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Battle Through the Heavens is a web novel completed by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, Tian Can Tu Dou, 天蚕土豆.
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Chapter 526: Fighting Medicine (Drugs?)

The wind from the palm rubbed past the front of Bai Cheng. However, before Bai Cheng had the chance to rejoice within his heart, Xiao Yan’s elbow suddenly smashed down violently. The sharp wind gathered around Xiao Yan’s elbow, and the ear-piercing sound caused people to rub their ears since they were being shaken with pain.

Bai Cheng held the long spear tightly with his right hand and got it to make contact with the ground, stabilizing his body that was leaning back. His hand hurriedly charged forward before finally coming into heavy contact with Xiao Yan’s elbow. Forceful ripples spread out and the faint ‘ka cha’ sound of bones cracking appeared.

Bai Cheng completely felt the powerful strength contained in Xiao Yan’s elbow as his fist made contact with it. His expression immediately became pale. Under this powerful force, his body that was tilted back was forcefully smashed into the ground. Threads of crack lines began spreading from the spot where he fell.

Xiao Yan’s face was indifferent. He did not pause for even a moment. Green-colored Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated as he immediately kicked at the head of Bai Cheng, who had fallen on the ground. From his stance, if his kick were to connect, Bai Cheng would at the very least become unconscious on the spot even given his strength.

Bai Cheng’s entire body erupted in cold sweat as he faced the sharp wind that was kicked toward his face. At that moment, he could not be bothered about appearing awkward. His body rolled on the ground and narrowly dodged this attack from Xiao Yan.

Less than a minute had pa.s.sed in the battleground since the heavy ruler had left Xiao Yan until the current miserable rolling of Bai Cheng. However, this situation which was completely different from everyone’s expectations caused the people in the viewing gallery to be completely stunned. Those members of the ‘White Gang’ who were originally laughing in a mocking manner were just like ducks with their necks being squeezed. They now emitted a hoa.r.s.e ‘ah’ sound from their throats, and were no longer laughing wildly like they did earlier.

Compared to the duck-like dry cries of the members of ‘White Gang,’ the side where the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ stood began to cheer loudly. Originally, they thought that Xiao Yan would completely descend into a disadvantage after losing his heavy ruler. It was really unexpected that he actually made a big comeback, beating Bai Cheng, who was supposed to have gained the upperhand, until he was rolling all over the ground. This unexpected situation caused the tensed faced members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ to involuntarily let out waves of cheers. Some of those who were impulsive even returned the ridicule and laughing curses back to the members of ‘White Gang,’ who had been acting triumphant earlier, infuriating them until their faces turned green.

“Xiao Yan’s closed range combat is quite strong. From the strength and speed which he attacked, it appears that he is even stronger than when he was wielding the black ruler earlier?” High above the Fighting Arena, Yan Hao involuntarily spoke in a somewhat surprised manner after seeing Xiao Yan erupt in an instant.

“He is not just a little stronger.” Lin Xiuya knit his brows slightly. He could vaguely sense an even more powerful Qi after the heavy ruler left his hand. He thought a little in his heart before his gaze turned toward the Heavy Xuan Ruler, which had fallen outside of the battleground. He softly said, “I think that the problem should be on this ruler.”

Yan Hao and the rest reacted upon hearing Lin Xiuya’s reminder. Yan Hao recalled how Xiao Yan’s strength soared after the heavy ruler left his hand, and immediately nodded his head after coming to a sudden understanding.

“This fellow is really unexpected in every way.”

Bai Cheng took advantage of his position to leap to his feet after his body rolled miserably on the ground once. When he heard the laughter from the viewing gallery, his face involuntarily changed between green and white. A long while later, it once again returned to its gloomy look from before. His eyes were icy-cold as he eyed Xiao Yan and said in a dark manner, “Good fellow, you actually still have this move. I have really underestimated you.”

Xiao Yan extended his hands slightly in front of him. He let out a long breath. Following that carefree hand to hand combat earlier, the potential strength within his body appeared to have awoken at this moment, causing him to have a comfortable feeling that gave him the urge to face the sky to roar. This battle had quite the benefit for Xiao Yan, who had just advanced his strength.

“You had a time when you viewed me seriously?” Xiao Yan tilted his head slightly as he let out a mocking smile. Before the other party replied, the silver glow under his feet flashed. His human figure once again appeared beside Bai Cheng in a ghost-like manner. Carrying a sharp wind, his fist, elbow, legs and other parts of his body that could be used to attack were all used at this instant. Numerous afterimages remained in mid-air. They carried a humming sound from the wind as he threw an unceasing number of blows on the fighting platform, like a wild wind.

Since he had the experience from the last attack, Bai Cheng was no longer as lost as he was when faced with Xiao Yan’s wild and violent attacks. The long spear in his hand danced and he was able to see some afterimages of the attack coming down at him.

Two human figures flashed and moved within the battle circle. The green-colored and dark-yellow Dou Qi emitted thunder-like explosions each time they collided. As the force spread, numerous crack lines on the ground were swiftly spreading out at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Bang, bang!”

The low and soft sounds of collision were repeatedly emitted from the battleground. In the end, one could only vaguely see two blurry cl.u.s.ters of light figures due to the both of them doing their utmost to unleash their Dou Qi. Powerful pressuring force pressed on the bodies of the audience over ten meters away, causing them to feel that their breathing was unsmooth.

Quite a number of people on the viewing gallery were quietly speechless as they eyed the incomparably ferocious collisions. Just looking at this exchange by the both of them, they were actually at a stage where they were equally matched. This caused some people to be stunned. Bai Cheng’s reputation in the Inner Academy may not be comparable to that of Lin Xiuya and the others, but no matter how one put it, he was also an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking.’ His strength could enter the top tier level even when placed in the entire Inner Academy. Now, however, Xiao Yan, the new student who had entered the Inner Academy less than half a year ago, was actually able to fight with him until such a stage without appearing to be losing. This achievement really caused some of the students who had entered the Inner Academy earlier than Xiao Yan to feel ashamed.

As the fight entered into a white-hot stage, the noise from the viewing gallery also became much softer. Many people molded cold sweat in their palms as they eyed the flas.h.i.+ng of the two cl.u.s.ters of light. At this moment, both parties had already completely unleashed their strength. If one’s movements were slightly sluggish at any point, it was likely that his opponent would grab the opening and unleash a decisive attack.

Actually, now that the fight had progressed to such a stage, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s reputation would not suffer too much of a blow even if he were to lose. After all, no matter how one put it, Bai Cheng was an older student who had been in the Inner Academy for two to three years. Being able to fight with Bai Cheng to the point where they were evenly matched despite having only entered the Inner Academy less than half a year ago, Xiao Yan’s ability was sufficient enough to cause most of the people in the Inner Academy to look at him with admiration. On the other hand, the burden that Bai Cheng obtained from this kind of battle result far exceeded what Xiao Yan faced. Hence, he clearly understood in his heart that he must not end up in a draw with Xiao Yan in this battle. Otherwise, he would be using his reputation to let Xiao Yan gain an achievement.

A dark, vicious glint flashed across Bai Cheng’s eyes. He could not help but feel a little anxious in his heart. Originally, he thought that it would not be difficult to finish off Xiao Yan, who had just advanced to the Dou Ling cla.s.s, should he unleash all his strength. However, he did not expect to be dragged by Xiao Yan into a deadlock. No matter how sharp his attack was, the latter would be just like a chewing gum that firmly stuck to him. The physical attacks that contained a powerful force rained unceasingly, causing him to be unable to display the long spear attacks that he specialized in. Bai Cheng could not help but show some anxiety under this kind of entangled situation.

“I must defeat this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d no matter what! Looks like I can only use that thing.” A thought once again flashed across Bai Cheng’s heart. His face suddenly became much more ferocious. His right hand held the long spear tightly as he resisted Xiao Yan. His left hand was stretched out and a purple-red medicinal pill rolled down into his hands from within his sleeves. He immediately and swiftly stuffed it into his mouth.

The moment the medicinal pill entered his mouth, a strange purple-red color instantly swarmed onto Bai Cheng’s face. A low roar was emitted from his throat as the dark-yellow Dou Qi rising from his body suddenly surged out uncontrollably. There appeared to be a faint purple-red color mixed in with the dark-yellow Dou Qi.

Xiao Yan’s fist heavily smashed on the rod of the spear. The rod portion of the spear was bent slightly. Immediately, it abruptly unleashed an extremely powerful strength. Under the reflection of this force, Xiao Yan could not react in time and could only take a step back. However, just as his feet stabilized, the yellow figure in front of him flashed forward Bai Cheng, whose speed had suddenly soared greatly, waved the spear with his strength and heavily brandished the rod of the spear against Xiao Yan’s hand.


A low and deep sound appeared. An intense pain was felt on Xiao Yan’s hand. Bai Cheng’s sudden increase in strength shook Xiao Yan, and forced him to step back until he was five to six meters away. Moreover, this heavy blow also caused Xiao Yan’s expression to be a little paler.

The sudden appearance of such a change in the originally anxious battleground caused the people in the viewing gallery to be a little surprised. They were startled when their gazes saw Bai Cheng, whose expression had become a lot more purplish-red. Some of the sharp-eyed people were the first to shout out loud, “Bai Cheng consumed a medicinal pill!”

The entire place appeared to have began to tremble upon hearing this shouting. Although consuming medicinal pills within the Fighting Arena was not against the rules, the opponent of Bai Cheng was merely a new student who had not even been in the Inner Academy for half a year no matter how one put it. Consuming a medicinal pill to raise one’s strength in a fight with an opponent who was originally weaker really caused people to despise him.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps swiftly stepped on the ground. He resolved the force and lifted his head to coldly watch Bai Cheng, whose face was not only purple-red but some purple red color also surfaced in his eyes. He knit his brows slightly as he coldly smiled and said, “It is a not a bad medicinal pill to actually be able to raise one’s strength to this level in one go.”

“The victor is the king and the loser is the bandit. In a true life and death battle, no one will care about how the battle was fought. The ending is the most important!” Bai Cheng darkly said. Since things had developed to this extent, he was too lazy to search for an excuse. Currently, he could only beat Xiao Yan half to death. If he had the chance, he even thought about crippling Xiao Yan. Ever since this fellow had entered the Inner Academy, Bai Cheng never had a day of peace.

“Senior Bai Cheng has spoken well.” Xiao Yan watched Bai Cheng in front of him. A moment later, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded against everyone’s expectations. He immediately rolled his fingers and a sleek, dark-red, round medicinal pill appeared between his fingers. He raised his eyes slightly and eyed Bai Cheng on the opposite side as he smiled and said, “Since Senior Bai Cheng has put it this way, Xiao Yan also cannot correct it. I have yet to try the effects of this ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ ever since I refined it. Today, I shall let Senior Bai Cheng try it.”

Bai Cheng’s eyes stared intently at the dark-red medicinal pill between Xiao Yan’s fingers. His face instantly became ugly when he heard the name of the medicinal pill.

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