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Read Badge In Azure Chapter 1237 – Flower of Evil (Part 2)

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Chapter 1237: Flower of Evil (Part 2)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The angels that walked out of the Flower of Evil were female.

Angels were genderless creatures of energy. Strangely, the angels that emerged from the Flower of Evil had meaty wings. They looked like evil abominations.

The female angels were naked, and what Saleen found unbelievable was that they had hair all over their bodies.

Their bodies did not show an inch of the purity of angels usually displayed. The liquids flowing over their bodies looked like rotten flesh and the smell was awful.

All of these angels carried curved blades that were over 10 meters long. The blades were inscribed in layers of black holy prose and made from holy prose energy.

The angels were all three meters tall, which made them about one-third taller than common humans. They were able to wield such huge weapons because they were mainly fighting in the air. The length of their blades enabled them to easily control their surroundings.

G.o.d’s Grace blocked the lethal strike from the great head inquisitor. The 360 angels emerging from the Flower of Evil created by the Divine Might spell surrounded the great head inquisitor.

Their formations were so tight that there were no openings between them.

The great head inquisitor was carved up by more than 300 curved blades. Countless holy prose weaved in between as the blades cut and tore at the great head inquisitor’s body.

The great head inquisitor’s body behaved like a shadow, continuously merging back into one ent.i.ty as he was being cut. The curved blades made of holy prose had no effect worth mentioning on the great head inquisitor.

“Body of Darkness!” Theisio was stunned and then yelled, “You’re not the great head inquisitor!”

“Of course I’m not. I’m Baudelaire, a G.o.d Grace Knight. You killed my entire family and threw their souls into the purgatory, just for a Divine Tablet spell. But now I’ve escaped the purgatory and you all shall face judgment!”

The Divine Tablet spell required powerful bloodlines for the power of the spell to work at its fullest.

The success of the great head inquisitor’s Divine Tablet spell was made possible by killing the G.o.d Grace Knight of the Holy See, destroying an entire bloodline, and throwing their souls into the purgatory in order to acquire a perfect body.

However, G.o.d Grace Knight’s soul had escaped through unknown means, merging with the body that was effectively his descendant—the Divine Tablet.

The great head inquisitor did not find anything wrong after his soul entered the Divine Tablet, but Baudelaire was the one who was closest to the bloodline. He began to take control of the body in secret, retaking control entirely after the great head inquisitor was in a state of panic.

“Only G.o.d shall judge. Get purified!” Theisio was unfazed. He had heard of the name Baudelaire. While he had been a level-9 knight and had been blessed with G.o.d’s grace, Theisio was at level-11.

The 360 evil angels continued to carve up Baudelaire one after another like clockwork made of giant gears. The black aura intensified in Baudelaire’s body. Every single slash ended with holy prose disappearing.

Baudelaire’s body grew increasingly tall as if he had been supported by the holy prose.

“Sh**!” The pope was unable to help but curse. Baudelaire had escaped from purgatory, making a body from the Divine Tablet spell filled with evil. The evil angels’ attacks had worked like fuel and supplements, making Baudelaire’s body stronger.

The 360 evil angels were unable to stop attacking. Those energy creatures seemed to have been attracted by Baudelaire’s body. One after another, they threw themselves into his body, carving him up with their long blades in rotation.

Baudelaire’s body had reached over 30 meters tall. He would have been able to grow even taller, but he had reinforced his body with the energy from the evil angels.

Long blades kept protruding from inside Baudelaire’s body. All of them were made of holy prose.

The pope was thinking that if the matter was to be spread outside, it would make the propagation of the faith difficult. If all present there were to survive, the teachings preached by the Holy See would be made laughing stock.

It was fortunate that the cage created by the Flower of Evil continued to shroud the area within 100 miles. Even Daliang City came to be shrouded by the black aura, preventing them from casting any attacks.

If not for the fact that the city was built on the cemetery of the giant, the entire city would probably have been corroded into dust by the black aura.

Even so, the walls in some places had crumbled. Only the spots protected by the magic net saw little damage.

Pope Theisio’s Purification spell was complete. A rainbow-colored beam rained down from above, striking Baudelaire’s body.

Baudelaire began to melt after being hit by the light of the Purification spell.

Hundreds of blades continued to protrude from Baudelaire’s body, attempting to fight the Purification spell. The blades continued to dissolve. Baudelaire finally showed fear.

The voice of the great head inquisitor was heard. “Lord Pope, save me!”

360 evil angels emerged from the Flower of Evil again. This time, the angels began to pray instead of trying to attack Baudelaire.

“The great head inquisitor is dead. You are Baudelaire!” Theisio’s heart was as cold as steel. Even if it was the great head inquisitor controlling the body at the moment, he intended to kill the whole ent.i.ty regardless.

“Bravo!” Saleen watched the dramatic scenes unfold and he smiled.

Why does Theisio insist on killing the great head inquisitor? Or should I say, killing Baudelaire? If I were him, I would have thought of ways to save the great head inquisitor and turn him to my side instead.

Does it have something to do with the Flower of Evil? The problem is that I see the Flower of Evil too. So is Theisio thinking that he can kill me? While the place is being shrouded by Divine Might, there would be no way for him to stop me if I were to teleport back to Metatrin City.

Not even the Lord of Glory could stop me from running… if he were to show up, that is.

There were many flaws with the Magical Element Tower, but the advantages of the tower were very obvious as well—pure physical or energy-based attacks would be blocked by the tower. Saleen also had lightning skills which made breaking spiritual and rule attacks easy.

He could bail at any given moment if he found himself holding the short end of the stick, so long as he was willing to give the tower up.

“Theisio, are you trying to kill the great head inquisitor as well?” Baudelaire’s body stopped shrinking. Purification had its limits. He snarled at Theisio and said, “If the head warden finds out that you have killed the great head inquisitor, your Pivotal Council will see the end of its days.”

“Everything belongs to G.o.d,” Theisio answered calmly. The 360 evil angels finished praying. A purple claw emerged from the sky, tearing through s.p.a.ce as it reached for Baudelaire.


360 curved blades shot out of Baudelaire’s body and clashed with the purple claw. Cutting and cracking sounds were heard. The purple claw had broken over 30 curved blades made of holy prose.

The claw then hit Baudelaire hard. He was being overpowered by Divine Might and the Armageddon Codex in his hand was of no use. He was able to do nothing as four huge gashes were torn on his body.

“Theisio!” The great head inquisitor’s voice was heard again. “The head warden will kill you. He will kill you!”

Theisio confirmed by then that the great head inquisitor’s soul had not dissipated. While Baudelaire was being severely damaged, the great head inquisitor regained a measure of control over the body.

Saleen then said in the tower all of a sudden, “Truman, head back to Metatrin City and tell everything that you saw to the teacher.”

Saleen did not allow Truman any time to say anything and simply pushed his student into the teleportation portal, forcefully activating it and sending Truman back to Metatrin City.

The pope will definitely want my head for this. Saleen was unable to keep this a secret one way or another. He did not believe for a second that the pope would negotiate with him.

He was one that the Lord of Glory had decreed to kill after all. Judging by Theisio’s att.i.tude, he definitely would not make any compromises with Saleen, even if the compromises were only temporary.


The purple claw disappeared and the great head inquisitor’s voice disappeared as well. However, the Armageddon Codex on Baudelaire’s hand had been flipped to the last page automatically.

The peculiar sign on the Armageddon Codex disappeared on the last page, replaced with the great head inquisitor’s original image.

He then shouted from within the codex, “Theisio, I shall forever serve the G.o.ds of darkness. I shall curse you, I shall curse you that you shall fall into purgatory and no G.o.d shall be able to save you!”

Saleen held his hands together and laughed. The great head inquisitor was truly one of a kind. He had wrecked Baudelaire’s family only to eventually be made into a weapon spirit of the Armageddon Codex, which at the moment, was held by Baudelaire.

Baudelaire was incredibly pleased.

“Theisio, we shall meet again!” Baudelaire generated a powerful attraction from the codex. The petals of the Flower of Evil were torn by some unnamed force. They were torn apart and absorbed into the last page of the Armageddon Codex.

The great head inquisitor absorbed the petals in a frenzy. While Baudelaire knew that letting him do so came with the risk of possible escape, if Baudelaire forbade the great head inquisitor from destroying the Flower of Evil, there was no way Baudelaire could survive his current predicament as well.

Baudelaire did not hate only the great head inquisitor, he hated everyone from the Holy See.

He would have walked the path of vengeance after escaping purgatory, just so he could kill every single believer he was able to find.

“O’ Lord of Glory, my G.o.d, my father, heed my prayers…” Theisio saw that the Flower of Evil was being broken and that the cage of the Divine Might was loosening. He knew that the power of evil was incapable of subduing Baudelaire. The former knight had fallen. His power came from abominations.

If not even Purification can to kill him, then…

“Sh**, not Divine Punishment again!” Saleen saw Theisio’s gestures from within the tower and thought they looked familiar. It was the same Divine Punishment spell cast by the oracle when the oracle had wanted to kill both him and Lex.

If it had not been for G.o.d’s Ring, both Saleen and Lex would have perished back then.

A square holy prose sign appeared on the Seal of Divine Power with even tinier holy prose arranging themselves in cubic formations. They continued to work like high precision alchemy machinery, continuously changing formations and forming a string of long holy prose.

“All who betray G.o.d shall suffer the wrath of G.o.d. They shall suffer Divine Punishment!” Theisio’s face was solemn and he sentenced Baudelaire to death.


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