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Chapter 520: Nine Star Da Dou s.h.i.+

Being in a furnace. This was Xiao Yan’s current feeling. Moreover, this fire was actually rising from his bones. That pain caused Xiao Yan to inhale a cold breath of air. The multicolored medicinal liquid within the wooden basin was also bubbling more intensely. Moreover, one could even use one’s naked eye to see threads of extremely tiny energy swiftly shuttling through the water before finally charging into Xiao Yan’s skin. They then disappeared in an instant.

The strength of the energy that was contained within the medicinal liquid was something that he was still quietly shocked at. Especially now that he was truly experiencing it for himself, it was indeed worthy of being a natural spiritual object that had taken such a long time in order to agglomerate and take shape. This feeling was under the precondition of having other medicinal items to mediate it. If he were to directly soaked in it, he would not even know how he died.

As time flowed by, the multicolored bones in his body also strangely turned a little transparent. Under the observation of Xiao Yan’s mind, he could faintly see the swiftly rolling marrow within his bones.

The energy that was wildly pouring from the medicinal liquid into his body did not stop just because the bones in his body were covered with a multicolored layer. The endless pure energy invaded Xiao Yan’s body in large amounts. As long as it was something they came into contact with, regardless of whether it was the bones, the Qi Paths or even the cells and organs, they would cover all of it with the multicolored layer without exception. In an instant, the inner view of Xiao Yan’s mind could only eye the multi colored interior of his body. His heart sighed sorrowfully. Immediately, he gathered his focus. He clearly knew that an even more tormenting pain was about to appear.

As Xiao Yan had expected, a searing pain that was more than ten times worse than before suddenly spread out from his Qi Paths, cells, organs, and other parts in his body after the multicolored layer had stuck to over half of them. In an instant, it was as though a fiery flame had been tossed into Xiao Yan’s entire body. That hot flame appeared to want to incinerate his body into a pile of ashes. It mercilessly unleashed an increasingly hotter temperature.

Following this soaring mess in him, Xiao Yan’s entire body, which was soaking within the wooden basin, had turned into the color of burning charcoals at this instant. Threads of white fog seeped out from the top of his head. There was a faint charred smell carried within the white fog. Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly and a thread of bright redness flowed down from the corner of his mouth, dying his chin until it appeared quite b.l.o.o.d.y.

Yao Lao rolled his throat as he stood outside the wooden basin. His hands were involuntarily clenched. An anxiety flashed across his seemingly calm eyes. He clearly knew Xiao Yan’s tenacity. However, the latter was still being turned into this manner by the was.h.i.+ng and refining of the bones despite his toughness. It was difficult to imagine just what kind of pain it was.

Yao Lao may have known that this was.h.i.+ng and refining of bones would definitely be quite painful, but he was uncertain just what kind of degree this so-called pain would reach since he had never used the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ before. From the looks of Xiao Yan’s situation now, he understood that he had underestimated the pain from the was.h.i.+ng of one’s marrow. Since things had reached this point, he could only quietly pray that Xiao Yan would be able to continue enduring. There was no other choice.


Pain. Other than pain, there was only pain. At this moment, the meaning that this word represented was being transmitted from every single part of his body. Other than bitterly suffering, he similarly had not the slightest solution with regards to this. The only thing that caused him to be a little gratified was that he could clearly sense waves of powerful energy being emitted following the spread of the searing, painful heat within his body. He realized that after the searing heat, the bone marrow, bones, Qi Paths, cells, muscles, etc., within his body were gradually having a drastic and complete change. Clearly, this so-called was.h.i.+ng and refining of bones truly possessed a large magical effect.

“Hang in there!”

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth, and viciously roared within his heart. After suffering in this manner for a long while, Xiao Yan’s spirit suddenly became a little absent-minded perhaps as a result of being numb to all of it. Under this absent-minded state, the intense, searing hot pain within his body greatly diminished. He had barely built up some resistance after enduring this searing pain for such a long while.

The torment gradually pa.s.sed under the extremely slow flowing time. In the end, Xiao Yan completely descended into a kind of half awake and half asleep absent-minded state. This kind of feeling that was near a state of being lost had already caused him to forget about the concept of time. The only thing that he felt was that his bones, veins, cells, etc., were, little by little, slowly becoming purer and tougher under the grilling of this searing pain…


Yao Lao placed his hand behind his back as he stood within the mountain cave. He stood outside the wooden basin without moving. It had been three days ever since Xiao Yan had entered the wooden basin. Yao Lao had not taken a single step during these three days. All of his attention was focused on Xiao Yan.

“Xiu!” A seven-colored glow suddenly flashed into the cave from its entrance. Finally, it lingered above the wooden basin. The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ eyed Xiao Yan whose entire body was like a burning charcoal. It involuntarily hissed as it extended and withdrew its tongue. There was some worry within those snake’s eyes.

“There is no need to worry. He has already endured the most painful period. The things after this will be a little smoother.” Yao Lao smiled. His gaze turned to the medicinal liquid within the wooden basin. He studied the much paler color of the medicinal liquid as he spoke.

The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ extended and withdrew its snake tongue, appearing to have understood those words. After which, it swayed its tail before flas.h.i.+ng out of the mountain cave. It wanted to help protect Xiao Yan in the outside world and prevent anything from disturbing him.

Yao Lao’s gaze once again rested on Xiao Yan’s body after he saw the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ leaving. He softly said, “Looks like it will be soon…”


The searing pain that appeared like a raging fire had unknowingly become much weaker in Xiao Yan’s body. A long time after, the searing pain quietly became fainter before disappearing. As the searing pain disappeared, Xiao Yan’s mind, which was at a loss, suddenly woke up. His mind hurriedly swept over his body, and he was stunned to realize that the many colors, which originally covered his body, had completely disappeared. The bones, veins and other parts in his body emitted a faint fluorescent glow. At a glance, this manner appeared to have hidden an endless amount of energy.

Xiao Yan’s mind woke up. It was like a key and the originally silent inner body immediately began the final circulation for his complete transformation, much like a precise machine.


A soft m.u.f.fled sound sounded. Xiao Yan’s mind was somewhat stunned as he eyed the enormous energy that erupted from every corner of his body and he was momentarily absent-minded.

During the time that Xiao Yan was absent-minded, numerous amounts of large pure energy automatically flowed into his Qi Paths. If it was in the past, Xiao Yan’s veins would definitely have the feeling of a swelling pain if such a large amount of energy poured in. Now, however, his Qi Paths merely expanded and shrunk in an extremely tough manner following the energy pouring in. Absorbing all of the large energy that came in one wave after another did not cause Xiao Yan to suffer even the slightest pain.

These waves of energy were extremely large, but they was so pure that it caused one to be surprised. The degree of purity was such that there was no longer any need to purify it. Moreover, for some unknown reason, this energy did not have the slightest resistance to Xiao Yan. It was as easy as waving his hand.

The large energy moved and circulated along the vein route of the ‘Flame Mantra’ within his body. A day later, it became like an erupting flood that carried a loud rumble as it repeatedly rushed into the Dou Crystal within the vortex.

Under the pouring in of this large amount of energy, the pigeon egg-sized Dou Crystal was actually beginning to inflate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xiao Yan’s mind carried some surprise as he eyed the swiftly expanding Dou Crystal. He could clearly sense that the Dou Qi stored within was being expended by multiple times. Under this trend, breaking through to a nine star Da Dou s.h.i.+ was something as easy as flipping one’s hands.


The energy poured and surged without knowing how to be tired. At a certain instant, an extremely slight sound finally sounded within his body. Following the appearance of this clear sound, Xiao Yan realized that the Dou Crystal, which had already reached its maximum capacity, once again had an extremely large accommodation s.p.a.ce appear within it. Under this strange sound, the Dou Crystal, which had already reached the size of a chicken egg, suddenly expanded until it was the size of a fist. Moreover, a bright intense glow repeatedly surged out. It s.h.i.+ned in the interior of the vortex such that it appeared like daytime.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he sensed the various changes within his body. He clearly knew that he had just broken through the eight star Da Dou s.h.i.+ barrier at this instant and truly became a nine star Da Dou s.h.i.+! As long as he advanced by another step, he would be able to enter the Dou Ling cla.s.s!

Due to the sudden swelling of the Dou Crystal, Xiao Yan sensed that the originally filled feeling within it changed to a much emptier one. His mind moved immediately and he circulated the last pure energy within his Qi Paths before pouring it into the Dou Crystal. However, after advancing his level, the Dou Crystal no longer had the bottomless pit feeling it possessed earlier. The pouring in of this wave of energy was like a rock sinking into the ocean and did not give Xiao Yan any notable feeling.

“The gap between a Da Dou s.h.i.+ and a Dou Ling is indeed enormous. Looks like it is a little impossible to directly break through to the Dou Ling cla.s.s in one go.” This thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart. He sighed regretfully, and was just about to stop and withdraw when he suddenly discover a powerful suction force automatically surging out from the Dou Crystal. As this suction force erupted, waves of extremely powerful energy immediately flowed into his body from the outside world.

Since Xiao Yan’s body was within the medicinal liquid containing an extremely majestic energy, waves of enormous energy moved through his skin and entered into his body. After which, it ignored Xiao Yan’s control as it charged through Xiao Yan’s veins. After being circulated once, it finally rushed into the Dou Crystal in a rude and unreasonable manner.

Xiao Yan was stunned as he eyed what was happening within his body that had escaped his control. A long while later, he clenched his teeth and viciously said, “If you want to take the energy in, then take it in until you are full! If you have the ability, take it in until I break through to the Dou Ling cla.s.s!”

Once these words sounded, Xiao Yan’s mind activated the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method and circulated the energy. Following the circulation of the Qi Method, the energy that was uncontrollably pouring into his became even wilder…


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