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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Uninvited Guests – Part 2

Twenty members of Julu county soldiers stood in front of Zhang resident in two line formation . All of them put their right hand on the sword hilt on their waist .


“We are the messengers of Julu Grand Administrator Guo Dian, Open the door!”

The squad captain shouted while he continued knocking the front gate .

The butler of the resident opened the gate in a hurry to greet them .

“Greeting sirs, may I know what you have come here for?”

“Is there a resident here who is called Hua s.h.i.+?”

“Yes, yes . She is our young mistress . “

The captain grinned . He came to the right place .

“Where is she now? We have a message for her!”

The butler was troubled . Zhang Jiao and Hua s.h.i.+ hadn’t come home yet . Whenever they went out to perform healing duty requested by the neighbor villages, they would always be away for a week or longer .

Both of them was scheduled to arrive tomorrow . The butler had to make up an excuse .

“…Sir, I’m afraid you can’t see her today . She went out with our master and won’t be back for today . “

“Hah? Who the h.e.l.l do you think we are!? We are the Grand Administrator Guo Dian’s men! We are in a hurry and we want to see her within today! If she isn’t here then go get her!”

“S-Sir, s-she went out long ago! W-we don’t know where she is right now!”

The butler answered in trembling voice . He was already an elder and he was afraid of the officials .

“Captain, I think he spoke the truth . “

One of the soldier whispered the squad captain . The butler was so scared that his entire body was shaking . He didn’t seem to lie about Hua s.h.i.+ .

Listened to the whispering, the captain glared at the butler and nodded .

“Fine! When will she come back!?”

“S-S-She will be back by tomorrow . “

“Good! Come to think of it, your house seems large, isn’t it? We are going to rest in your courtyard! Clear the place and scram!”

“B-B-But sir …”



The butler was helpless . He was too scared and couldn’t respond with anything to make a comeback . He was so panic that he stumbled and fell on his b.u.t.tock .

The captain and his men barged into Zhang resident . They shamelessly walked into the resident like it was theirs .

“Hold it!”

A voice rang out from inside the resident . Zhang Liang, Zhang Jiao’s brother, walked out to stop the Julu men .

“Ah!? Who the fudge are you!?” The captain asked .

“That’s my question! Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are!? This is my house! My courtyard! Get the h.e.l.l out!”

Unlike Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang’s main expertise was combat . He was in charge of the security in Zhang resident and also had an army camp of his own .

Because of the constant combats and his army job, his personality became aggressive by nature .

“Get the h.e.l.l out! Or else!”

*s.h.i.+ng* *s.h.i.+ng* *s.h.i.+ng*

Zhang Liang also had his ten personal guards trailing behind him . All of them drew their weapons, standing by for order to strike .

“Hah? You wanna fight!?”

*Sheng* *Sheng* *Sheng*

Seeing Zhang Liang’s unyielding att.i.tude, the soldier captain ordered his troops to draw out their weapons too .

The situation became tense and turned into a staring contest, a battle could break out at any time .

“Ahem! Umm … Excuse me? Can all of you listen to me please?”

A childish voice came from the front gate, behind the Julu soldiers .

Tong left the camp and rushed here after he received the mission and noticed the arrival of this group .

Tong swept his eyes around and counted all uninvited guest in his resident .

‘Twenty men, an easy 20,000 lifespans . ‘

‘Fortunately, that zombie isn’t here . The mission this time is easy . ‘

‘But … isn’t it too easy? That troll system isn’t broken right?’

Tong shook his head in his mind . He stopped thinking or being distracted from what in front of him . Tong had to deal with this first then he would continue his a.n.a.lysis later .

“What are you doing here, brat? Get lost!” One of the uninvited soldier scolded Tong .

“I’m sorry for the late introduction . I’m Zhang Tong, the eldest son of this household head Zhang Jiao . May I ask who you all might be?”

The 20 men’s eyes changed . Half of them had lecherous look on the body of Tong . It seemed that they interested or had a fetish in the body of teenage boys .

The commander of 20 men stared at Tong and comprehended something in his mind . Then he stepped forward and introduced himself .

“I’m the captain of the messenger squad of Julu County . I’m here to visit Hua s.h.i.+ but I’m told that she isn’t here . Is that true?”

“Oh, her? She hasn’t come home yet . What do you want to do with her?”

“Our grand administrator want to invite her to be his private physician . He promises that he will raise her and her family status to n.o.ble and you all will receive annual salary from the government . As long as you cooperate with us, we will also reward you with gold . “

Tong squinted his eyes . This commander was quite a con artist . If Tong were an ordinary boy or he hadn’t received a hint from the system, he might actually believe in it .

The system hinted that Hua s.h.i.+ had done something stupid and these people came to take her . It wasn’t difficult for Tong to guess that her hobby should have been found out .

Though Tong didn’t trust her but Hua s.h.i.+ was still useful . Her medical knowledge and cheat skill were invaluable in this age . There was also a matter in the future where Tong’s father would fall ill and died in the year 184 . He would not let Hua s.h.i.+ leave easily .

“I see . Our Hua s.h.i.+ is indeed precious and she doesn’t belong in this rural area like this . I’ll cooperate with all of you . Please come inside . Butler w.a.n.g, please guide our guests to rest in my courtyard . I’ll go prepare food for them myself . “

Tong smiled as he gave out his order .

Zhang Liang was furious when he heard it . He was about to shout but he noticed that Tong repeatedly winked at him . It seemed that this little brat had cooked some kind of plot .

“AHAHAHA!! You are quite sensible, young master Zhang . We will be troubling you then . “

“Oh right, young master Zhang . I’ll have to ask you to accompany us tonight too . Some of us are so tired that they want to have you ma.s.sage us … personally . “


The 20 hooligans laughed as they entered Tong’s courtyard with the scared butler following behind .

Tong smirked, ignoring the ridicules . He walked by Zhang Liang and whispered .

“Making a commotion here will attract the guards and other officials . “

“There was a saying ‘If there is no corpse, there is no crime’ . “

“If they were to suddenly disappear, no one can blame us because they were never here . “

“The garden in our backyard lacks fertilizers, we should tend it properly . “

“There’s a few bowls of anesthetic in my warehouse . A few drops of it is enough to make someone to feel numb if you apply it on the wound . “

“Do you catch what I’m trying to do?”

Tong winked at his uncle and walked away, following the 20 men .

Zhang Liang’s eyes opened wide . He looked at his nephew in admiration . This kid was not bad! He made a new evaluation of his nephew .

Both Tong and Zhang Liang smiled . They went back into the resident, pretending to welcome the guests .

Zhang Bao came home later for a dinner, only to found out that there were uninvited guests, partying in Tong’s courtyard .

Before Zhang Bao could make a fuse, he was dragged away by Zhang Liang and told him about the plan .

Zhang Bao’s corner of his eyes twitched . His nephew was too good at vicious schemes . Who the blue world taught him or raised him into this kind of person?

In the main hall which were used as a dinner party room, Tong was busy serving wine and food to the guests in person . All servants who were over 30 years of age were chased out by the group, and replaced them with teenage servants with the age between 10 and 20s .

During the party, the men molested every servants in the hall including Tong . One of the men grabbed his b.u.t.t and tried to move his hand around it .

Tong was angry by the action of the h.o.m.o-pedophile, but he kept his cool . Tong swatted off the lecherous hand of the man and walked away as if he was shy, making the other men laugh .

After a while, Zhang Liang sent a signal from afar to Tong, and a new batch of servants with unique wine jars came in .

Tong grinned . Party time was over .


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