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Read Bank Of The Universe Chapter 437 – Three Streaks Of True Fire!

Bank Of The Universe is a web novel completed by Girl Wears Short Skirt, 女孩穿短裙.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Bank Of The Universe Chapter 437 – Three Streaks Of True Fire!

Chapter 437: Three Streaks Of True Fire!

Four thick and huge demon G.o.d pillars stood tall on the Bank of the Universe’s square.

These four pillars reached up into the sky and stabbed straight into the clouds. They were even taller than the four mountains that Li Xiandao unsealed.

It was the tallest thing here now.

Li Xiandao looked at the four demon G.o.d pillars and felt a little helpless.

Only Seven stood behind him.

“Are these the demon G.o.d pillars?” Seven walked up and knocked her hands on it, giving out a thud.

No matter how one looked at it, it was just a pillar that was made of stone.

But Li Xiandao tried and no matter what he did, he was unable to open it up.

This was tough.

He couldn’t slice it open, so he couldn’t take out the treasures that were hidden within.

108 demon G.o.d pillars spent a lot of h.e.l.l’s resources to create.

This was h.e.l.l, a top world that competed with the Celestial World.

It wasn’t like worlds like the Nine Skies and Ten Lands that were being abandoned.

This was why the energy contained within one pillar was huge.

If Li Xiandao opened one up, he dared to say that he could use them to break through to Celestial Realm in a short time.

So tempting!

But unfortunately, Li Xiandao couldn’t open it up.

The demon G.o.d pillars contained the treasures of h.e.l.l and with similar reasoning, they were created by experts.

How could Li Xiandao, who wasn’t even top of the Nine Skies and Ten Lands, open up the demon G.o.d pillars crafted in h.e.l.l?

So Li Xiandao was really sad.

All that joy for nothing in the end.

He thought that he could get unlimited resources but now it seemed like it was just a dream.

“Are you sad?” Seven looked at his expression and asked.

“No, I am just a little depressed. The demon G.o.d pillars are real and so are the treasures. They are right in front of me but I’m not even able to take them out.” Li Xiandao was depressed.

“Since you aren’t able to, then why don’t you ask that demon from h.e.l.l.” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

His eyes lit up and he nodded, “You are right, let me ask the demon.”

In Great Sky, the demon and Zhong Zi Qi shared one body to search for other demon G.o.d pillars.

But during this period of time, they found no news at all.

They ran to many places and asked many locals but they didn’t gain anything.

“How?” Another night of nothing. Zhong Zi Qi asked the demon.

The demon controlled the body. He laid on a bed and sighed, “What plan can I even come up with? Let’s just continue searching.”

“Has Master collected those four demon G.o.d pillars?” Zhong Zi Qi said with antic.i.p.ation.

“Probably not as there are many true dragons on Dragon Island.” The demon said decisively.

“That’s good, Master will pay attention to those four pillars.” Zhong Zi Qi felt fortunate.

“To think that a h.e.l.l demon like me with millions of girls worshipping me, enemies who shiver when they see me, women whose legs go soft because of me, how could I end up like this?” The demon sighed and looked at the moon. Tears were streaming down his face as he spoke with sadness and frustration, “The heavens are jealous of me!”

Zhong Zi Qi, “…”

“Demon, how do I open the demon G.o.d pillars?” At that moment, Li Xiandao’s voice spread over. Only the two of them could hear it.

The demon, who was just saying that the heavens were jealous of him, became quiet. He said hurriedly, “Master, why are you asking that? You need to get the demon G.o.d pillars from Dragon Island first before asking that.”

“Master, the demon is right. You must get those demon G.o.d pillars first before thinking about this. Anyway, we still have time. We can take decades. Even 100 years is normal.” Zhong Zi Qi said.

The demon raised a thumb towards Zhong Zi Qi’s soul and expressed his respect.

If Li Xiandao used a few decades to get the demon G.o.d pillars, they would have more time to search for the others.

“I have already gotten the demon G.o.d pillars.” But Li Xiandao’s words shattered their beautiful dreams.

The demon was stunned as he looked at Zhong Zi Qi who was staring right back at him.

They blinked, their eyes filled with shock.

How did he get it?

“Master, not anyone can head to Dragon Island. The chiefs there are really strong and overbearing. You got the four demon G.o.d pillars?” The demon asked.

He would rather believe that Master was joking with him.

Li Xiandao said, “I felt like it was quite simple. The chiefs aren’t as bad as you said. Apart from the Fire Dragon Chief, the rest were nice.”

The demon and Zhong Zi Qi looked at one another.

Those hot tempered and proud dragons were nice?

Or was it because Li Xiandao was too terrifying and scared them?

Li Xiandao continued, “When Blood Dragon was getting the demon G.o.d pillars as they were too huge, he found it really hard. The seven chiefs all helped to take the four demon G.o.d pillars out to give to us.”

The demon and Zhong Zi Qi’s heart became totally cold.

Their plan ended up in failure before it even started.

The cruel reality pressed down on their minds.

“Master, why did you contact us?” The demon asked helplessly.

“Although we got the demon G.o.d pillars back, they are too hard. I can’t open them. What ways do you have to open up the demon G.o.d pillars?” Li Xiandao asked.

The demon raised his head. At that moment, he saw hope.

Light at the end of the tunnel!

The demon G.o.d pillars couldn’t be opened.

The demon recalled that the demon G.o.d pillars were built in h.e.l.l. They did so to form a formation to seal them off from the Celestial World.

In the Nine Skies and Ten Lands, who could open it?

No one!

To open up the demon G.o.d pillars based on one’s own strength, that was impossible.

One had to rely on other ways.

The demon knew about that.

He saw hope that could help delay time.

“Master, it is expected that you can’t open it. Even if I go back I won’t be able to either.” The demon replied excitedly.

“I am asking you, what way do you have to open it up?” Li Xiandao said calmly.

“Based on the strength of the demon G.o.d pillars, no one in Nine Skies and Ten Lands can.” The demon said.

Li Xiandao frowned and asked, “There is no way at all?”

“Of course there is, but it is tough.” The demon replied.

“What?” Li Xiandao asked.

“Has master heard of the three streaks of true flames?” The demon asked.

“I have.” Li Xiandao thought back to a little baby that was naked and wearing a small piece of cloth.

“But I don’t know the exact content. Please enlighten me.” Li Xiandao asked calmly.

“Three streaks of true flames are basically three rare flames merged together to form one.” The demon showed off his knowledge.

“They can burn the demon G.o.d pillars open?” Li Xiandao asked.

“If Master collects enough of them, you can do so quickly. If it is to slow or you don’t have any, then you won’t be able to open it up.” The demon acted like he cared but deep down he was really happy.

As long as Li Xiandao gave up towards the demon G.o.d pillars, he wouldn’t need to find the others. The demon felt like this was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


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