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Chapter 1322: Abomination Puppet (Part 2)

Saleen thought the face looked familiar. Despite being a mage, he was still unable to recall where he had seen that face before.

It was Nicholas who pointed at the projections and asked, “Isn’t that the angel of fear?”

Saleen suddenly realized that the face was not that of the angel of fear itself, but the face of the abdomen of the angel. He initially thought the birth of the angel of fear was natural. After seeing that face, he realized that the angel of fear came from a different plane.

It was difficult to have similar faces grow on different places. Every single face at the abdomen of the angel of fear looked the same, but they possessed minute differences. To other creatures, human faces all looked the same. It was the same case with humans. They found it difficult to tell the differences on that of the angel of fear.

The being in the projections was a separate species. The angel of fear probably had a lot to do with that being.

Invasions on Myers Mainland never ceased. The angel of fear simply found itself incapable of leaving the Imperial City of the Abyss.

Astrology was incapable of calculating too much in a short period of time, and Saleen gave up calculating altogether. Since the abomination crystal core came to be so useful, there was no he Saleen would just sit by and do nothing. He was the only one with the means to wipe out the original will of the resurrected abomination. The Lightning Territory cast tiny electrical arcs, modifying liquefied abomination crystal cores. Lightning was capable of giving life. At the same time, it was capable of wiping away will.

That was something Saleen learned in the secret arts. He had little trouble applying those arts in his magical practices.

The level 10 abomination was suppressed so hard by the attacks from the sky that it had problems even raising its head. More than 100 imps cast 10 level 10 spells at it. Ten huge Fire Dragons instantly descended from the sky, killing the level 10 abomination on the spot.

It was akin to 10 level 10 mage trainers ganging up on a level 10 true might. The outcome was apparent. The 100 or so imps exhausted all of their mental powers and had to be carried away to rest. However, the number of enchanters on Saleen’s Floating City was simply too ma.s.sive. Having 100 or so imps out of commission did not affect the fighting.

Saleen poured everything he had into constructing the magic net on the Floating City. It came to possess even level 11 magic spells. However, the highest level of spell an enchanter could cast was level nine. Casting level 10 magic spells required 12 enchanters working together. Casting level 11 ones would require 12 times of that number of enchanters. Furthermore, casting level 11 magic spells would have caused the enchanters to suffer severe damage. As such, the imps chose wolf pack tactics, casting only level 10 spells to attack that abomination.

Fycro’s subordinates were shaken by the attack. Ten level 10 spells were more than enough to kill any single individual among them, yet Saleen’s Floating City was able to cast such attacks with impunity.

They thought, Just how do we take something like that? Do we really have to wait for level 13 ones to show up and wreck Saleen’s defenses first? What if Saleen was to just bail from there? While doing so would damage his reputation and cause internal troubles, it would mean that Lord Fycro’s plan failed.

The holy masters were feeling troubled, but Saleen was overjoyed. He was not out to create an army of abominations. With the Floating City in his possession, tactics relying on sheer numbers became meaningless. He also had his demon armies and an inexhaustible number of troops.

Despite the demon army being formidable, they cost a lot to keep around. Creating a puppet with the heart of an abomination cost 10 times the materials required to create star figures, but their powers were similar to that of level-nine star figures.

Saleen’s vista had been widened. He knew that hundreds, even 1,000 puppets, would not be as powerful as a true might. At key moments, only beings at a high level would be able to determine the outcome. If a level-nine abomination puppet could be created using six abomination crystal cores, wouldn’t adding the numbers of abomination crystal cores enhance the quality of the puppet?

Armies from the abomination plane continued to gush out. The number of level 10 abominations grew increasingly high. If those abominations were to be the ones rus.h.i.+ng out everywhere without aim, Saleen would not have been so tense. Those abominations were heading straight for the place he defended. The Floating City was struggling to contain the invasion.

Casting level 10 spells would have worn out the enchanters. It would require weeks for them to recuperate without leaving any unwanted aftereffects. Furthermore, level-ten magic spells cost over a dozen times more than level nine ones t. If the situation were to continue, Saleen would not be able to keep up with the consumption of magic nuclei for long.

Given how Saleen purchased dragon crystals from Grand Duke Iron Blood, even if every single magic nucleus…o…b..ard had been spent, the Floating City would not lose offensive capacity. He still had ma.s.sive amounts of the giant’s bone crystals to spare.

Magic power furnaces did not care about what one threw inside them. As long as they were materials capable of generating energy, the furnaces would generate appropriate elemental energies from them.

Saleen had many elemental creatures at hand. One elemental creature could easily equal hundreds to thousands of level-nine magic nuclei, in terms of energy generated. His current methods enabled him to confidently craft puppets of level 10 and higher. With an archangel by his side, he had no worries about the things he crafted running out of control.

He began to craft puppets at the walls. He first had Nailisi send him a batch of miniaturized magic power furnaces since he did not bring that many with him. Next, he began to do fusion alchemy. Thirty-six dark crystals were thrown into the miniaturized magic furnace, causing intense explosions. Cracks instantly appeared on the furnace. The cracks then quickly patched up by the black mist within and restored.

The number of abomination runes on the furnace grew increasingly high. Saleen continued to use electrical arcs to stimulate the eerie lifeform within.

The process was repeated over and over. Saleen had thrown more than 3,000 dark crystals into the magic power furnace. The furnace eventually blew up. The shards from the explosion were wrapped up by Saleen’s Water s.h.i.+eld.

The black mists inside were liquefied. He added his mixed magical pharmaceuticals, which contained diluted Genesis Stock Solution and Six Element’s Heavy Water. The magic power furnace began to fuse again, but this time into something entirely different. There was a face on the newly formed furnace. It looked like the face on the angel of fear’s abdomen, yet its expression and bearing were completely different. The one on the abdomen looked ferocious, cruel and evil, while the one on the magic power furnace was divine, determined and regal. The two expressions made the one at the furnace seem as if it had nothing at all to do with the angel of fear.

The magic power furnace originally was a hexagonal shape. Vents at each side allowed the absorption of all manners of crystallized energy materials. The new magic power furnace resembled that of a beehive. Every facet sported an eye-like image.

Saleen was not satisfied. That thing had level 10 power at most, which did not sit well with him. He continued to chuck in more dark crystals and added level-10 abomination’s matter. He continued to catalyze the process using electricity, throwing in eight Armoring Lightning Beads from the Lightning Territory into the magic power furnace.

When the beads were infused within the furnace, the face on the furnace contorted. All traces of regality and holiness disappeared. It looked to be in incredible pain as it cursed at Saleen.

Saleen smiled, realizing that that thing was dangerous. If he were to lower his guard, it might eventually wring free of his control. It was an intelligent life after all, so relying on Eternal Control Shards proved inadequate.

That face continued to be in agony while stimulated by Saleen’s electricity. The powers of Eternal Control Shards on the magic power furnace prevented it from quickly leaving.

The eight Armoring Lightning Beads spun within the magic power furnace. Regardless of how intricate the furnace might have been, it was difficult for it to absorb the power of the beads any further.

“Curse you…”

The contorted face had only been able to say those words when the eight Armoring Lightning Beads flew out of the internal s.p.a.ce of the furnace, stirring up its specter and destroying it altogether. When its specter was coalesced again, it was already at the brink of death. It was unable to even look pained.

Saleen said to the face, “I curse you that you fall into darkness and the abyss and suffer eternal pain. All that you curse me with shall reflect on your own being!”

Constellation powers seeped into the magic power furnace, circling around the specter of the face.

“You thought only you knew how to curse, eh?” Saleen smirked as he looked at the specter.

He realized that the specter had undeniable connection to the powerful being in the portal. It actually intended to sneak into the mainland using such methods no one on the mainland knew.

The powerful being at the other end of the portal was unable to bear the pain from the lightning barrages. It cut off its connection with the soul in the furnace. That soul gradually fused back into the furnace.

Saleen took out a puppet and threw it into the Water Flame. He used ancient puppets for installation of the magic power furnace. Such puppets were not common even in ancient times. The one he had at hand were quite exquisite.

After it was fused with the mystical magic power furnace, its body shrunk to about 6 feet. Purple light shone all over it.

Saleen modified the puppet’s appearance with ill intentions. He added a pair of metal wings behind it while putting a pair of horns of the abominations on its head.

“Master!” The puppet knelt and bowed to Saleen.

Such gestures of courtesy was commonly seen in all manner of religions, where all four limbs were pressed to the ground, signifying submission.

Saleen felt satisfied with the puppet he had created. That puppet had rich magic knowledge, including human body alchemy, soul alchemy, creation of life, magic perpetual-motion engine, and other ridiculous magic theories. Still, his success was owed to that powerful being from another plane.

That powerful abomination was unable to enter Myers Mainland. It had intended to create a clone to infiltrate the plane, but that soul was agonizingly tortured by Saleen. He left the thing no choice but to abandon that piece of soul.

With that piece of soul, Saleen was finally able to make that puppet into a powerful weapon of war. “From here on out, you shall be called Violet Angel.”

After giving the puppet some random name, it nodded and stood up. It stood behind Saleen and looked as if it was guarding him.


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