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Chapter 1448: The War that Destroyed a Country (Part 2)

Tanggulasi was engulfed in rampaging green. It elicited a huge reaction from both Qin and Cloudflow.

The Qin people regretted that they had not joined, while the Cloudflow people were terrified. Although most of the Cloudflow forces lay in their marines, many of their cities on the land could not be given up. Originally, by relying on their advantageous location, they had been able to fend off the armies of the two neighboring countries. But now things were great. Saleen possessed Floating City. No matter how difficult the mountain range, to Saleen, it was as if it did not even exist.

Lex was now faced with immense pressure. The House of Lords had proposed to have Saleen withdraw his troops from the northern part of Qin. Although he was a prince, he did not have the authority to station troops on Qin territory. The original Northern aristocrats needed to return to their own territory.

Lex knew that power in the Golden Plains was not just about the mage trainers in Arbola’s hands. There were also the weapons, warriors, and inconceivably large amounts of equipment that the Grukos family had slowly acc.u.mulated over several millennia.

Because there had not been an appropriate reason to bring them out, the Golden Plains had had no means of controlling the empire.

In the early days of the empire, the Golden Plains had been subjected to suppression of the contract and could not interfere with the governing of the empire. It was the same now, but if she did not agree with the proposal, the legality would be shaken up. In that case, the contract suppressing the Golden Plains would lose its effect.

She was at a crucial time for her cultivation. Now that the fate of the empire was gradually improving, her secret technique had a corresponding improvement and was almost as high as level 12. If she could rule the empire for a century, her secret technique would definitely be able to surpa.s.s her ancestors.

Saleen listened to Lex pouring out her grievances via the magic array and laughed. “Lace, I will just move out and let them kick up a fuss.”

Lex did not understand.

Saleen said, “Breaking down the Tanggulasi Empire is enough for me. Returning to help Grand Duke Iron Blood to wipe out Cloudflow will bring even greater benefits.”

“Occupying the empire is relatively difficult. Perhaps you will not have time to cultivate for hundreds of years,” Lex brought up her worries.

Saleen smiled. After sending over a stack of magic materials and journals to Lex, he started a new battle.

Saleen’s army withdrew into Phoenix from the northern part of Qin. Even Guderian City did not have a single soldier remaining. Just as the people from the Golden Plains began to feel proud of themselves, a sound appeared on the battlefields of the Tanggulasi Empire.

The Nature Faith’s disciples would only accept the leaders.h.i.+p of the Metatrin Kingdom. Otherwise, it would be blasphemy against their G.o.d.

All of the people in the Qin Empire panicked. Even Safilos went to see the niece he had always hated.

“Lex, the situation that your prince has caused is too dangerous. The collapse of the empire will not be far off.”

“Safilos,” Lex called her uncle. “I have heard that Saleen has established a temple on your territory. Why did you not refuse?”

“I could not refuse.”

“Indeed. After so many years, the Holy See finally has an opponent. If we do not destroy them with one blow, the consequences will be endless. What about the Nature Faith? There are no immortal dynasties, nor are there any immortal G.o.ds. For this matter, let us give in to Saleen. The most important thing is that the people on the Golden Plains…”

Safilos had nothing to say. He was even more on guard against the people of the Golden Plains.

The war waged for half a year. Saleen’s demon army was limitless and could replenish the gaps amidst the Temple Knights’ ranks. The army within the Qin Empire’s borders had also started pondering what they should do as the Golden Plains stirred up trouble.

At the end of the year, an extremely important matter took place. A divine omen descended from the G.o.ddess of Nature.

The divine omen was similar to what the disciples said. The Nature Faith would only accept the leaders.h.i.+p of the Metatrin Kingdom. The lands that the Nature Faith had attacked and occupied would only permit the control of Metatrin’s aristocrats.

The Nature Faith did not control any land until now and would select its dynasties. Hence the divine omen did not contain any abnormalities.

But this was different from the unruly antics of the disciples. It was a divine omen, and all the disciples would obey it unconditionally.

What did it imply? The Tanggulasi Empire did not have much land left. Only the Glorious Plains and the places that lay a few hundred meters from the imperial capital were left. Saleen had not attacked the Tanggulasi Empire’s imperial capital and had not planned to dispatch any troops, but an imperial dynasty that only controlled several hundred meters of land was actually more or less as good as destroyed.

Saleen destroyed the Tanggulasi Empire. It had taken place too quickly, and no one was able to comprehend it.

The divine omen had descended. The Tanggulasi Empire belonged to Metatrin Kingdom. If anyone was unwilling to agree, they would become the enemy of the millions of disciples who belonged to the Nature Faith.

Everyone knew how terrifying disciples were. The Nature Faith did not have any expansive properties, but the divine omen had descended from the G.o.ddess. The mages of the Golden Plains could no longer sit still.

Saleen could not sit still either. He never thought that the G.o.ddess of Nature would actually be revived.

Reviving was one thing, but a divine omen had come down from her, tying him to the Nature Faith. When the G.o.ddess was revived, he did not feel anything.

Wasn’t it terrible?

He hurriedly investigated the contract in his soul. Indeed, the contract between him and the G.o.ddess of Nature was complete.

The G.o.ddess of Nature had been revived, but he could not search for the G.o.ddess’ whereabouts, not to mention killing the G.o.ddess. Saleen was not certain what level the revived G.o.ddess was at and whether or not he could defeat her.

He could only speed up his attack. He began to arrange his troops to encircle the Glorious Plains.

All of the Holy See’s elites were waiting to engage in a decisive battle on the Glorious Plains.

The timely divine omen caused Saleen to have no other choice. He had not conquered the Holy See, so he could not break away from the G.o.ddess of Nature.

While Saleen’s army advanced towards the Glorious Plains, in Metatrin City, Saleen’s son and daughter practiced their magic spells. The mythical beast that they were raising suddenly woke from its deep slumber.

The mythical beast was originally the size of an ordinary house cat. It had grown that large after a thousand years. Austine thought that the mythical beast needed 10,000 years to mature. They never guessed that it would start to grow frenziedly.

The pair gazed at the mythical beast nervously. When the mythical beast had been young, it had been mistreated for a long time. They did not know if it would become a shadow in its heart or if it would be very frightened upon seeing the pair.

The mythical beast’s scales grew continuously. They shed, but not substantially. In half a day, they grew to the size of a warhorse.

Glancing at the pair of no-good masters, the mythical beast growled low. It jumped up and flew out through the temple window, heading south.

Flodi wanted to chase after it but was pulled back by her elder brother.

“Little sister, don’t go. Don’t you know about the G.o.ddess’ revival?”

Flodi stamped her foot. “So what if she has been revived? Will Father fear the G.o.ddess?”

“The beast was left behind by the G.o.ddess. Father said that it came from the G.o.ddess’ temple at the center of the Myers Continent. It is flying in that direction. We will just release a figure to chase after it.”

Austin had a prudent personality that was extremely similar to a young Saleen.

Flodi could not persuade her elder brother. She felt that it was somewhat strange, so she did not persist, but rather released a star figure that Saleen had left for them to pursue the beast.

The mythical beast did not trigger any of Metatrin City’s defensive attacks when it flew out of the city. No one knew what caused its actions.

The mythical beast flew south, and the star figure followed right behind it. Saleen no longer used the astrologer’s power much, but the star figure was much more capable than puppets at the same level, and it was easier to give it directions.

His two children had never really encountered any outsiders. Saleen could not relax if he allowed other mages to serve them, so he had sent about 100 star figures each to act as their servants.

After dispatching a star figure to pursue the mythical beast, Austin sent a letter to his father.

Saleen saw his son’s letter and immediately knew that things were not good. He had spoken about his plans in front of the mythical beast. If the mythical beast really returned to the Myers G.o.ddess’ side, wouldn’t she find out about the inside details of his plans?

But Austin did not do anything wrong. The mythical beast’s escape was probably the G.o.ddess’ setup. Chasing after it would not necessarily bring anything good.

Saleen immediately contacted Daliang City, hoping that they could send people to intercept it. However, the mythical beast was alive and had its own will. Even if Saleen intercepted it himself, he might not necessarily be able to locate it.

As expected, after an hour, Austin sent another letter to his father, informing him that the star figure had lost its trail.

The level 10 star figure had been subjected to Saleen’s modifications, and its flight could reach up to 200 kilometers. Saleen only had a few people by his side who were faster. Other people would not even be able to touch the corners of the figure in flight.

Saleen had the intention to investigate it personally. His territorial power expanded, and an area up to 200 kilometers in width was within his range of surveillance.

But if he caught up to it, then what? Saleen did not know if he should kill it or capture it.

The mythical beast flew towards the Purgatory Desert in the center of the continent. It probably went because of the G.o.ddess’ summons. If Saleen killed it, it was evident what his att.i.tude towards the G.o.ddess was.

After thinking it over, Saleen decided to drop the matter. The G.o.ddess was no fool, and he could not deceive her. Originally, he had wanted to eliminate the Holy See, and then after having a decisive battle with the Lord Glory, the G.o.ddess would be revived. It was good for her to be revived now. He would have to rely on Myers for the decisive battle with the Lord of Glory. He could have some more time for cultivation.

The most important thing was creating a divine persona to enter the Hall of G.o.ds and exchange it for time.

However, would there still be a divine persona in existence?

Saleen directed his gaze towards Holy City. No, that wasn’t it. The Holy City was the place that the Lord of Glory had selected. With the Lord of Glory’s personality, he definitely would not leave his divine persona behind.

The one who was most likely to possess a divine persona was still the Myers G.o.ddess.

Initially, the Myers G.o.ddess’ rank had been high, and she had killed G.o.ds who were stronger than her before. Would he have to demand a divine persona from the Myers G.o.ddess to possess the ability to kill the G.o.ddess?

No matter how much of an idiot the G.o.ddess was, she would not do such a thing.


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