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Banished-To-Another-World 《异世流放》 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 391: Asking for owns dead end & pa.s.sing the test

Called a child by a child, and let him go home to wash and sleep? What does that mean? Was he laughing at his body smell? MXian’s face was twisted with anger.

“This is a kind of root curse. The medium of curse is in my hands. Are you going to try to grab it by force? Even if you can grab it, you can’t do anything about it!” MXian, in order to make Yan Mo more difficult, has shamelessly blocked the simplest way to break it.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu disdainfully pouted his lips. There are only a few media. Look, my apprentice’s way of removing curses can surprise you to death!

Yan Mo opened his mouth, seemingly surprised. “Gee, how can this be?’

“Why not? You’re a test-taker, and you said you could do it!” MXian is not going to have to show any respect, because their Quipa has long had a feud with The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu.

“Then can you tell me what curse you have on my guard?”  Yan Mo thought that the other party was Wucheng- City of Witches messenger. He did not give him some respect, but also gave Wucheng- City of Witches a little respect, as long as this person would be slightly less aggressive.

But MXian thought Yan Mo was not good at it. Looking at his smiling face, he asked, and when the other party could not get rid of the curse, he immediately laughed and said, “Boy, if you don’t do something again, your warrior will die. First of all, it’s a test for you. You can’t get rid of it. That warrior deserves to die!”

Yan Mo smile faded. Since he was force to it, he didn’t have to respect the man anymore.

Lu Se looked at the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu with a wronged expression, fearing that he might really get the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu’s revenge, and rushed to say, “little priest, listen, there are two tests, your bodyguard is poisoned and cursed, if you can lift it lift it, even if you pa.s.s. If you think you can’t, we’ll immediately lift the curse and poison on the warrior.”

When he thought of MXian, he said with a sneer, “No way! I can’t get rid of it. This is the death spell that I just learned from High Priest Quipa. High Priest Quipa may be able to remove it, but I can’t.”

Now Lu Se was speechless.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu sneered.

Yan Mo looked at MXian without a trace of chilling he was feeling. He could remove Ding Ning’s curse with faith points, but now he decided not to use the simplest method.

MXian smiled at Yan Mo proudly showing his hideous smile. He wished he had cursed the little priest. He hated that he was afraid of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, after all considering that the little priest was probably the disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, and he did not dare to act directly on him, but chose the guard. But he did not keep his hand to the guard. It was one of the most powerful curses he had just learned. The poison was also used by another advanced level. He did not lie before. He could not lift the death spell. Now he wants to see what extent the young boy can do.

The atmosphere here is getting tense.

On the other side, warrior buried in the earth opened his mouth and asked for help. It seemed to the other three warriors that this was the test of force. The Jiu Yuan had pa.s.sed the test, and they no longer stood idly by. Two warriors went over to help the warrior get out of trouble and mocked him in a low jeering voice.

But as soon as the two warriors touched the soil, they found that something was not right. Where was the soil they saw, it was clear that it was a very hard stone. But just as they were about to break the stone, it turned into soft soil in an instant and automatically spit out the warrior.

The three warriors were shocked not by the change of stone into soil, but by the speed and distance of control from them. What kind of fine manipulation is needed to achieve this level?

It’s as simple burning a man by a fireman, but as difficult as letting him be surrounded by a fire at a distance without hurting him at all.

The short and strong warrior who had been standing beside Lu Se was somewhat surprised and grateful.

The amateur watched livelily, the expert watched and had another way of thinking, others may only think this change is magical, but as high-ranking warriors, they only understand how many difficulties there are.

The strong and short warrior nodded to Yuan Zhan slightly. “You are very good, I, Chang-Ge, Wucheng-City of Witches Temple Guardian. Are you the Jiu Yuan the chief?

Yuan Zhan turned to Chang-Ge. After a while, he seemed to see something and nodded to the strong and short warrior. “Jiu Yuan the chief, Yuan Zhan.”

“The Jiu Yuan pa.s.sed the test of strength.” Chang-Ge announced quietly, and then said, “Now look at your priest. Is he really your priest?”

No wonder Chang-Ge doubts that Yan Mo’s face is too kindhearted.

Yuan Zhan’s lip protruded, “Of course.”

While Yuan Zhan and Chan-Ge spoke, Yan Mo was ready.

There’s no way to dance in public. The shame is too high. Yan Mo really doesn’t want to dance in front of others if it’s not necessary.

But after years of verification, this is the best way for him to break and resist any curse. Because he doesn’t know why, his soul power is the most radiant when he dances.

In order to ensure mystery and relieve the curse on Ding Ning, Yan Mo first took out two stone basins and placed them on Ding Ning’s head and foot, then put some symptomatic drugs in them and turned to signal Ding Fei to ignite.

It’s not a necessary process, it’s all about hiding the real power of the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice.

As soon as the drugs in the two firepots were ignited, the blue-purple smoke rose slowly.

As the smoke drifted away, the expressions of most of the people present became somewhat whimsical.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu pulled a couple of long straws into Yan Mo’s hand, and Yan Mo’s expression frozen for a moment, and he took it.

Unfortunately, there is no dry ice, otherwise the smoke effect will be better. Yan Mo sighed, holding long gra.s.s straw, slowly stretching his limbs around Ding Ning in the smoke, singing and dancing.

The song is sung, and the dance is a slow dance.

“The land of Jiu Yuan is sheltered by the ancestors. I Mo who is appointed by heaven to worship ancestors, G.o.ds and spirits. Hear my call, O curse hidden in the soul of Ding Ning.”

What is a curse?

Curse-Witch Zhou Wu said: Curse is based on medicine, environment, climate, the soul of the spell-caster, the power borrowed by the spell-caster, and the psychological implications of the cursed.

Of course, his original words are not the same, but after Yan Mo’s rationalization, it is only understood in this way.

What if you want to break the curse?

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu said: there is not a single way to break a curse, you can only break a curse based on its appearance. But if someone is really aiming at removing a curse, he will first sneak into the soul of the cursed and find the curse spirit. If the curse spirit is not strong, he will attack the evil spirit directly and eliminate it from the root. If the spirit of curse is strong and its resentment is strong, then we must find ways to offset this power.

Yan Mo interprets this curse strength and resentment as a lesion hidden in the human spiritual world.

All he had to do was remove or dissolve the lesion.

No curse medium?

It doesn’t matter. After a while, MXian will regret it. Why does he want to catch the puppet that has stained Ding Ning’s blood?

“Hear my call, curse hidden in the soul of Ding Ning.” In the same way, Yan Mo sang three times.

But that curse spirit is MXian’s most powerful means of cursing. Hearing such a tempting voice, it simply refused to come out.

Good. I hope you don’t regret it!

Yan Mo’s dance steps changed, and the wording of the sacrifices changed. “Hear my call, all the spirits on this mountain.”

Yan Mo dances around Ding Ning’s body, occasionally brushing him with gra.s.s in his hand.

The “bell” – the clear and spirit sound that seems to be the chirp of a temple bell, rings again in Yan Mo’s ear.

Yan Mo’s eyes were half closed, and his mouth naturally uttered an ancient chant different from that of the common language: “Come on, come on, I’m here, let me see you.”

Ding Ning suddenly sat up. No, it should be said that his soul, the human form formed by his spiritual power, sat up.

“DRen!” Ding Ning looked around and watched in surprise as his hand pa.s.sed through his body.

“Ding Ning, tell me your pain.”

“DRen, I…” Ding Ning touched his heart and frowned. “DRen, I feel pain here. It’s like something biting my heart.”

Yan Mo’s body danced suddenly turned faster.

There was laughter in his ear. “Come on, we are coming. We like you. What do you want us to do?”

“Who are you?”  Yan Mo asked without moving his tongue.

“We are the spirit of this mountain and its land.” The unseen light spots gathered around Yan Mo’s body, and the dots seemed to really like him, squeezing them one by one and rubbing them hard.

Yuan Zhan raised his head. He felt that the mountain seemed to be alive all of a sudden. He tried to control the soil, and it became easier.

“Hear my plea, Soul of the Land.” Yan Mo’s old voice sang again.

“We have names. We are the Jiu Yuan Mountain spirit.” The other spirits of the land became more active, and they even began to crowd out with other spirits who heard the call and came to join in the excitement.

Yan Mo’s eyes were half closed, his face was smiling, and his mouth was whispering: “The Jiu Yuan Mountain Spirit, please listen to my plea.”

“Speak fast!”

Yan Mo holds the gra.s.s in his hand and points to Ding Ning’s chest. “Please help me catch the evil spirit hidden in his soul!”

“Three drops of blood, no, just one drop. We’re the Jiu Yuan Mountain. We protect you. We don’t want a lot from you.” The spirit of the Jiu Yuan Mountain slapped and kicked all the other spirits, and vowed to pursue xenophobia to the end.

“Agree!” Yan Mo pierced his fingertips and dripped a blood drop.

The Jiu Yuan mountain spirits cheered and rushed up to the drop of blood.

Then, the spirits of the Jiu Yuan Mountain, which had been claimed the benefit, immediately swarm into Ding Ning chest.

Ding Ning looked admiringly at their Priest DRen dancing around him, singing ancient incantations that he could not understand. He was not aware of the motions of his chest at all.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Ding Ning covered his chest with one hand and seemed to feel pain.

The invisible spots of light come out from Ding Ning’s chest. Many spots of light come back out of his body and pulled a black mist out of Ding Ning’s chest.

The dark mist struggled to form a face full of bitterness.

On the other hand, MXian seemed to feel a little bit of a sense of attachment, and then he threw a lot of odd things around him, and then he grabbed the slave and thrust something into his mouth.

The slave soon screamed and rolled on the ground, but after a few laps he stopped moving.

MXian turned a blind eye, and his body began to shake and twist again and he spoke weird words.

Other Wucheng-City of Witches seem to take it for granted, with Chang-Ge only frowning slightly.

The Jiu Yuan people cussed one after another: What a poisonous and cruel heart!

At the same time, they secretly encouraged their Priest DRen: DRen, kill the cruel jackal dog!

Yan Mo did not look across the faces. He was looking at the fierce hideous black mist

The black mist suddenly became bigger.

“Got it out, got it out!” the Jiu Yuan Mountain Spirit cheered and jumped, seemingly ignoring the change of the black mist, and flew quickly to Yan Mo with the black fog to offer the treasure.

Yan Mo dances back to Ding Ning’s head and whispered low to Ding Ning: “Go back.”

Ding Ning was obedient. “Yes.”

But he didn’t know how to get back until Yan Mo gently pushed him back with his hand.

Ding Ning’s soul and body merged into one, and soon his eyelids began to shake.

“Do you want it?”  The Jiu Yuan Mountain Spirit asked Yan Mo happily, ravaging the dark mist.

Yan Mo laughed and his arms swing slightly. He wants to stop dancing, but when he stops, he will break off his connection with the souls. How many bullying fathers there are!

“Do you want to eat it?”

The Jiu Yuan Mountain Spirits were happy together. “Can we eat it? Eat, eat!”

“Eat it then.” Yan Mo laughed softly.

In other people’s eyes, they only saw the dancing of the teenager priest in the purple and green smoke. It was not because of the smoke, or because of what was protecting him. They could not see clearly the dancing steps, but they could see him dancing, but when they looked all the way down, they would find that they did not remember his movements at all.

They also heard the strange voice in their souls, and the old chant of the young priest’s mouth.

The Jiu Yuan people has seen it many times. Except Yuan Zhan and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, all the others knelt piously on one knee, and silently recites Priest DRen’s name in their mouth. Everyone in the Jiu Yuan believes that Yan Mo’s name can ward off evil spirits and bring happiness and luck to themselves.

The people of Wucheng- City of Witches were all stunned with astonishment. They had seen the Witches of other savages tribes offering G.o.ds or some witchcraft, but they had never seen such a beautiful Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, Lu Se face and eyes were full of envy and jealousy. “The Curse Witch Zhou Wu actually pa.s.sed the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice on to him, too.”

Chang-Ge just thought it was beautiful and pleasant. He looked at busy MXian distractedly and asked Lu Se in a low voice, “Has the little priest broken MXian’s curse?”

Lu Se looked at the two men in a complicated way. “I never knew the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice could break the curse, but look at MXian’s servant, maybe… Broken!”

Change happens at this moment!

“Eat it!” Eat it!” the spirits of the Jiu Yuan Mountain was allowed by Yan Mo. They do not taste so much. The blood of the priest, who is called Mo DRen, can be used to communicate with them. The ugly black ugly person is full of energy though it’s bizarre and tastes strange, but they are also acceptable to feeding on it.

The dark mist watched in horror as a ma.s.s of lights rushed towards it, struggling to escape back to MXian, but they gripped it tightly.

Fortunately, MXian curse had an outside help. His puppet hiding there was also there. He got outside strength and really struggled for it then it fled to MXian.

“It’s going to run, catch it!” The light spirit chased it together.

The black mist drifted into the puppet and the light rushed in.

MXian felt that he was not able to control the curse and wanted to intensify his efforts. It was so painful that he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed blood on the puppet.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah!” MXian screamed bitterly as soon as he had sprayed blood.

His puppet burst and MXian fell dead with his heart.

Death Curse, MXian can curse others, the curse went back to eat the cursing witch who sent it, MXian was cursed to death by himself for the first time.

Curse-Witch Zhou Wu laughed: Curses are so cruel that people who are not cruel enough should not play with curses.

Meanwhile, Yan Mo’s Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice ended.

He expressed his grat.i.tude to the spirit of the Jiu Yuan Mountain in his last round.

The spirit of the Jiu Yuan mountain only felt that today’s game was very interesting, and they circled around Yan Mo for several times, and after this they reluctantly dispersed.

Ding Ning, lying on the ground, opened his eyes and sat up from the ground.

“Brother!” Ding Fei rushed over in tears and hugged his brother.

Yan Mo looked up at the opposite Wucheng- City of Witches messenger. He did not look at MXian, because he knew what the end of MXian would be like, “DRen, messengers, has the Jiu Yuan pa.s.sed now?”

What’s more, pa.s.s the customs? Lu Se rose from the ground with a bitter face. He had just confirmed that MXian was too dead to die any more. The blood he spewed out afterwards carried black guts.

The four warriors looked calm.

Finally, the strong and short warrior Chang-Ge said, “when are you going to go with us? At the latest, it can’t exceed tomorrow night, and it can only take ten people with it at most.”


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