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Battle Through the Heavens is a web novel completed by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, Tian Can Tu Dou, 天蚕土豆.
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Chapter 1622: Mysterious Creature

Bright fire light shone on this s.p.a.ce, which seemed to have been in darkness for ten thousand years. However, Xiao Yan involuntarily felt a chill over his body despite the light from the flame. The source of this chill seemed to be the enormous creature that was present in the dark s.p.a.ce below!

It was an indescribably huge creature that lay within the dark empty s.p.a.ce without moving. Xiao Yan’s sight s.h.i.+fted along its body. However, he was still unable to see an end to its body when his sight was blocked by the darkness in the distance…

This mysterious creature was completely purple-gold in colour. Icy cold scales covered its body. A kind of hard steel like feeling rose from it.

Xiao Yan was floated in the empty s.p.a.ce. His eyes were unable to see the creature in its entirety. One could imagine just how unbelievably large this creature was. It was the first time that Xiao Yan had seen a body of this size after all these years!

Even though his decades of experience had allowed Xiao Yan to maintain a great control of himself, he still felt greatly shocked when he suddenly discovered that there was actually such a huge creature, which could devour the sky, present in the dark s.p.a.ce under him.

Who could have imagined that there would actually be such a terrifying creature existing within this quiet s.p.a.ce, which appeared to be void of life?


Xiao Yan’s throat rolled involuntarily. Traces of cold sweat had even appeared on his forehead. He carefully observed the huge creature sitting below. Even with his eyesight, he was unable to guess just what kind of creature it was.

“I must not remain in this place…”

Since he had already learnt that the bottom of the magma world did indeed hide the Ancient G.o.d Cave, Xiao Yan had also intended to withdraw. Although that huge creature below was completely quiet and appeared dead, his Di State soul allowed Xiao Yan to detect a trace of dangerous aura. This kind of aura was not inferior to that of Hun Tiandi or Gu Yuan.

It was best not to remain in this place for long. The most appropriate course of action was to gather his people and get Gu Yuan to accompany him to probe this Ancient G.o.d Mansion!

Xiao Yan’s body slowly pulled back as this thought flashed across his heart. However, he had only just taken ten steps back when he suddenly sensed that the huge creature’s body below him shook slightly.

Although this movement was slight, it still caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to shrink. He understood that with his strength, he was definitely not mistaken. In that case, there was only one answer. This mysterious creature was still alive!

Xiao Yan’s retreating speed suddenly soared the moment he thought of this!


A pair of huge eyes within the dark empty s.p.a.ce, which had been shut for a long time, were suddenly opened when Xiao Yan had began to pull back!

This pair of eyes had a faint redness in them. Those eyes were solemn. Just the size of this pair of eyes was already hundreds of times larger than Xiao Yan!

This pair of eyes were locked onto Xiao Yan the moment they had opened. At the same time, an extremely terrifying pressure directly enveloped Xiao Yan’s body, causing his retreating speed to suddenly slow!

Xiao Yan’s expression changed after that terrifying pressure enveloped his body. He activated his Di State soul. Only then did he manage to reduce this feeling of having fallen into a quagmire.

“Tomb raider… did you bring the ancient jade?”

The s.p.a.ce suddenly shook as Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength surged. A voice, which caused even the s.p.a.ce to tremble, suddenly sounded.

Xiao Yan tightened his fist. He looked at the pair of huge eyes within the darkness. At this moment, those eyes contained an icy chill as they stared at him in an indifferent fas.h.i.+on. There was no fluctuation within it.

“I have accidently barge into this place. Please forgive me if I have disturbed it. I will immediately withdraw!” Xiao Yan cupped his hands together towards the eyes and spoke in a deep voice.

“No ancient jade huh?” A voice sounded within the s.p.a.ce after the creature heard this. Immediately, Xiao Yan seemed to have seen some disappointment and… an icy cold murderous intent.

“This is bad!”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed drastically upon detecting this emotion. He could not be bothered with anything else. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame covered his body and a pair of bone wings was extended from his back. After which, he hurriedly withdrew!

“Please remain behind if you do not have it…” The indifferent voice once again sounded. After which, the entire s.p.a.ce suddenly shook. Bright purple-gold light pillars broke through the darkness. It penetrated through the empty s.p.a.ce and ruthlessly shot towards Xiao Yan.


Xiao Yan’s eyes became cold after he saw that mysterious creature unleas.h.i.+ng an attack. His hand seal changed and his enormous spiritual body appeared outside. He widened his mouth and a terrifying spiritual a.s.sault swept over from all directions. In an instant, it ruthlessly collided with the purple-golden light pillar!


A storm exploded within the s.p.a.ce as the loud sound appeared.

“Mou! Mou!”

The storm swept over the place but the purple light still remained. Xiao Yan’s Di State soul’s Yellow Spring Divine Anger was unable to shatter it. His eyes quickly became even more solemn. With a change of his hand seal, another two ferocious spiritual fluctuation surged out from him.

“Bang bang!”

Two spiritual sonic wave attack heavily smashed onto the purple light. This time around, the purple light was finally shattered. However, Xiao Yan also staggered backwards by ten thousand feet because of the lingering force.

“What a terrifying strength this big fellow has!”

Shock surged within Xiao Yan’s heart after this exchange. Just a random attack had forced Xiao Yan to use all his strength to block it. The strength of this mysterious creature was definitely not inferior to Hun Tiandi or Gu Yuan!

“Di State soul…” The mysterious creature’s voice within the empty darkness contained a little surprise.

Xiao Yan did not have the time to bother about him. He took advantage of the force to once again rushed to the exit of this realm.


While Xiao Yan was rus.h.i.+ng with rapid speed, another sharp wind suddenly surged from behind him. The corner of his eyes s.h.i.+fted and he saw a purple-gold light flashed. It actually agglomerated into a mysterious light seal. After which, it came smas.h.i.+ng furiously onto Xiao Yan.


Xiao Yan’s expression was once again altered as he sensed the terrifying strength contained within the light seal. He clenched his fists. Two six coloured Extermination Fire Lotus were formed. After which, he threw them behind him without turning his head.

“Bang bang!”

The Extermination Fire Lotus exploded on the light seal. Fire wave churned. However, he did not cause the light seal to shake. Immediately, a ray of light suddenly shot out from within the light seal and headed towards Xiao Yan with lightning like speed.

Xiao Yan was cautious when the light ray shot out. He hurriedly turned around. Both of his hands danced and the Purifying Demonic Fire Lotus quickly turned into pink crystals in front of him.

“Crack crack!”

The light ray arrived in the blink of an eye. It directly smashed onto the layers of pink fire crystal. Those crystals quickly collapsed an inch at a time. The light ray seemed to have an extremely easy time destroying those originally extremely hard fire crystals. After which, it heavily smashed onto Xiao Yan’s body.


Xiao Yan’s face turned red after suffering this heavy attack. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out while his body once again used the momentum to withdraw

“Chi chi!”

Xiao Yan’s blood dyed the light seal a short distance away. It emitted emitted waves of sizzling sound.

“Stay behind and accompany me…” The mysterious creature did not intend to allow Xiao Yan to escape after defeating him with a single strike. The light seal whistled and once again chased after Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan quietly cried out bitterly after he sensed the wind that was locked onto him. It was far too troublesome to deal with this fellow. He lifted his head and looked at the wiggling s.p.a.ce in the distance. After exiting that place, he would be able to escape from this fellow…

“Although you possess a Di State soul, your body is merely at the seven star Dou Sheng cla.s.s. Would it not be a joke if I allow you to escape?” The s.p.a.ce above Xiao Yan’s head suddenly shook while Xiao Yan was feeling a slight joy because of his short distance to the exit. Light directly broke through the s.p.a.ce. After which, it violently smashed onto Xiao Yan. From the looks of it, if Xiao Yan was struck by it, he would definitely end up with some injuries.

However, when the light seal was about to smash downwards, the blood, which adhered onto it suddenly vaporised. Finally, a trace of golden blood remained behind and flowed along the light seal.

“Buzz buzz!”

The moment this golden blood appeared, the huge body of the mysterious creature that was lingering within the darkness suddenly trembled. A familiar feeling broke through the restrain from his slumber and spread through his body.


The light seal suddenly halted when it was still dozens of feet from Xiao Yan’s head. However, that intense wind pressure still caused the s.p.a.ce around Xiao Yan to explode.

This sudden scene had also caused Xiao Yan, who was planning on an all out fight, to be startled. His eyes flashed and his body turned into a ray of light that shot out. With a couple of flashes, he had appeared at the edge of the s.p.a.ce. His body moved. He swiftly rushed in and disappeared…

The light seal did not give chase after Xiao Yan had left and disappeared. The pair of huge eyes within the darkness contained a loss that seemed to last for a long time as they stared at the remaining golden blood on the light seal…

The light seal drifted and slowly arrived above the huge eye. Golden blood dripped down and landed in the huge eye. Soon after, the lost expression in his eyes swiftly disappeared. Those cold and indifferent large eyes actually revealed waves after waves of joyous ripple.

“Blood… there is the scent of the child.”

Suddenly, an earthshaking like stern roar resounded within the quiet s.p.a.ce. That huge body, which seemed to have been stilled for thousands of years suddenly moved and ruthlessly smashed onto the s.p.a.ce. However, a faint light surfaced over this realm in the face of its all out attack. This faint light caused the s.p.a.ce itself to be as tough as a prison…

“Tou She Ancient G.o.d, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The mysterious creature suddenly turned its head after its futile collision onto the s.p.a.ce around him. Those huge eyes stared ruthlessly at the ancient stone door floating in the air. A furious roar that was filled with an unwilling feeling reverberated across this s.p.a.ce!

However, the ancient stone door remained quiet in the face of its furious roar. It was as though it had remained unchanging since the ancient times!


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