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Chapter 351: Dou Huang, Ling Ying

With the appearance of the black-robed person, the entire square descended into a complete silence. Although some of the ordinary Misty Cloud Sect disciples were unclear of the strength of this mysterious black-robed person, they could tell from those elders whose faces had suddenly turned extremely grave that this mysterious black-robed person should be strong to the point of being a little terrifying. Otherwise, he would not cause them to be so shocked.

“Who are you?”

Yun Leng’s eyes stared intently at the black-robed person in the sky. The other party’s body, which was overflowing with threads of strong Qi, caused the tip of Yun Leng’s finger to involuntarily tremble a little as he demanded with a brave front.

“You may call me Ling Ying.” The black-robed person slowly lowered his head and revealed a dark old face while he smiled and replied.

“You are not a citizen of the Jia Ma Empire!” Yun Leng’s gaze carefully inspected the body of the black-robed person who called himself Ling Ying. Immediately, he appeared to have discovered something and let out a cry in surprise.

“I am naturally not someone from the Jia Ma Empire. However, who set the rule that no one other than a citizen of the Jia Ma Empire can enter this country?” The black-robed person who called himself Ling Ying laughed.

Yun Leng frowned tightly and inhaled a deep breath of air. He suppressed the panic in his heart, cupped his hands together and said in a deep voice to Ling Ying in the sky, “This friend. The Jia Ma Empire does not prevent anyone from entering this country. However, the matter today is an internal matter of the Misty Cloud Sect. Please do not carelessly interfer. After this matter is over, our Misty Cloud Sect will treat you as a VIP guest. Although our Misty Cloud Sect has not stepped outside of the empire for a long time, we will gladly welcome the strong people of the continent who have come to visit the Jia Ma Empire.”

“Ha ha, you really have a way with words.” Ling Ying laughed, but he shook his head. He turned around and his eyes drifted toward Hai Bodong and Xiao Yan who had moved together and sighed, “Unfortunately, the old me is under the orders of someone. Today, I must bring this little fellow called Xiao Yan away without him losing even a strand of hair.”

Hearing this, Yun Leng’s expression gradually grew dark and solemn. The corner of his mouth twitched and a haunted look flashed across his eyes.

“Friend, even though I don’t know exactly who you are, it is not a wise action to offend our Misty Cloud Sect in this manner.” Yun Leng softly and gravely said.

“Ha ha, is the Misty Cloud Sect that great? Although its words do have some weight within the Jia Ma Empire, it is but a second rate faction if it is compared to the others of the Dou Qi continent. Do you have any right to talk to me in this manner? These few years, you have not gone and understood the outside world. It is really unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect has groomed such frogs in the well. Ha ha, the reputation that Yun Bo Tian had used all his effort in order to create back then will likely be destroyed by your hands.” Ling Ying laughed loudly. His laughter contained a ridicule that caused Yun Leng’s face to turn green. However, due to the other party being strong and possessing an unknown background, Yun Leng did not dare to directly attack him.

“So it is a strong person that has come from the continent.” Jia Xing Tian narrowed his eyes and watched Ling Ying in the sky, “Although the Imperial Family has also sent out a large number of people throughout the continent, I don’t have the slightest impression of this person called Ling Ying. I think he should be someone who was training in seclusion. However, how did Xiao Yan come to be related to this kind of strong person from the continent? With his strength, he does not have the right to come into contact with someone of this level.”
TL: Not the Dou Qi Continent

Fa Ma laughed bitterly and shook his head. The events currently happening were becoming increasingly messy. Xiao Yan’s background was also becoming more and more mysterious.

“Ah, from the looks of things, if one counted Hai Bodong and this Ling Ying, Xiao Yan’s side actually has two Dou Huangs. If we add that mysterious Magical Beast, the Misty Cloud Sect does not seem to be able to keep Xiao Yan behind in the face of this line-up before Yun Yun returns.” Jia Xing Tian slowly fondled his short beard and said.

“With the situation developing to this point, Yun Leng should carefully weigh his gains and losses. Offending Xiao Yan who possesses such a line-up for just Mo Cheng is simply losing more than he will gain.” Fa Ma said softly.

“Now, we can only see what Yun Leng plans to do. If he could put aside the embarra.s.sment that Xiao Yan gave him and let the other side leave safely, nothing much will happen. If he does not let them leave and insists on keeping Xiao Yan behind, a large battle is inevitable!”

Jia Xing Tian nodded slightly. He raised his head to watch the livid face of Yun Leng as the latter clenched his fist tightly. He muttered, “Hopefully he will not be too stubborn in his choice.”

Everyone in the square lifted their heads and watched the sky. The back of Nalan Yanran’s teeth bit her red lips. Her emotions were as complex as a bottle of five flavors which had been overturned. She had never expect that the matter today would actually cause two Dou Huangs to appear. Moreover, these two were strong people who did not appear to be weaker than her teacher. Yet, all of them were focused on Xiao Yan and put in all of their effort to ensure he could leave safely.

A bitterness appeared in the corner of Nalan Yanran’s mouth. The useless person of the Xiao clan back then had currently nearly turned the entire Misty Cloud Sect upside down. All of this was because of the act to cancel the engagement back then. Perhaps, it was due to her provocation that really caused this originally useless young master of the Xiao Yan to completely transform.

“If back then, had I not…” Nalan Yanran mumbled softly. Suddenly she woke up abruptly. Her hands were clenched. The faint regret that had unknowingly appeared in her heart caused her to be a little appalled. Her hand held her chest as she deeply inhaled a breath of cool air.

Compared to Nalan Yanran’s bitterness, Nalan Jie on the huge tree also sighed dejectedly. As more and more strong people appeared to support Xiao Yan, he also gradually felt the terrifying strength that this young man of seventeen had hidden behind his back. Originally, this young man, who might soon become the strongest person in the Jia Ma Empire, would have become a member of the Nalan clan and lead this clan toward becoming unprecedentedly powerful and prosperous. However, the impulsive act of Nalan Yanran back then has completely shattered this hope.

At such a moment, Nalan Jie finally felt what is called true regret. However, besides feeling regret, some shame also rose within his heart. If he had stood up and helped Xiao Yan say a few words when Yun Leng had attacked Xiao Yan earlier, that would have been also something good. Moreover, even after clearly knowing that Xiao Yan was Yan Xiao who had saved his life back then, he had not stepped forward. It appeared that there was a certain latent thought in him that did not wish for Xiao Yan, who possessed some enmity toward the Nalan clan, to successfully leave the Misty Cloud Sect.

As he thought of this possibility, Nalan Jie’s forehead was instantly covered with cold sweat. His limbs were also entirely icy. What was the difference between this act of his and being ungrateful? To think that he had actually made the promise back then that Xiao Yan could find him when faced with any problem.

Nalan Jie’s heart was filled with shame. He did not cause Xiao Yan to throw his gaze over. The gaze of the latter was currently completely focused on the body of Ling Ying who had appeared.

Hao Bodong eyed Ling Ying who had appeared. His brows were knit abruptly. A long while later, he let out a soft sigh and said in a deep voice, “It’s him!”

“Who? Old Hai, do you know him?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was surprised. He immediately asked hurriedly. This Dou Huang cla.s.s helper who had just appeared had also caused him to be totally puzzled. He could not recall when he had come to know this person.

“Back at the capital, did you not sense that there was someone spying on us? I told you back then that I also had a similar feeling. However, that feeling was far too vague so I did not dare be too certain. Only until this person appeared a moment ago could I be certain. The Qi on his body is completely the same as the person who was watching us.” Hai Bodong said in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan frowned. He softly said, “Why does he wants to spy on us?”

“How would I know?” Hai Bodong waved his head. He aimed his gaze at Xiao Yan and said, “From the way he acted, it is clear that he is here because of you. You should ask yourself when did you come to befriend such a strong person?”

“I am also totally at a loss. I can be certain that this is the first time that I have seen this person. As for why he wants to help me, this is also something that I am ignorant of.” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly.

“Hei, that is strange. Don’t tell me that there really are stupid people in this world who would stop and help just because they witness an injustice?” Hao Bodong raised his brows and said as he gave a faint smile which did not appear like one.

“Alright, let’s not worry about his ident.i.ty. Now that the energy barrier is broken, let’s leave.” Xiao Yan shook his head, appearing not to have heard the ridicule in Hai Bodong’s words as he hurriedly said.

Hai Bodong nodded and the wings behind both of their backs started to flap. As they faced Yun Leng, they slowly started to back away.

The two of them had just began moving when Yun Leng sensed them. His gaze turned and he glanced at Xiao Yan in a dark and cold manner. An intense pain was transmitted from his head, causing a ferocity to involuntarily surface on his face. As his palm quivered, a bright red color sudden appeared in his eyes. He said sternly, “Xiao Yan, where are you going? If I cannot hold you here today, how will I, Yun Leng, help the sect leader manage this large sect?”

“Go!” Xiao Yan ignored Yun Leng’s ferocious cry. His expression did not change as his body continued to pull away.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Halt!”

Yun Leng’s face gradually became blood red. In his fury, his hands waved abruptly and the sea of clouds around him rolled and surged. A moment later, a huge cloud bow around ten feet long was actually agglomerated from within the sea of clouds. He waved his hand and the bow was automatically drawn back. On the body of the bow, cloud-colored energy swiftly gathered. An instant later, it turned into an enormous cloud arrow that was around two to three meters in length.

“Die!” Yun Leng stared at Xiao Yan viciously. Some cold sweat slowly surfaced on Yun Leng’s forehead. It appeared that the summoning of the cloud bow and arrow consumed a very large amount of energy, to the point that even with his Dou w.a.n.g cla.s.s strength, he was lacking a little to support it.

“Go!” With a low cry from Yun Leng’s mouth, the cloud arrow suddenly burst forth. In an instant, it was like an arrow to shoot down the sun, pa.s.sing through the obstruction of the air and shot directly toward Xiao Yan.

“Be careful!” As the front side of the two of them were facing Yung Leng, Hai Bodong was first to discover when the latter made an action. He let out a loud cry and pulled Xiao Yan behind him. Both of his hands were waved swiftly and the cold air surged.

“Bring Xiao Yan and leave. I will stop him!” Just as Hai Bodong was about to contend with that arrow, a black shadow suddenly surfaced in front of him. The shadow turned his head and spoke with a smile.

Hai Bodong was slightly startled. He narrowed his eyes and weighed Ling Ying. He did not say anything as he pulled Xiao Yan and quickly retreated. However, just as he was retreating, the cautious him was not only taking precautions against Yun Leng attack, but remained vigilant toward Ling Ying. With Hai Bodong’s experience, he was naturally unable to swiftly trust this fellow who had suddenly appeared.

After seeing Hai Bodong pull back, Ling Ying slowly turned his body around. He indifferently eyed the terrifying arrow which appeared to be splitting the sky as it flew over. With a gentle wave of his sleeves, black-colored shadows suddenly burst out from behind his back. In an instant, the soaring black shadows appeared to have covered the entire sky. This huge amount of force immediately cause some of the faces of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples below to turn pale.

With his body suspended in the middle of the black shadow that permeated the sky, the black-robed elder was like a demon that had come into this world. He unleashed a wild laughter. Within it, there was an insolence that was difficult to hide.

“Ha ha, today, I want to see just who dares to hurt the person whom the young lady of my clan wants me to protect!”

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