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Chapter 412

Banished To Another World Chapter 412: Mo stepping on the blade


    At this point, Quipa and others could not continue to force Yan Mo, but instead asked to discuss the issue of the Nine Cities challenge party for a few days .

    There is no controversy about this . Although Quipa has cooperated with other upper cities, but if someone has the opportunity to pull Wucheng- City of Witches from the first position, he will not be polite, but the more powerful the alliance, the more powerful the sickle .

    Grand Witch Xiang is in a coma . In order to protect Grand Witch Xiang, Fei Shan will definitely not take things casually, so that the strength of Wucheng- City of Witches will be compromised by half . And the unpredictable The Jiu Yuan’s little priest is also in the punishment, if he can’t take the test, how is the Jiu Yuan going to do the witchcraft and herb refining?

    The vested interests are in front of you . Many of the priests in the city are alive . After everyone has made a big noise, it is decided that regardless of whether Grand Witch Xiang can wake up tomorrow, The Nine Cities challenge party must be go on tomorrow .

    Yan Mo has not interrupted whether the Nine Cities challenge party is postponed or not .

    No one knows how much pressure is on him, since he promised to save Grand Witch Xiang, and one of the things that the Bone Sculpting people Red-Horn Nita has asked him to do is kill Grand Witch Xiang or let the other party stop making predictions .

    The Enslavement Bone has not been removed, and once Nita knows that he went against his plans, he is afraid that he is going to suffer again . But he can’t help but wake Grand Witch Xiang, but he is one of the protectors of his high-profile and implementation plan .

    It’s hard to do everything . He and The Jiu Yuan are now walking on the edge of the blade . He’s made countless variables . In the end, he didn’t expect this Wucheng- City of Witches trip to have two such big variables . The first is Nita appearance, the second is Grand Witch Xiang ending up in a coma .

    I hope that the Red-Horn Nita can give him a chance to explain .

    After leaving the main shrine, Yu-Jia took a quick step and whispered Quipa: “DRen, if that little priest can really wake Grand Witch Xiang . . . “

    Quipa raised his hand and gestured to him not to talk too much, then turned to call BHee and try to see how to separate them .

    BHee frowned, he didn’t want to stir up the power disputes in the temple, but he can’t stay out of it now .

    Huocheng-Fire City High Priest and others each left, they have other things to arrange .


    The Kongcheng-Air City’s High Priest, separated from the crowd, she tried to do a sneak peek into the surrounding ground .

    “Hey!” A small bone mouse quickly digs into the soil and stayed silent into the soil .

    “Chen Lao?” Her guardian went close to her .

    Chen Lao opened her mouth and exposed the dark, sharp teeth in the mouth . She was laughing, but the expression looked like she was eating people, and at the same time she was spitting out a language that others could not understand .


    Her guardian’s face turned pale and she seemed to be quite afraid of the old woman .

    Chen Lao is an extremely thin old woman with a complex and mysterious tattoo pattern on her face, and with a sharp, dark tooth . Her smile is very impressive .

    The Ding Yue’s Witch Zhe Li suddenly trembled, and a cold feeling rose from his heart .

    Zhe Li looked up .

    Shu Yi stood still, “Witch?”

    Zhe Li felt restless, just as if there is something very bad and very dangerous about to happen .

    Someone looked over and Zhe Li suddenly stepped up and Shu Yi frowned and quickly caught up .

    After seeing nothing around, Chen Lao whispered something in her mouth and took the guardian .

    Quipa’s eyes have been paying attention to the two people, and they are not in a good mood . They immediately looked at Yu-Jia, Yu-Jia will know, and he will chase Zhe Li and Shu Yi .

    Quipa came to BHee, who wanted to leave and forced him to stay . “BHee, what is the situation with Grand Witch Xiang DRen?”

    BHee licked his lower lip . “I told you last night that Grand Witch Xiang DRen is not sick or injured . He just reached to the time of returning to the mother G.o.d . “

    Quipa has doubts in his eyes . “The little priest said it different from what you said . “

    BHee squinted . “The Healing Priests’ abilities are also different . He can use the power of G.o.d and use the Fruit of Witchcraft . I can’t . “

    Quipa heard the words, his face a dark smile, and surely no witch can withstand the temptation of the Fruit of Witchcraft, even the honest BHee is not jealous of the little priest?

    “BHee, you just heard what the little priest said . The kid is sly as the prairie fox . If Grand Witch Xiang can wake up tomorrow, he will definitely make an excuse to say that he has handed the Fruit of Witchcraft to Grand Witch Xiang, and Grand Witch Xiang most likely will also agree with it . After all, he used the war soul to swear to protect him . “

    Quipa observed BHee’s expression and deliberately sighed . “But if the kid continues to retain the Fruit of Witchcraft, he will only get stronger and stronger, and keep on borrowing the power of the Fruit of Witchcraft, he will definitely become the next greatest Healing Priest, and Grand Witch Xiang is old, the kid is a disciple of The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, do you not think that the Grand Witch Xiang will pa.s.s the position of the First Priest to the kid?”

    BHee’s face is stiff . “So what?”

    Quipa sighed, “It’s not like it, it is just like how everyone likes to compare between the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and I . After the treatment of the First Priest, who will remember the other priest who is good at treatment?”

    BHee was silent for a while, looking up, “Quipa DRen, tomorrow The Nine Cities challenge party will start again . If Grand Witch Xiang DRen is still unconscious, it will not be good for our Wucheng- City of Witches . ”


    “I know that, and if the little priest has a way to save Grand Witch Xiang, it would be best . ” Quipa smiled . “I also hope that Grand Witch Xiang can survive the Nine Cities challenge party . “

    Wucheng- City of Witches Tenth Priest Yu-Jia rushed to ask BHee heard the key point of Quipa, and once again he whispered and said: “Quipa DRen, if you want me to do something, have you considered the price?”

    Quipa went closer to BHee, and his voice is extremely low . “If I can get the Fruit of Witchcraft, all the treatments that the little priest can borrow from the Fruit of Witchcraft can be pa.s.sed on to you, only you . “

    BHee crossed his hands and bowed his head and thought about it .

    Quipa saw that he had not left in the same place, he knew that things had been successful, but his face was not revealed at all, but he added a chip: “I can swear by the soul . “

    For a long time, BHee lips swayed: “What do you want me to do? I will say this first, Grand Witch Xiang DRen can’t have anything happening to him right now, at least not in the short term . In addition, Fei Shan he . . . “

    Quipa interrupted him . “Rea.s.sured, I have the same idea as you, and I want you to do things very simple . I will never let Fei Shan notice them . In front of Fei Shan, I and other priests have been refused to approach Grand . Witch Xiang, but you are different, you just have to . . . “

    BHee’s eyes drifted . Suddenly, he decided to look at the ground side of Quipa . He suspected that he had seen something, but when he looked closely, he found that the ground was flat and nothing was there .

    Quipa finished, noticed his look, and asked casually: “What is wrong?”

    BHee shook his head . “Nothing . “

    Quipa was suspicious and looked down at him . The shadow under his feet moved .

    Under the ground, a small white bone mouse quickly tunneled the cave with its four with small claws, and then stood still .

    In the main shrine, Yan Mo was playing a doctor .

    “Grand Witch Xiang’s physical condition is very abnormal, he will not be so fat because of eating only will he?”

    Fei Shan did not answer immediately .

    The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu cleared himself . “I didn’t curse him . Although I said this, it was not a real curse . “

    Fei Shan certainly knows that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu did not curse Grand Witch Xiang .

    Yan Mo said seriously: “I need to know the real reason why his body became into such a state, otherwise it would only be a moment of loss to wake him up . “

    The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is still hesitating and he looked at Fei Shan . He smiled at the moment and said: “You can’t say that you can guess, isn’t it because of the prophecy of Grand Witch Xiang? Everything has to pay a price, I only curse a few people . I will cause my life span to shorten, not to mention prophesying . “

    Fei Shan finally nodded . “Yes, Grand Witch Xiang will be punished by G.o.d every time he predicts . This punishment is to keep his body growing, even if he doesn’t eat or drink, and every punishment is aggravated . “

    Good! This is what I want . Yan Mo was uplifted and not exposed . He really wants to make Grand Witch Xiang completely heal, but not now .

    “I have a way to wake up Grand Witch Xiang DRen, but it can only wake him up, and after waking up, Grand Witch Xiang DRen can no longer prophesy, otherwise . . . “

    Suddenly! The spirit of Yan Mo was shocked violently, which is why the bone rat feels something it intuitive was dangerous enough to contact him .

    Yan Mo immediately shut up and turned to look at what the bone mouse had encountered . He released the bone mouse to follow and in the investigation of The High Priest in Kongcheng-Air City, but when he contacted the bone mouse, he saw and heard something that was both unexpected and startling .

    Yuan Zhan three people saw Yan Mo suddenly going quite, they were thinking that he was thinking about how to treat Grand Witch Xiang, did not dare to bother him .

    A few minutes later, Yan Mo opened his eyes and a cold flash of his eyes flashed . “Fei Shan DRen, how many credible people do you trust to be around the Grand Witch Xiang DRen?”

    Fei Shan didn’t understand how Yan Mo would suddenly ask this question, but he still replied: “As long as it is the person in this main temple, there is no problem . “

    “Well, from now on, except for the four of us, no one else should get close to Grand Witch Xiang DRen, even if he is a Healing Priest . ” Yan Mo said here again and emphasized to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, “Shifu, from now on until tomorrow, please stay with Grand Witch Xiang DRen . It is best not to leave him alone, not even for a while . “

    The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu sneered on his face and smiled . “You are watching out for Quipa? Well, too, the curses made by that bastrd are a bit worse than me . “

    Yan Mo felt that he had reminded him of the reminder he had, but the uneasiness in his heart still did not disappear . What else did he ignore?

    When Yan Mo didn’t go anywhere, he let Shifu and Yuan Zhan help him formulate the key drugs to dispel The Enslavement Bone in the main shrine . Of course, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Yuan Zhan don’t know what medicine they are configuring . They only think that Yan Mo is trying to make a soaked bone in advance for the weapon .

    That night, Yan Mo once again fell into a dreamlike dream, the Red-Horn Nita really came to the door again, and asked him: “I told you kill Grand Witch Xiang, why are you trying to save him?”


    Yan Mo learned two things through this sentence . First, The Enslavement Bone can establish a spiritual connection . Second, someone around him was monitoring him .

    Nita sneered . “It seems that you really want to try the punishment . “

    “Wait!” Yan Mo quickly organized his excuse: “If you have sent someone to monitor me, then you should know that I couldn’t refuse at the time, but I have no guarantee that I will wake Grand Witch Xiang . ”

    “Cleverness! You clearly told Fei Shan that you have a way to save Grand Witch Xiang!”

    Yan Mo’s face changed . “You have people in Wucheng- City of Witches main temple?”

    Nita said proudly: “That’s not what you should know . You just need to know that you can’t stop me from doing anything . “

    Yan Mo’s face was wronged and angry . “If you know everything, then you should know that I also told Fei Shan that Grand Witch Xiang is awake and can no longer use prophecy .  I, I have tried hard to follow your instructions to do it . “

    “If not, do you think you still have an opportunity to explain?” Nita taunted and ordered: “Then you better pretend to fail, I don’t want to see Grand Witch Xiang wake up again . “


    “No?” Nita seems to have done something .

    “Ah ah ah I, I can do what you told me!” He felt as if his brain was being plugged with needled and being stirred around .

    Nita suddenly asked: “You got the Fruit of Witchcraft?”

    Yan Mo’s thoughts turned around, and the mouth whispered and angrily shouted: “Why does everyone think I have the Fruit of Witchcraft! If I owned the Fruit of Witchcraft, will I still fall into the shackles of your slavery?”

    “Hey, the Fruit of Witchcraft, that’s only liked by you Hornless people, and the tribes that used to get the Fruit of Witchcraft have a bad endings . We were . . . ” Nita shut up and said, “You are? What is the matter of G.o.d’s punishment? When can you recover?”

    The brain was still throbbing with pain, and Yan Mo said: “I don’t know, it depends on G.o.d’s will . “

    Nita’s black shadow circled around Yan Mo . “I fell in love with you . You can use the power of G.o.d to upgrade the warrior and you better give me the method and training method of your sacrifice . “

    Yan Mo reply was said in anger . “The method of offering sacrifice to G.o.ds can’t be pa.s.sed on to other people . G.o.d gave me a ban on that . It’s not that I don’t want to say it, but I can’t say it at all . If I have the idea of ​​pa.s.sing the law of worship to others . I will immediately forget how to sacrifice to the G.o.ds . “

    “What about the training method?”

    ” . . . You want me to pa.s.s it to you now?”

    “What, you don’t want to? Are you . . . “

    “I am willing, don’t punish me . ” The boy’s face showed a look of fear .

    Nita was satisfied, “Get started now, hurry!”

    Yan Mo didn’t sharpen it, and quickly explained the primary training method quickly .

    Zan-Bu, I learned the Sculpt Inheritance of your Bone Sculpting people . Now I will give it back to you with more precious primary training method . I will not owe you any more in the future!

    Nita is still afraid of his falsification, and threatened him while he remembers . “This is better be useful if it is useless . . . “

    “I only know that it is useful for the Hornless people . I don’t know if you have any use for The Bone Sculpting people . “

    One teaches and learns, and in the middle of the night, Nita once again warned Yan Mo: “You better do a good job for me, if you do well, I will give you the honor of serving the Bone Sculpting people in the future . You Jiu Yuan can also be an affiliated slave city . Do it, otherwise . . .  you know the result!”

    Yan Mo bit his lip .


    Nita thought that the child was completely scared . “You can’t move . I can’t do anything that need you to walk . I should have punished you and let you know the end of my command, but your warrior training method is a bit interesting . This time, you can’t do anything . But you can’t do anything behind them . Isn’t your warrior more than 9th rank? Then let your warrior kill him, Fei Shan must die! I want to see the result in two days . !”

    ” . . . Yes . ” Two days is enough!


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