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Read Ball of Nothing Chapter 492 – Smargdas Capital

Ball of Nothing is a Webnovel made by Destiny_aitsuji.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ball of Nothing Chapter 492 – Smargdas Capital

Chapter 492 – Smargdas Capital

Getting to the capital of Smargdas was a chaotic affair and Truen told his companions to stick close to him. Zero fiddled with his adventurer’s ident.i.ty gem on his wrist and Bob wondered how Truen was going to get him inside the city. It would have been better if he reverted into his miniature lizard form to hide in Zero’s shirt but Truen rejected the idea.

“Next!” the city guard called out and it was their turn.

Truen pulled out a letter and the guard’s eyes widened at the stamp and signature. n.o.body messes with Lady Death’s members in Smargdas and while security checks were stricter ever since Duke Connie started introducing a new measure to stop illegal slavery and refugees from entering the capital, Truen easily pa.s.sed when Zero flashed his adventurer’s identification stone that they scanned briefly.

Bob was stopped and Truen cleared his throat. “He’s with me.”

The guards looked unsure but Truen convinced them with a token that Zero had never seen before. Bob heaved a silent sigh of relief when he was allowed to pa.s.s and Zero waited till they were far enough to ask what the token was.

Truen grinned. “Something that King Brice gave Mitchnew when she helped him with his last request. I kept it in your shared inventory so that you can use it if you needed but judging by the situation, we will be having something even better soon.”

Bob raised his brow. “In that case can I have that token once you’ve upgraded your free pa.s.s?”

Truen considered it. “Sure, why not? You can be a hired killer and bring someone else along with you to enter the city as an accomplice if you really want to while Zero and I enjoy the luxuries of being envoys. I thought about introducing you as Zero’s bodyguard and myself as Zero’s a.s.sistant but a hired killer works.”

Bob’s jaw fell. “No! I’m sorry, please take me back as the envoy’s bodyguard. I want to sleep in a nice and comfortable bed with the best rooms. I can forgo gold but I cannot forgo quality food and sleep! It’s the only reason why I can still remain sane after so many reincarnations!”

Truen smirked and Zero laughed. That token was long stored in Zero’s inventory. The archer was only joking but Bob looked genuinely distressed at the thought of getting left out on the good things. The city was a lot livelier and crowded compared to Rocket Mountain. Maybe it was because humans were taller but the atmosphere felt different.

Zero could tell that one shop might feel full of joy and the one right beside just downright tired and lonely. The city was full of contradicting things that Zero felt tired just by being in the middle of all the activity. The only other place with so much activity was La Boutique. He wondered if this was normal for the streets to be so full that people’s shoulders brushed against each other as they walked. Perhaps there was a festival held in the city that he didn’t know about but for now, Zero held his tongue. It was easy to lose Truen in this crowd so the doctor did his best to keep up while holding onto Bob’s hand tightly.

After a long walk, they entered a less crowded small street. Here, people just bought bread from the local baker or looked out of their apartment windows. A few labourers were smoking while they chatted loudly in a corner and Zero followed Truen with Bob close behind to what looked like a clothing and shoe shop.

The shop name looked familiar and it took Zero to realise why. Mitchkin Apparel was clearly the cover name for Mitchnew’s hidden guild. For those who didn’t know better, it could mean anything. However, Zero knew how the name came about. Sekkin and his wife were very much in love and Mitchnew hasn’t forgotten about her husband by the looks of her naming sense even though they’ve been apart for a rather long time.

“Welcome to Mitchkin Apparel!” the store clerk greeted cheerfully. “Are you looking for clothes, shoes or bags? We have some seasonal hats too if you are interested.”

Truen smiled at the familiar girl who eyed the two newcomers, not knowing if they were insiders or regular customers.

“I need loafers fixed for three.”

Zero didn’t get it at first but once the girl led them to the backroom to ‘get loafers fixed’, it clicked in his head that the phrase wasn’t an order but a pa.s.scode to see the real underground guild that Mitchnew owned.

The guild was really hidden underground and had a maze-like structure. Zero wondered how the other neighbours weren’t complaining about it but shrugged it off. The girl left Truen the keys and finally, Zero could ask about the crowd in the city.

“Oh, that was normal. It usually becomes very populated in cities, especially the main road where most of the trading activity takes place. Once we got out of there it was better. Of course, if it was a festival, you wouldn’t be able to move in the main street at all because people would be squeezed together from all corners just to get to the main square. Compared to that craziness, this small alley shop is a lot nicer, don’t you think?”

Zero looked around. Indeed, the old fashioned wood design and earthy colours made Zero feel at ease. It reminded him of Half Moon Village’s interior and was humbler compared to the flashy display in the shop and on the streets. They made themselves home and helped themselves to some of the drinks in the pantry area while they waited for Mitchnew.

The dark elf didn’t disappoint and immediately dashed up to Zero, crushing him in a hug when she arrived. Truen and Bob shunned the doctor and left him to suffer in silence. n.o.body wanted to willingly offend Lady Death and Zero struggled to free himself without hurting Mitchnew. It had been a very long while since he saw Mitchnew in person and her enthusiasm wasn’t lost on him but he was stunned into stillness when he heard her soft sobbing.

“B-big sis?”

Mitchnew sniffed and buried her head in Zero’s neck. They were now about the same height and Zero wrapped his arms awkwardly around her, trying to get the to calm down. What happened?

“I thought that you were not going to make it and I couldn’t go back to see you! I’m so sorry!”

It took Zero a while to understand what she was referring to. For Zero, it had been a while since he was out of his coma but for Mitchnew who was stuck in Smargdas the whole time, it must have been absolutely horrible to hear about the news a day later than the actual situation.

This time, it was Zero’s turn to hug her tightly. “I’m sorry for worrying you but I’m fine now. I won’t die without saying goodbye first and even if I did, I’ll at least tell Enma to pa.s.s everyone a message. You have nothing to be sorry for.”


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