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Awakening: Chapter 111-Explosion

“Reporting to Chief, we’re all ready to go. Able to act at any time.” It was 21:20 in Tokyo, when officer Ryosawa entered to the temporary headquarters reporting to the police chief in the evening.

The police chief looked at the congressmen who were sitting down was as if they didn’t hear anything, he then turned around and said to Ryosawa: “Officer Ryosawa, commence the plan.”

“Yes.” Ryosawa saluted to him, then went out of the temporary headquarters.

Looking at the building where numerous hostages were gathered an dsitting together, the police chief tightly entangled both of his hands together. Thinking that he should probably retire already. He sighed at heart.

“It seems they’ve began to move.” Sitting on the second floor, the youth suddenly said something to himself.

Hearing his words, the four girl’s heart immediately tightened.

“Masashi, how do you know that?” Tachibana Minoru asked doubtfully.

“Now isn’t the time to ask, decide quickly, there’s no time left for hesitation.”

Kurata Ryoko found that her cousin was probably a little different from his usual lazy expression.

After a while, the group of armed men suddenly looked a bit strangely outside.

Almost at the same time, at the building’s first floor entrance, window, windows on the second floor and other open s.p.a.ces, several tin can suddenly flew in from outside.

Those cans soon fell to the ground, the hostages who were near it thought it was a bomb, immediately screaming and fled. The scene suddenly became very chaotic.

In order to suppress the crowd that fled, the armed men loudly swore in words that n.o.body could understand, who then shot several times on the ceiling.

The sound of gun fire unceasingly reverberated in the s.p.a.cious hall, the panicked crowd didn’t dare to run all over the place again.

But not long after, grey smoke suddenly emerged from those cans. The smoke spread very fast. In just one minute, the smoke that came out from the can on the ground covered the entire floor. And the smoke was still constantly spreading making it more and more concentrated.

A few minutes later, it became very hard to see inside the whole building. A few people standing together basically weren’t able to see the other party’s appearance clearly.

The sound of screams, run and constant sound of gun fire filled the entire building. Everyone fled in panic like it was the end of the world. Everywhere you can hear people screaming from being stepped on.

Back when those tin cans were thrown, the youth already knew that those cans can never be a bomb and should be some chemical weapon such as tear gas. So he called out to the four girls to absolutely never let go of each other’s hand, otherwise when they’re separated it would become troublesome.

Without any time to ask whether the girls agreed or not, the youth held Kurata Ryoko’s hand, after which the girls were like a kebab stuck with him as he led them to run upstairs.

This was the course of action that the youth had decided, as long as it was chaotic in the building, he would immediately lead the to the roof top.

As for the second plan that he had thought, it was to go out from the fire exit, but thinking that those men must have tightly sealed the whole building, making it riskier, and only under compelling circ.u.mstances can they break through from there.

But now that it was hard to see inside, not to mention the fire exit, even finding the stairs that leads to the roof was also not easy.

Because there were too many people around, the four girls found it hard to walk, as they were often being stepped on or being tripping over by people, so they were only able to walk over ten meters away from where they started off.

But fortunately, they remembered what the youth had told them, tightly holding each other’s hands, even if someone falls down they would still not let go, that’s why up until now, no one had been separated yet.

Arriving at the stair case, the youth suddenly let go of Kurata Ryoko’s left hand, rushed towards the front.

“Masashi, Masashi! Where are you? Masashi….” Seeing that the youth let go of her hand, Kurata Ryoko hastily called out in search of the youth.

“Ryoko, Masashi disappeared?” Hearing the cries of Kurata Ryoko, Tachibana Minoru immediately asked loudly.

“I don’t know, he was holding my hand just a while ago, when he suddenly disappeared. Masashi, are you nearby?” Kurata Ryoko continued to call out loudly.

Hearing Ryoko’s words, the other three girls couldn’t help but tense up.

“No matter what happened, we still must not let go of each other’s hand.” Yamaguchi Tomoko knew the urgency of the situation, so she hastened to say those words.

Although they were eager to look for him, but because of the fog it was difficult to walk. Some people were even only anxiously standing not daring to move.

“Small Ya, you? Don’t scare me, small Ya….” After a while, Yamaguchi Tomoko suddenly cried aloud.

“Tomoko, what happened?” Kurata Ryoko asked.

“I don’t know, small Ya all of a sudden fainted, no matter how much I call for her she just won’t wake up.” Yamaguchi Tomoko with obvious tearful voice, said.

“I just want to say, my head is getting more and more dizzy, my whole body doesn’t have much strength left.” Then, Tachibana Minoru slowly collapse to the ground.

“How can this be? Die Masashi, quickly come back!” Indeed the storm had not yet stopped and was still continuing to rise, Kurata Ryoko was anxious and worried, but she was just unable to anything in this situation.

Suddenly, a cool hand held Kurata Ryoko’s wrist.

“Ah!” Kurata was shocked, couldn’t help but cry aloud.

“What, it’s me.” A familiar voice reached Kurata Ryoko’s ear.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just where did you go? Do you want to scare us to death?” Kurata Ryoko scolded while she unconsciously shed tears.

“Don’t talk too much, quickly go upstairs.” He then held her hand and continued to say.

“It’s no good, small Ya’s ears seems a bit uncomfortable. No matter how much Tomoko call out to her, she just won’t respond.” Kurata Ryoko said.

It seems like the tear gas was definitely not simple. When he had just started to smell it he immediately felt that it was a bit strong, but because the situation was too urgent, he didn’t think much about it.

“I’ll carry Masako, you hold your schoolmates. Quickly.” The youth said while he arrived at Yamaguchi Tomoko’s side, carrying her younger sister.

“Hey, are you all right, can you walk?” The youth turned his head to ask the elder sister.

“I’m all right, just a little dizzy.” Then, Yamaguchi Tomoko staggered on her feet.

Seeing her this way, the youth pulled her hand to keep her from being separated.

Strangely enough, when they walked up the stairs, Tachibana Minoru and Kurata Ryoko found that n.o.body was guarding. But didn’t think about at the moment, as they closely followed the youth towards the roof.

“How’s the situation now?” Looking at the smoke continuously coming out of the hospital building, the police chief nervously asked.

“Reporting to chief, the situation is already within our grasp.  After putting in ‘tear gas’, our members have successfully entered the building. They’re now carrying out the mission, killing the terrorists.” Ryosawa stressed the ‘tear gas’ p.r.o.nunciation.

The police chief nodded, and then continued to ask: “Then, when can they rescue the hostages inside.” He was indeed very worried, if they continue to delay longer, many people might die, let alone when the majority of them were frail patients.

“Please rest a.s.sured chief, so long as our team is able to kill most of the terrorist, we’ll be able to immediately rescue the hostages. I believe that those fellows must have started to slowly lose battle efficiency.” Ryosawa said confidently.

“Hope so.” The police chief sighed.


“Bang!”, a loud explosion came from the inside the building. A huge air current instantly broke two gla.s.s windows on the third floor. After the loud noise, they immediately saw a thick smoke, and flame writings around the building on the third floor.

At that moment, the police chief and officer Ryosawa’s complexion became pale.

“What’s this, why did n.o.body tell that those fellow have bombs?” Congressman Tatsuyama angrily rushed out from his car, and walked over towards the police chief asking loudly.

The police chief didn’t have time to take care of him, and immediately turned his head to tell officer Ryosawa: “Tell your subordinates to immediately open fire towards the terrorist. We absolutely can’t let them detonate another bomb.”

“But the smoke is too thick inside, they won’t be able to clearly distinguish whether or not it’s the terrorists.” Officer Ryosawa finally responded from the shock.

“I officially authorize you to, so long as they suspect the person as the terrorist, your subordinates have the right to open fire.” The police chief said seriously.

“I, I understand.”

“I told you, that you’ll have to bear all responsibilities of this matter.” After Ryosawa got out of the way, Tatsuyama’s face darkened as he said.

“After this matter, I’ll take the blame and immediately resign.” The police chief bowed towards him, then entered the temporary headquarter.

“Bang!”, Another explosion transmitted, Congressman Tatsuyama then looked at the burning building

“What’s happening?” Inside the temporary headquarter, the police chief’s eyes were red as he looked at Ryosawa.

“Sorry, our member has. .h.i.t a terrorist, but had also hit the bomb on his body, apparently they’ve strapped a bomb on each person….” Ryosawa was on the verge of tears.

Taking a deep breath, as if he suddenly turned into a twenty year old man, he said: “Now isn’t the time to apologize, I command you, to tell your subordinates to continue shooting, but only shoot at the terrorist’s head, you hear?”

“I understand.” Ryosawa quickly commanded his subordinates with his intercom.

When Ryosawa was busy telling the command, the police chief gently stroked his waist.

On the other hand, in the third floor, the three girls at the moment, were facing the biggest fear in their life since they were born.

Because they had just set foot on the third floor, they found a gunman touching the wall violently coughing. Seeing them come up, the man immediately raised his gun to fire at them.

In the eyes of the three still conscious girls, time seems to slow down a lot.

Because the smoke on the third floor weren’t thick, Tachibana Minoru saw some obvious rust on their machine gun. Kurata Ryoko on the other hand saw a shadow rush out. While Yamaguchi Tomoko tightly closed her eyes.

“Bang!” the sound of gunfire reverberated, as the three girls simultaneously thought that one of them were hit. However, Tachibana Minoru actually saw the terrorist a hole on the terrorist’s fore head as bright red blood splashed out, as his whole body fell down backward, motionless. The entire process seemed like slow motion as they were clearly able to see what had happened.

But just as Yamaguchi Tomoko opened her eyes, she saw the youth inserting a black gun on his belt.

“Masashi, where did your gun come from?” After a long time, Kurata Ryoko slowly recovered.

“From one of these fellows. Well, don’t ask anymore, quickly go.” Then he calmly continued to move forwards while carrying Masako on his back.

Looking at her younger cousin who had just shot down a living person, she noticed that his complexion actually didn’t change. Kurata Ryoko suddenly felt a bit scared of this boy.


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