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Chapter 18- The thing that is worse than wetting the bed is…..

On the road back to the tent, Yan Mo gradually began to form a plan. As for whether implementing this plan would kill people or not, he indicated that it had nothing to do with him. He was merely the person pushing the boat along the current, nothing more. Even from the roots, this plan concerning Yuan Zhan and company had a greater benefit than his individual capabilities could obtain.

Arriving back at the tent, Yuan Zhan put down Yan Mo and saw that there wasn’t much Setose Thistle leaves left. Since he also had some matter that he needed to ask Cao Ting about, he went over next door to get a lot of Setose Thistle leaves.

Yan Mo laid down on the bed and partially relaxed, but he still didn’t dare to sleep right away and could only make great efforts to prop himself up.

Yuan Zhan came back, lit a torch, stuck it into the ground, pounded the setose thistle leaves to pieces, and helped Yan Mo deal with his leg injury.

During the process Yan Mo thought about opening his mouth several times, but seeing the other party’s ugly and ferocious expression he held himself back,

Right now was not a good time to open his mouth to play tricks, Yan Mo thought in his mind.

“Give me your hand.”

“Ng?” Yuan Zhan did not understand.

“Didn’t you injure your right leg?”

Yuan Zhan’s face instantly became icey, coldy replying, “That has nothing to do with you.”

Do you think I want to deal with it? Yan Mo lifted his own right leg and carefully laid it down straight. The left leg that was bent was in a good condition. Wiping the cold sweat that came out from pain, he sluggishly asked, “If I can cure my own leg, then I can take a good look at your leg. Don’t you want to have a try? Unless you want to keep having that leg burden you?”

“My leg already grew back fine. The bone has no problems. Master Qiu Shi said that I would feel an ache, it’s because the enemy cursed me.”

“You believe him?”

Yuan Zhan wanted to say that he did not believe him. He wanted to say the reason was because at the time the priest delayed too long to treat him, but his leg really did already grow back properly. Usually there was not a problem, only when using both legs for a long period of time or enduring hard circ.u.mstances would the ache appear. For this reason, he could not publicly complain about the priest, furthermore it wasn’t good to say his malicious remarks.

“I see your right thigh muscle developed similar to your left side. Two legs walking the road but there is not a clear difference, this indicates that your bones did not grow crooked. When you use it for a long time or overload your right leg it will feel an ache. There are a few possibilities. Exactly which one it is, I would need to give you a detailed examination to determine. I only need to know the definite cause of illness to be able to correctly diagnose and treat.”

This short speech, Yuan Zhan did not understand half of it, but he understood the vague meaning.

“You will treat an illness?” Yuan Zhan looked at the youth’s simple and unripe face and wasn’t too convinced. He really did sense that this boy possessed something out of ordinary, so much that he doubted that he was ever Yanshan tribe’s priest’s disciple, rather that he was a follower from a shrine in one of the three cities that secretly ran out.

Only like this would it clearly make sense, why this youth would have a magical hand capable of talents, and why he would know medical herbs and healing methods that even the priest did not know about.

But how old was this child? A 14 year old youth, if they studied special skills with a temple servant, then could surpa.s.s the oldest priest inside the tribe, Qiu Shi?

“Your healing ability is good, it does not mean you can heal others. Your precious Setose Thistle has no effect on me, my leg already grew back. Unless your blood, meat, and bones will vanish any injury or illness and restore it to the original?”

Yan Mo’s mouth twitched. Without the slightest doubt, if he dared to nod his head at the moment, the primitive man right in front of him would definitely immediately pounce on his body to cut his meat and eat to test it.

“Not just limited to Setose Thistle leaves, the things I know is definitely not less than that old man called Qiu Shi. If you don’t believe me you can go ask Master Da He and sister He Tu. Master Da He almost died and was actually saved by me.” In his heart, Yan Mo was utterly dejected.

He was an unrivaled medical expert who was praised as the youngest grandmaster of the world, when did he need to ask a patient to let him examine them? It was everyone else who would cry, shout, kneel, and offer up money in two hands to beg him for help, ok? If he wasn’t worried about the guide….why would he go save that stubborn, cruel, beats him, wants him as a slave, ominous, savage primitive man.

You think that I want to go out of my way to cure you?

“O?” Yuan Zhan appeared as though he didn’t take to heart what he said.

f.u.c.k! What is that expression suppose to mean? I’ve already spoken to this extent and you actually still dare to doubt my medical ability?

You doubt my moral integrity, that’s no problem, but you cannot doubt my medical skill!

In Yuan Zhan’s mind he had a problem. He patted the youth and unexpectedly got up to visit the husband and wife. Regarding the situation of the juvenile saving Da He’s life, he already found out a bit from Cao Ting. But at that time he thought Cao Ting was exaggerating, so he wasn’t really convinced. Now seeing the juvenile pledge in sincerity, he couldn’t help but also think about going to see if the affair was really as the juvenile said. As it happens, he also had some things he needed to ask Da He. Was it appropriate to go so far to disturb that husband and wife’s family at this time, he did not consider this.

Yan Mo lied on the worn out broken pieces of fur that was put together into a bed. His complexion was incomparably gloomy. Since coming here, he had had not pa.s.sed a single day in comfort and happiness.

“I want to give him treatment, he refuses to let me check. Then you cannot blame me.”  Looking at his right hand, it did not respond.

“The sky is already very late, even if he changed his mind, I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I’m really too tired today, if he grudgingly let me check, I’m afraid I’ll diagnose wrong and overlook things.”

“I’m going to sleep, if you have an idea, best to state it now.”

Probably because he took initiative to ask the patient twice today, the guide, up to now still did not give him a punishment for seeing an injury and not saving.

Yan Mo suddenly had a thought: If my right hand was chopped off, then would the guide also disappear with it?

He really wanted to try it, but was also afraid that his right hand would never grow back.

Pity, if this matter happened to someone else’s body than that would have been good. That way he could think of a way to capture that person and run a set of detailed experiments.

For example cut off that person’s right hand, see if it would appear on their left hand. If it appeared, then would also cut off the left hand, see if it would appear on other parts of the body, and so on. He was very curious on where this guidebook exactly came from and what body area.

And also, if this parasitic body part died, then would the guidebook also disappear? Or did the guidebook have a way to let the parasitic part be incapable of death?

Yan Mo really wanted to die once and try it, but he was genuinely afraid that he couldn’t die. At the time, he could only enjoy the pain of death without being able to enjoy the peace and tranquility brought by death. Altogether, he felt that this sc.u.m property compared to the more important Transformation Guide was definitely capable of putting out this kind of super tasteless matter.

If I die right here, not sure whether or not the guidebook would also conclude? He very much wanted to ask the guidebook on this question.

Remembering that he still had two more chances to ask a question, Yan Mo was a bit hesitant. Altogether there was only 3 chances to ask a question, he already used it once, only two tries left. As a person who liked to maximize benefits, he didn’t want to waste his last two chances on something that he could figure out himself.

Mhm, better not to ask. In this absurd primitive society, even if he didn’t make a move, his chances to die are plentiful. At that time, he would figure out if he can actually die or not.

Yan Mo waited a bit more. He was so sleepy,but he didn’t want to sleep like this. He was not feeling well, also did not want others to feel well.

Yuan Zhan finally came back. Arriving back he noticed the juvenile had a guarded and questioning gaze.

Yan Mo looked at the youth. He didn’t keep talking about treating his illness, rather he s.n.a.t.c.hed the moment before the opposite party could open their mouth. In addition, carried an even more pressing matter to the youth.

“I know where to find salt.”

Finished speaking he thoroughly loosened up. This relaxation caused the person to immediately fall into a coma and sleep.

“What did you say?!” A hand covered in calluses swiftly caught him, too bad after shaking him for a long time the person didn’t wake up.

At the beginning Yan Mo was still conscious, but pretending to be asleep really did make him fall asleep. Miserable him, managed to endure the entire day was not easy. This entire day, he was not only forced to do that, also had no choice but to break off his already healed leg to survive. Afterwards also had to drag his injured bleeding leg in order to be on good terms with that old cunning priest and fight a battle of wits. After coming back with difficulty he not only had to treat himself, also had to worry about that stubborn, short tempered b.a.s.t.a.r.d and his recurring illness…

All kinds of torment, he not only did not collapse, could also carry out a sensible a.n.a.lysis and cheat someone right before pa.s.sing out. Was really regarded as a role model with strong willpower, he admired himself right?

“Yan Mo! Get up….” Yuan Zhan saw the juvenile’s miserable appearance and couldn’t shake him anymore. He didn’t think the juvenile was pretending, only really couldn’t sustain anymore.

Forget it, just wait to ask him tomorrow. With a full stomach Yuan Zhan lied down in his own bed, but it was exactly as Yan Mo predicted, the entire night Yuan Zhan did not sleep well.

The next day, Yuan Zhan was up early in the morning roasting meat. It actually caused Yan Mo to greedily wake up in hunger.

After waking up, he felt that he wasn’t in the right head. Conveniently rubbed his b.u.t.t, result…. Tragedy, he unexpectedly leaked all over the bed and didn’t realize.

“Woke up?” Yuan Zhan heard movement from outside and asked.

Yan Mo calmly put down his hand while using a hand to spread out the hay. He lacked experience. Before applying the medicine, he should have cleaned the inside properly first and not just only carelessly rub the surface and conclude the situation. To be ashamed, it was not necessary over here!

Yuan Zhan entered, smelled a stink and moved in closer to look. He immediately ridiculed him,  “How did you get it on the bed? How old are you?”

Yan Mo had a gloomy face.

Yuan Zhan completely did not think it was his problem, also did not think it too dirty. He lifted the juvenile, and even smoothly patted his b.u.t.t, walked outside to clean him.

Outside there were already people moving about, none of the people pa.s.sing by on the road thought their actions were strange. They would also not spare them a second glance.

Having cleaned Yan Mo, he put him besides the water jar. Yuan Zhan entered and tidied up the juvenile’s bedding’s, he rolled it up and threw it at the entrance of the tent.

“This time I managed to exchange for an intact good hide. I’ll enlarge the bed, from now on we will sleep together. Winter is here, it will be warmer with two people pressed up together. All these furs are too worn out. I originally  left them with plans to use them near a fire during the winter.”

Yan Mo said he did not care, but in the end he couldn’t pull his feelings off his face. Pretending to look at his own wound, he lowered his head and refused to acknowledge the youth.

What? Yan Mo looked and was stunned.

His healing speed seemed to have increased.

Before his injury, plus the two days he was unconscious,  to until he was cured, in total took around 7 days. How many days would it take this time?

Yan Mo looked at his wound. According to the extent of the wood and some time conversion, if his guess was correct, he felt that it would probably only take 3-4 days, then he could stand up and walk again.

What is going on? His body….

Yan Mo did not feel joyful, he only felt scared. He even thought that if this body could keep up with the nourishment, then from now on would his healing speed become even faster?

At the time Yuan Zhan turned around, he immediately used the straw rope to tighten the wooden board

How long could he hide this from the youth? Before he could think of a way of controlling this youth, the sooner the other party knows the better.

“Last night you said you knew where to find salt?” Yuan Zhan ripped a piece of the freshly roasted meat and gave it to Yan Mo, his voice pressed down very low.

Yan Mo peeked at that piece of meat, then still picked it up.

“Yan Mo?”

Yan Mo lifted his head and smiled. In a similar low voice he replied, “Beloved Master, did you forget that I’m a Yanshan tribesman?”

T/N:  I’m going to use “juvenile” for Yan Mo and “youth” for Yuan Zhan from now on. I realized I kept calling them both “youths” and it would get confusing after awhile. The author does keeping calling them youths since YM is 14 and YZ is 17.

I feel like I have people at my door with pitchforks and torches since I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m trying QQ This chapter just felt so difficult to me for some reason… Also, I’ve reached the end of my free chapters from the main site. I’ve seen that there’s another site that offers them all for free but all the chapters are a little off and I kind of like the main site. I’ll see how much the chapters cost and if it’s not crazy expensive I’ll stick with it.


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