Mo Dingtian turned pale at the mention of it. Evidently, he didn’t wish to speak of it anymore.

“Alright. Then, thanks for Boss Mo’s reminder today. I’ll bid my goodbyes here,” Xu Qi said slowly, then immediately turned to leave.

Mo Dingtian watched as Xu Qi’s figure disappeared from sight. He gave forth another sigh, then muttered, “Oh, Xu Qi, you’re a rare genius. I truly hope you’ll not get involved in this matter, otherwise it’ll take a miracle for you to come out alive.”

Xu Qi quietly made his way out of Rivulet City. For some reason unknown, he felt a little uncomfortable, as if a pair of eyes was staring at his every move.

After leaving Rivulet City, Xu Qi turned into a blurred shadow, speeding toward G.o.dsward Villa.

Then, the Giantwood Python, who had been hiding in his sleeves all this while warned Xu Qi, “Be careful, someone is tailing you.”

Xu Qi was shocked at the news. He hurriedly changed directions, moving into the forest to the side.

Right as Xu Qi entered the forest, a white silhouette followed close behind. From the bodily techniques the latter was executing, one could tell they were no weaker than Xu Qi.


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