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Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – Turning Point at Jinyang – Part 3

Xu Da staggered toward Lu Bu with his hand holding onto his injury . The arrowhead and the arrow shaft was still stuck into his right eye . Blood and transparent substances dripped down from the eye socket .

The nerve within the injured eye sent out the danger signal toward his brain along with the unimaginable pain sensation .

The dizziness from the pain almost made Xu Da fainted . However, the anger and hatred toward Lu Bu for conning him exceeded the pain . Xu Da’s left eye stayed glue to the culprit while he was thinking how he was going to deal with this man .

The remaining soldiers caught up with their boss and pointed their spears at Lu Bu’s neck .

Lu Bu gazed toward the nothingness with hollow eyes . His nose was bleeding from the ruptured blood vessels which were caused by the stress and anxieties .

“Lu Fengxian! Look at me!”

Lu Bu raised his head to look at Xu Da in slow motion .

This was the second time that Lu Bu fell under his control . If Xu Da could use the skill on him 4 more times, Lu Bu would be permanently enslaved by him .

‘I need to control him for 4 more days . For now, I’ll have him killing his own father like the history . ‘

Xu Da swallowed his anger for a greater cause . He gave Lu Bu an order .

“Go and kill your father . The rest of the soldiers, go and help him!”

8 . 15 AM .

Li Feihong, Zhang Liao, and Lu Bu’s 20,000 Heavy Cavalries were watching the event unfolded from the private world of Li Feihong .

After the meeting yesterday, Li Feihong also invited Zhang Liao and his entire platoons here to avoid the confrontation with Xu Da and his men . He did not want Zhang Liao to become a slave for the unknown otherworlder .

“As expected, he has a mind-controlling skill . ” Li Feihong exclaimed .

“What’s next, Feihong? Fengxian will turn into his puppet at this rate!”

Zhang Liao watched the monitor with worries . He wanted to help his boss right away, but he was powerless against the ability of Xu Da .

“It’s ok . From my calculation, the effect should last between 40 minutes to one hour at the maximum . If we can drag this on and prevent our Lord from harming anyone, he should come back to his sense later and deal with that man . “

“Are you certain about this?”

With a bitter smile on his face, Li Feihong replied .

“No . We are likely to fail… if we are handling this alone . “

There was another monitor at the side of the central screen . In the mini monitor, Tong lied down in a position on the top of the government building without anyone knowing he was there . A black M16 rifle with a scope was set in place . The sniper was standing by for action .

Yesterday, Feihong hatched a plan after he invited Lu Bu into this world in order to have a thorough talk with him .

Li Feihong narrated his abilities and the usage of this world . The time flow here was much faster than the outside world . They could spend a month here, yet the time on the outside world would only pa.s.s for one day!

He had exploited this time differences to breed Xiangnu warhorses and grew crops, after which he gave his resources to the army in secrets .

And the second ability of this realm, which astonished Lu Bu the most, was the monitors that could display the events on the outside world .

Li Feihong was able to see anything in the radius of one kilometer from the last gate that he had opened . He could also open an exit gate form this world to any place in the monitors .

In other words, he could use this world as a medium to teleport to any place in the range of one kilometer!

It took Lu Bu one hour to comprehend what he got himself into .

After they tuned up their brainwave with each other, Lu Bu told him about Xu Da and his unusual abilities which aroused the suspicion of Li Feihong . He believed that Xu Da had a high probability of being another reincarnator .

Furthermore, the mind-controlling sorcery that Lu Bu described was a troublesome ability . As long as Xu Da were to have eye contact with anyone, the person’s fate would be sealed .

Li Feihong thought that he might not be able to handle this alone . He sent a message to Tong via the Clan Chat .

“There’s another reincarnator in Jinyang City . He’s siding with Dong Zhuo!”

It was a simple message that made Tong s.h.i.+vering in anxiety . Tong demanded that he wanted to meet Li Feihong right away, which Feihong opened the gate and invited Tong inside .

Tong accepted Feihong’s invitation and crossed the gate . Lu Bu was gobsmacked once again after he saw that Tong had appeared in this realm as well .

With the three together, a plan to deal with Xu Da and Dong Zhuo’s men had been cooked .

Li Feihong watched the monitor while he clenched on the Glock pistol that Tong had given him . He had a full magazine of 15 bullets, which was more than enough to complete his job .

The plan was simple . Lu Bu would have to become the bait to draw Xu Da’s attention and his troops away .

Meanwhile, Li Feihong would find a chance to open a gate in secret without getting caught by Xu Da’s sight . Then, all he had to do was to shoot Xu Da to death .

Once the task was done, Feihong would have to retreat back into the gate while Zhang Liao and his men would have to stand guard at the entrance in the case if a breach were to happen .

Now, the chance arrived .

‘Gate, open!’

Feihong gave the command to the private realm, and the round gate expanded behind Xu Da .

The clueless one eye man staggered forward to follow after the soldiers and Lu Bu . He was so dizzy that he could collapse at any moment .

Li Feihong extended his arm and pointed the muzzle at the head of Xu Da .





Three bullets pierced through the skull of Xu Da, whose vision went black in an instant .

Zhang Liao and the soldiers who were watching the scene were stunned . It was their first time that they saw someone using a gun .

However, Li Feihong did not stop .




. . .




Feihong emptied the clip . All of the bullets went through Xu Da’s brain from the back .

There was a reason behind his excessive action . Yesterday, Lu Bu had told him that he cut Xu Da’s head off, but he was still alive . He suspected that Xu Da had a regenerative ability or a skill that made him into an undead .

With this logic in mind, Li Feihong made sure that the brain of Xu Da had to be thoroughly destroyed .

“Ha… Ha-ha… HAHAHA! I DID IT!”

The cowardly Feihong laughed in hysteria . It was the first time that he achieved something to be proud of .

‘With this, Lu Bu should come back to his… sense?’

Li Feihong stared at the corpse in a daze . The brain pieces that were pushed out from the bullet holes and the blood crept back to the dead body . It started out slow, but the meat-paste crept back to the original body faster and faster for each second pa.s.sed .

His right eye that was destroyed by Lu Bu’s arrow also repaired itself . The arrowhead was ejected from the eye socket and rolled on the floor .

It was as if a rewind b.u.t.ton had been pressed, and Li Feihong was watching a movie backward .

“Feihong! Get back inside the gate!”

Zhang Liao shouted in a panic . He, too, could not believe what he was witnessing .

Li Feihong did not move . He could not move . His legs were trembling to the point that they barely stood .

Saw that the coward strategist could not come back to his sense, Zhang Liao exited the gate . He grabbed Feihong by his neck and dragged him back inside before Xu Da completed his resurrection .

After dragging Li Feihong into the portal, the gate slowly closed itself and disappeared into nothingness .

The a.s.sumed dead body of Xu Da crawled forward . It raised its body up from its elbows and knees, then he stood up .

The face of Xu Da twisted in frustration, anger, and resentment . With just two days, he died twice and lost 15,000 lifespans as a cost for his self-resurrection .



Name: Xu Da

Age: 17

Lifespan: 20,642 Years

Shopping Pa.s.s: 0

[Eyes of Domination] LV . 5

– Targets will follow the command of the host once for one hour .

– If the target has been under this skill for more than 6 times, the effect will be permanent .

Skill Cost: 100 Lifespan

Skill Restriction:

– Can only apply to all targets that look into the eyes of the host .

– Can only be effective on the targets once a day .

[Self-Resurrection] Cannot be leveled up .

– Resurrect yourself upon death .

Skill Cost: 20,000 lifespan

Skill Restriction:

– Can only be used once a year .

– Skill Cost doubles for each use .

[Blessing of Spirits] LV 2

– Attach a random magic attribute to a weapon or a target .

– Increase all attributes of the target .

Skill Cost: 1 Lifespan

Skill Restriction:

– 10 Minutes cooldown per one usage .

– The strength of this skill determined by the skill level .


In just a couple of days, his initial lifespan dropped from 36,142 to 20,642, which was devastated to Xu Da . The 500 lifespan spent on the [Eyes of Domination] was worth it, but the resurrection skill was painful .

His [Self-Resurrection] also increased the cost from 5,000 lifespans to 10,000, and then 20,000 from the two death he suffered from the hands of Lu Bu and Li Feihong .

With his remaining lifespan, he could resurrect himself one more time . However, it was too expensive as it cost 20,000 lifespans if he died again .


Xu Da turned around to look around him . He could not find anyone but the soldiers that he was controlling .


Xu Da screamed . His blood vessels in his throat raptured from hypertension . Blood dripped down from his nose and the corner of his mouth . Xu Da coughed out the blood that got into his lung .

After the serious choke, he glared at the soulless Lu Bu and the soldiers with anger .

‘If it wasn’t for this stupid job, I wouldn’t suffer like this! It was Li Ru’s fault!’

Without a venting solution, he blamed this incident to Li Ru, his boss, instead of trying to solve the crisis at hands .

Because of the sudden ambush and the venting, he wasted 15 minutes, struggling to march his men and Lu Bu to the government hall .

The effect of the mind-controlling skill had 45 minutes remaining . Xu Da hurried forward .

Zhang Liao monitored the actions of Xu Da within the private world . He sighed in relief that Xu Da had not found out about their existences and Li Feihong’s gate skill .

Meanwhile, Li Feihong was trembling from head to toes . The undead resurrection process traumatized him .

The standing-by soldiers looked at him in sympathy . If it were the normal times, they would have laughed at Feihong . But this was a critical time when their Lord was under the spell of an undead sorcerer . They understood that it was pressuring to confront Xu Da head-on .

Zhang Liao walked toward Li Feihong and slapped his face three times and shook his body .




“Feihong, Feihong! Can you hear me? It’s safe . It’s safe now!”

Li Feihong did not answer . Instead, he showed his white eyes while his black eyes rolled upward .

“Boss, I think you knocked him out cold . “

“Yeah, boss . Slapping him once is enough . But you slapped him trice with your full force . “

“No, it was two slaps with one backhand fist . “

“Right, right . That was savage, boss . “


8 . 35 AM .

Li Feihong woke up from the water splash by Zhang Liao . He looked around in confusion .

“Huh? Why did I fall to sleep?”

The soldiers laughed at Feihong . They could not resist anymore .

“… For now, let’s proceed to the next plan . We failed to kill that man . What’s next?”

Li Feihong pondered while he watched the monitors . His eyes fixated at Xu Da and his puppet soldiers .

“Plan B, Sir Zhang Liao . I’ll open the gate one more time . Go and take Lord Ding Yuan into this world . “


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