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Chapter 1417: Charging Against the Beast Tide

“Everyone, the beast tide is in front. Now is the best time to attack. Since I suggested we form this alliance, the most dangerous front spot will be temporarily filled by my people, but once we are exhausted, we will pull back and it will be someone else’s turn.”

While Xiao Yan was quietly shocked because of the terrifying beast tide, Hun Yu’s voice had once again appeared. Many people quietly sighed in relief when they heard that he would take the most dangerous spot.

“Would these people be so kind?”

Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled when he heard Hun Yu’s words. He understood the Hall of Souls very well. Would someone from that faction be this impartial? It was a great joke.

“Everyone, prepare to attack!”

A warm smile continued to hang on Hun Yu’s face. His eyes slowly swept over the large group before pausing on Xiao Yan and Xun Er. Subsequently, he abruptly turned his body and charged forward. Over ten black-robed figures quickly followed behind him. The many experts quickly followed behind Hun Yu’s group. Their Dou Qi slowly spread from their bodies.

Xiao Yan’s large group slowly rose into the sky. They were not too close to the front and had chosen to remain near the middle. The pressure near the middle would be less.

The black ma.s.s in the sky formed an arrow shape with Hun Yu’s group at the front. If this large contingent were to erupt, the force would undoubtedly be extremely frightening…

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that the formation had taken shape, Hun Yu at the front finally waved his hand. He took the lead to charge forward. A deafening sound made from many sounds of rus.h.i.+ng wind charged toward the beast tide a short distance away. Following Hun Yu, the arrow formation behind him followed with a rumbling sound. A rus.h.i.+ng wind noise echoed across the sky.

“Roar roar!”

This large formation was discovered by many ferocious beasts when it was still ten thousand feet from the beast tide. Roars that were filled with a violence rang out like thunder. These roars spread into the distance and stirred even more roars.


The ten-thousand-foot distance was covered in the blink of an eye. Frightening Dou Qi surged out of the bodies of Hun Yu’s group at the front before shooting forward. All of the ferocious beasts within a thousand feet were shattered into blood pools in an instant. At the same time, this large group ruthlessly charged into the beast tide!

“Bang bang!”

The group unleashed a shocking momentum the moment it collided with the beast tide. Waves of powerful Dou Qi spluttered out. The ferocious beasts within a thousand feet were shattered to death. The roars that the ferocious beasts had emitted before their deaths continued to reverberate across the sky.

Xiao Yan’s large group was situated near the middle of the contingent. A couple of Dou Qi pillars were occasionally swung out, killing any ferocious beasts that approached. At the same time, their eyes continued to sweep around them. The ferocious beasts in this outer part of the beast tide were not very strong, which was why they were able to push in so easily. Once they entered deeper into the beast tide, this fearless advancement would likely be stopped.

Reality was just as Xiao Yan’s group had expected. After this group had forcefully torn a large hole through the beast tide and advanced ten thousand feet, the surrounding pressure suddenly began to soar. Some of the powerful ferocious beasts were able to charge closer to the group. The stench they gave off caused the expressions of many people to appear a little grave.


Xun Er randomly tossed a Dou Qi pillar out and killed two ferocious beasts charging toward them. There was an additional solemness on her face as she said, “It is already possible to see some Dou Zong cla.s.s ferocious beasts here. If we continue to advance, we will end up meeting some Dou Zun equivalent beasts. That will be when the true battle will begin. Everyone should be careful. Do not get entangled with them. One will definitely die if one falls to this beast tide!”

Xiao Yan nodded. They were gradually advancing deeper into the beast tide. There were a countless number of ferocious beasts in front of them, to their left, to their right and even up in the sky. They could no longer retreat. All they could do was charge forward until they truly broke through the beast tide.

Using a momentary lull in fighting, Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the front of the arrow formation. At this moment, Hun Yu’s group seemed to be doing their best to attack the ferocious beasts in front. Row after row of ferocious beasts shook and fell to their hands. The group continued to venture deeper under their guidance. At this moment, many people had begun to gradually believe that Hun Yu was indeed performing his due diligence for this group. However, Xiao Yan was naturally not included with the people who thought this…

The group swiftly advanced as the ground trembled. Fresh blood and ferocious beasts’ corpses landed everywhere they pa.s.sed, but the scarlet fresh blood did not frighten the beast tide. Instead, it caused the beasts to become crazier as they charged at the contingent without any fear of death…

This swift advancement continued for about twenty thousand feet before it clearly slowed. Some of the ferocious beasts were able to charge to the front of the group. After which, they exchanged blows with some experts. Although these ferocious beast would quickly turn into a pool of blood by the combined effort of many experts, the situation had clearly become a little more difficult.

If one were to look down on these plains from the sky, one would be able to see an increasing number of ferocious beasts heading toward the group of humans after hearing the commotion. They were densely packed and appeared like an army of ants, causing one’s skin to turn numb…


The situation became more difficult, and in the end, even with the combined attacks of many experts, the group was no longer able to quickly kill some of the ferocious beasts. A terrible physical battle had finally begun…

While Hun Yu’s group was fighting an intense battle with the beast tide at the front, everyone could clearly sense their speed greatly slow. With this reduction in speed, the ferocious beasts from the left, right and center quickly gave chase. After which, a miserable battle suddenly erupted.



Many different ferocious beasts with red eyes wildly charged into the group. Although most of the ferocious beasts were killed by the combined effort of some experts, some exceptionally strong ferocious beasts still managed to approach the group. Hence, the group began to experience some injuries and deaths. Sharp miserable screeches continued to spread from all around.

“Move quickly!”

The faces of most people turned pale when faced with such an enormous pressure. They hurriedly urged the entire group to push forward. At this moment, Xiao Yan’s eyes once again swept to the front, but he discovered that Hun Yu and those experts from the Hall of Souls had completely vanished. The group at the front consisted of experts who were being pushed by those from the back. They were unable to retreat and could only charge forward. As these experts at the front faced various ferocious beasts, they did their best to unleash their attacks. However, they became more exhausted by each beast they killed. When they wanted to withdraw, they suddenly discovered that many people’s eyes had turned red after being surrounded by the beast tide. These people were pus.h.i.+ng forward with all their might, and the experts at the front found that they could not pull back.

They did not have the opportunity to withdraw and their Dou Qi was exhausted. Before they could feel hopeless in their hearts, they would be ruthlessly bitten by the enormous b.l.o.o.d.y mouths of the ferocious beasts that were wildly pouncing over.

After these people were bitten to death by the ferocious beasts, another group was pushed forward. They forcefully endured before this cycle repeated itself.

There was no longer a need for anyone to urge this group at the moment. Everyone was charging forward in order to survive. Hence, there was an endless number of people being pushed to the front, becoming a sacrifice for the advancement of the group.

Hence, as the group advanced further, the number of people also began to diminish. Many people lost their sense of reasoning because of these losses. The group started to lose control. Only a small group of people were able to retain their rational mind and tried their best to maintain their speed to avoid allowing themselves to be pushed by the human flow to the front. Xiao Yan’s group was one such example.

The expressions on the faces of Xiao Yan’s group were filled with a seriousness as they looked at the rapidly shrinking contingent. Even some six or seven star Dou Zuns were exhausted by these continuous battles. Finally, they were tossed into the ferocious beast crowd, torn into pieces in the blink of an eye, and swallowed into the stomachs of the ferocious beasts.

“These people…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the force that had shrunk ten times. He discovered Hun Yu’s group at the back of the group with a gentle smile still Hun Yu’s face. However, this smile appeared exceptionally sinister among the surrounding viscous blood and corpses.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, this force is about to be broken. We will follow if Hun Yu’s group takes the lead and moves when the time comes. We will have to rely on ourselves to transverse the remaining route…” Xun Er’s voice was suddenly transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ears while his eyes were sweeping around.

Xiao Yan nodded and slowly exhaled. His eyes glanced behind at the ferocious beasts’ and humans’ corpses. These people had used all of their strength only to end up benefitting others for free. They had been used by Hun Yu without gaining anything…


A completely black metal-like beast suddenly appeared at the front of the contingent. Its enormous fist ruthlessly smashed a couple of figures at the front. The frightening force smashed those people, whose Dou Qi had been exhausted, into mincemeat.


While the people in front were being blocked by that extremely strong beast, Hun Yu’s group pressed their toes on the ground. Their bodies leaped over everyone with lightning-like speed. Finally, they flashed by the enormous beast and charged forward.

“Follow them!”

Xiao Yan let out a cold snort when he saw Hun Yu finally abandon everyone. He waved his hand and his body took the lead to rush forward. Xun Er and the rest quickly followed.

Another few groups of people flew out the same time Xiao Yan’s group moved. These people had already understood Hun Yu’s schemes and were also intending on using the strength of the others to charge through the beast tide.

After these people rushed forward, the remaining hundreds of people were pounced upon by the ferocious beasts around them. Miserable screams spread across ove the sky.


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