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Chapter 51

A commotion could be heard coming from some distance ahead. Yu Yue’s instincts responded by filling him with terror making him quickly yell: “Fall back! There’s a large number of zombies coming this way.”

w.a.n.g Xuebing’s reflexes reacted without hesitation, even before his mind could register what he was doing, his hands had grabbed the steering wheel and turned the car around. Yu Yue hurriedly picked up the walkie-talkie and spoke: “Everyone fall back quickly and take the east lane.”

After a few days of cooperation, everyone was now in sync, so all the cars quickly turned around in a uniform manner and drove away. By the sound of people shouting and screaming behind them, it was likely that the young man and his group had already been attacked.

w.a.n.g Xuebing silently stared at the rearview mirror.

The cars had barely covered 100 meters before they heard a bloodcurdling scream followed by a loud roar. Then they heard the sound of cars as the young man and his group followed them, leaving behind some of their companions, who kept screaming as they were quickly overwhelmed by the zombie horde.

“d.a.m.n! They’re bringing the zombies with them.” Yu Yue said anxiously as he shifted restlessly in his seat. At the moment, his psychic power was still not strong enough so he had to rely on his eyesight. However, it was currently dark out and on top of that, it was raining, which made it hard for him to see their surroundings. All he knew was that there were zombies behind them.



The people in the cars that were following behind their group kept shouting as they drove, and a person in the foremost car incessantly called out for help as they recklessly drove their car at full speed towards them. The zombies were attracted by the sound of their screams, and the closer they got to Bai Jing’s group, the more it seemed like zombies were rushing towards them from all directions. 

Even if w.a.n.g Xuebing was not a temperamental person, he couldn’t help but feel a little angry. f.u.c.k! How had they found themselves in such a dangerous situation because this group of people insisted on clinging to them?

Xiao Sa looked at the vehicles behind them. A cold look flashed in his eyes as he asked in a dark voice: “How many zombies in total?”

Yu Yue broke out into a cold sweat.  He had really improved his courage by much in these past few days; however, in the face of such a major crisis, it was inevitable that he would be frightened. There was even a tremor in his voice as he answered: “Very many, at least three hundred, I don’t know the exact number. It’s too dark outside so I can’t see clearly. I only know that a dense horde of zombies is chasing after them and that there’s the smell of blood coming from their vehicles.”

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment as he contemplated the situation in his heart before he instructed them without the slightest hint of hesitation: “Turn around and head back towards the county town.”

Yu Yue froze, his face expressionless as a shiver ran through his entire body: “Elder brother…”

Xiao Sa cast a cold look

towards Yu Yue, and although he didn’t speak out in anger, his manner was imposing as he said: “You can’t always run and hide from every difficult situation. If you do, then how will you all be able to survive in the future? Brothers, you all need to toughen up. Certainly, you all don’t want to become hindrances in the future.”

“I agree.” After listening, Bai Jing immediately nodded in agreement. However, his thoughts were different from Xiao Sa’s. That is, if they turned back, those cars chasing behind them would definitely not get the chance to keep `following after them. Furthermore, zombies targeted who to bite based on their sense of smell and since that group of people reeked of blood, they should lead most of the zombies away from them and the few leftover zombies could then be used to give everyone here a chance to practice their skills.

Thinking back, he could see that this was also the case in his past life. At that time, Xiao Sa was very heartless and only threw him into groups of zombies, but in this life, it seems that he simply switched to throwing other people into hordes of zombies.

Bai Jing glared ferociously at Xiao Sa. Even though it was now water under the bridge and even though he now knew that what Xiao Sa had done had been for his own good, he still felt anger and resentment when he thought about his past life. Heaven knows how miserable he life had been back then; at that time he was still just a pampered young master.

Xiao Sa was completely oblivious to what he had done wrong and was unable to make heads or tails of Bai Jing’s glare. All he knew was that little Jing looked very beautiful with his face flushed with anger and watery eyes. He really wanted to kiss him, but the current circ.u.mstances wouldn’t allow it.

Yu Yue remained silent, his heart filled with terror. He knew that Xiao Sa was right. Not only that, he had been constantly fantasizing about how powerful he was and how he would be able to kill many zombies. But it was now at the moment of truth that he suddenly found himself feeling scared.

w.a.n.g Xuebing had no objection so he threw the walkie-talkie to Xiao Sa. Turning back, what route to take, from which place? Even if he didn’t like Xiao Sa, he had to admit that he was very intelligent and was also able to factor in more things than w.a.n.g Xuebing could when it came to such matters.

Xiao Sa fired a series of orders, when he was done instructing them, the vehicles all quickly turned around, changing directions at the same time, their movement perfectly in sync.

The people in the cars following closely behind them were stunned speechless when they saw them suddenly change directions. Those three cars had taken a calculative risk when they rushed to follow after Bai Jing’s group. They had calculated that since Bai Jing’s group had more people than them, they would definitely enjoy guaranteed safety from their large numbers. But as they were overwhelmed by the horde of zombies, only now did their hearts begin to regret their

their decision. The voice of blame sounded, and even though they were now far away, w.a.n.g Xuebing could still hear the driver’s miserable screams.

After that, they drove in silence. Most of the zombies had already been led away so when they came to an open s.p.a.ce, Xiao Sa immediately ordered: “Equip all your guns with silencers and get ready to fight.” After that, he took the lead and got off the RV.

Bai Jing was not willing to fall behind, so he also got off the RV and quickly caught up with Xiao Sa. Xiao Sa frowned, thought about it for a moment but then, in the end, he didn’t say anything. He was aware that little Jing was also a man and that he also liked taking charge, and that in the future, little Jing would only keep getting stronger. Even if he makes sure to protect him, there would always be some slip-ups. But Xiao Sa wasn’t worried since he believed that little Jing’s skill was not inferior to his.

It was windy and raining outside, so the moment they got out, they felt the cold wind and large drops of rain hit their bodies, quickly drenching their clothes. Even before they could register the discomfort in the body, Bai Jing and Xiao Sa both lifted their guns and fired at almost the same time.

Although the zombies were powerful, they moved in a very stiff manner which made them easy targets. Bai Jing’s flexible body shuttled through the wind and rain, gun in hand, shooting through the horde of zombies; they quickly fell dead to the ground in his wake. Watching the two men bravely fighting zombies in this stormy night sparked a fire in everyone and an intense desire for battle welled up in their hearts.

“I have also arrived.”Liu Wei had already been itching to use his newly found abilities, so he was eager to get on with the fight. Following his loud battle cry, everyone joined the battle.

Bai Jing was not an inexperienced beginner in this life. His marksmanship was extremely accurate, they were often headshots that burst open the zombies head causing their brains to spill out and fill the air with a nauseating stench of decay. And even though the rain was washing away most of the spilled brains, the stench still remained heavy in the air.

Yu Yue held a gun in his hand but surprisingly he wasn’t so nervous. As he watched everyone bravely fighting in the rain, his heart also filled with fury.  His relied on his psychic power and intuition, making him an even better marksman than Xiao Sa’s men. One shot, two shots… ”

Bang!” He killed one more zombie.

“Thank you!” The man he had just saved said, turned to face Yu Yue and grinned before continuing to aim and shoot at his next target.

“No need to thank me!” Yu Yue said as hurriedly shook his head. Suddenly he felt tremendous emotions welling up in his heart. Apparently, something had gotten shaken up inside of him. This feeling could be described as sentimental shock or as a kind of irrational ignorance**. Could this be considered as fighting side by side as they entrust their lives to each other in battle?

in battle? Yu Yue’s heart suddenly filled with an inexplicably heroic sense of pride as he thought about this.

Then out of nowhere the claws of a zombie slashed in front of him. Yu Yue saw his death flash before his eyes. The zombie was so close that he could even see its face in detail. Apart from livor mortis, he saw an indistinct face covered in disgusting pus, its sharp teeth and smelt the horrendous odor that came off it.

“Boom!” The zombie fell to the ground.

Liu Hua held a gun in his hand as he looked over at Yu Yue and said: “Hey, young man, be careful. You may not have such good luck next time.”

Yu Yue quickly nodded his head. Just now he had barely avoided getting scratched and he was so terrified his legs had turned to jelly. Unfortunately, he hadn’t gotten the chance to see who had saved him. The fear of death made anger burst forth in his heart making him feel extremely powerful: “Ah!” he shouted, his mental power breaking through its limits and making everything even clearer. Just like a G.o.d-level marksman, his intentions were barely processed by his brain before his body intuitively moved. His body was seemingly more flexible, jumping, dodging, shooting, all the zombies accurately shot dead.

At that moment he truly felt like Superman, too d.a.m.n invincible.

People were flabbergasted upon seeing him and someone said: “That guy is awesome.”

Someone else just sneered and said: “I think he must be high on something.”

Seeing zombies in the distance rushing towards them, Bai Jing angrily turned around and loudly reprimanded them: “Shut up! If anyone dares to shout again I will cut out their tongue.”

Yu Yue suddenly let out a long angry sigh as he shrank his neck not daring to look up. He felt that something was a not right. Just like the sudden power up a moment ago, now it seems like he couldn’t feel anything and a rash of fatigue washed over his brain, and when he tried to shoot he found that his aim was no longer accurate.

When Bai Jing looked at the idiot, he instantly knew that Yu Yue had overused his spiritual energy. He had sensed that there were many other zombies running towards them, but for now, they were still a bit of a distance away. He and Xiao Sa looked at each other right before he promptly ordered: “Retreat.” Anyway, the crisis has already pa.s.sed, plus the smell coming from this location was now too strong, making this not a suitable place to stay for a long time.

No one was interested in staying here and continuing to fight, so they quickly got back into their vehicles, even though they were all dripping wet. After Bai Jing got on the RV, he took out a number of alarm clocks from his dimension and set the alarms before casually throwing them outside the window. Then he turned around, focusing his gaze on the road ahead and calmly said: “Drive!” With the experience from his previous life, he had bought many alarm clocks in this life. They were the best contraption for leading zombies away.

Soon after, he saw a large group of zombies running towards them,
running towards them, then they heard the ringing of the alarm clocks, right before the horde suddenly changed direction to follow the sound of the alarms. After seeing this, Cao Leo couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up; his young master was very awesome.

Bai Jing was not paying attention to this because at the moment he was in a bad mood.  He had spent this last year relaxed and pampered but now he was wet and sticky everywhere. The winter clothes he had been wearing had been made even heavier now that they were soaking wet from the rain and he was also covered from head to toe in nasty zombie filth. All of this left him feeling very uneasy.

They disposed of a few more zombies on the road and when they were about 500 meters away from reaching the county town, w.a.n.g Xuebing stopped the RV then got off the vehicle before taking out a cigarette and smoked it. Recently the pressure was just too high and the impact on him was also very great. It was not only the change in the young master but also the selfishness of humans…

“Don’t think too much about it. It wasn’t your fault. Even if they had never met you, that group of people would never have survived.” When Cao Lei saw his lover was so silent, he instinctively knew what w.a.n.g Xuebing must have been thinking about.

w.a.n.g Xuebing stared at him blankly and said: “I know.” His heart just felt a little uneasy. He hadn’t expected that his well-intended warnings would lead to people fighting amongst themselves. When he remembered how the group of people has pushed their comrades to their death, he felt very lucky. At least their group had many people and they had a lot of ammunition so they didn’t have to worry about betrayal. Right now his main concern was not himself, but that his hot-bloodedness and impulsiveness would one day lead to Cao Lei or the young master getting hurt.

Bai Jing could also read w.a.n.g Xuebing very well so he said in an indifferent tone: “You just have to remember to obey orders, not mind other people’s business too much and remember that your family comes first. Then everything will be absolutely fine.”

w.a.n.g Xuebing was embarra.s.sed, and felt a little depressed; it was hard being told off by Bai Jing. He found that of late he was always being looked down upon. And yet, it wasn’t like he was the type of person who wanted to please everyone; he was just occasionally a little too soft-hearted. What should he do? He was obviously conflicted, was it all hopeless?

Bai Jing nodded his head, a stern look on his face.

w.a.n.g Xuebing opened his mouth but no words came out.

Cao Lei laughed and pinched w.a.n.g Xuebing’s cheek: “Don’t be afraid. I’m here and I’ll watch over you even through a scourge of a thousand years and in the face of monsters. The young master will also not let anything happen.”

“Humph! May your words come true.” Bai Jing arrogantly turned his face, no longer interested in pay attention to them.

Not too long afterward, bright lights once again lit up the national highway as some vehicles approached them.


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