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Chapter 574: Seething

The entire stadium was silent. The gazes of everyone were all gathered on the two people on the tall platform.

Liu Qing was the first to move under the observation of everyone. He slowly stood up and immediately strode to the edge of the tall platform under Liu Fei’s wors.h.i.+pping gaze. Finally, his body flashed and leaped down.

Liu Qing’s legs stomped heavily onto the arena. He raised his head, and his gaze turned toward the position where Xiao Yan was located. His eyes had some fieriness within them. The opponent that he viewed the most highly within this ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Compet.i.tion was Lin Xiuya. He did not view any other compet.i.tors too seriously. However, the significantly strong fighting strength that Xiao Yan had displayed during these past two days was also able to cause a strong person like Liu Qing to pay attention and view him a little more seriously. Being able to fight with this dark horse that had caught the most attention before his fight with Lin Xiuya was much like having an appetizer before the big meal. Hence, his interest in this match was quite great.

As Liu Qing entered the arena, all the gazes in the stadium immediately gathered onto Xiao Yan alone. Many people wanted to know whether this new student dark horse would be able to maintain his continuous victory like he did in the past now that he was faced with Liu Qing, a veteran top expert.

Wu Hao and the others helplessly shook their heads as they sensed the focus of the entire stadium. They immediately turned their heads to watch Xiao Yan beside them.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change under the focus of the entire stadium. He did not even feel a little fear because his opponent was Liu Qing. He stood up and slowly walked to the edge of the tall platform.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, all the best.” Xun Er’s gentle encouragement was transmitted from behind him.

Xiao Yan did not turn his head around. He merely waved his hand behind him as his toes pressed on the ground. A faint silver glow surfaced under his feet as his body immediately flashed. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in that s.p.a.cious arena.

Xiao Yan’s feet gently stepped onto the arena. He raised his head and his gaze coincidentally intertwined with Liu Qing on the opposite side. Four eyes studied each other and some unknown feelings were mixed in their eyes.

From Xiao Yan’s perspective, he had been doing his utmost to avoid colliding head on with a strong person like Liu Qing or Lin Xiuya because he must enter the top ten. The plan for the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ was far too important to him. He must ensure that nothing would go wrong. Therefore, he had been adopting the att.i.tude of avoidance whenever he could. Now, however, there was nowhere to run. This caused a true fiery hot fighting intent to appear in his heart. Although Xiao Yan’s desire for a fight was not as crazy as Wu Hao or the others, he would still feel the surge of fighting intent within his heart when he met a truly strong person.

“Since I cannot avoid this current fight, I shall totally let go and fight!” Xiao Yan let out a deep breath as he muttered in his heart.

“Hopefully, you will not disappoint me.” Liu Qing suddenly opened his mouth as his gaze focused on Xiao Yan. His voice was somewhat suppressed, but it also contained his aura, carrying a taste of sharp tyranity.

“I will naturally go all out.” Xiao Yan smiled. His hand grabbed the ruler’s hilt on his back as he abruptly drew it. The heavy ruler was tilted slightly to the ground, and a pressuring wind carrying a humming sound appeared.

Liu Qing glanced at the heavy ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand. Surprise flashed across his eyes. Since the time when Xiao Yan fought with Bai Cheng, he knew that this enormous ruler may perhaps have some strangeness to it. Now that he was facing it personally and could hear the pressuring sound of wind being split, he could confirm in his heart that this black ruler in his opponent’s hands was likely just like his Mountain Splitting Spear, extremely heavy.

“No wonder his attack increases instead of decreases when the heavy ruler leaves his hand. He actually carries the heavy ruler frequently and treats it as training.” A strange thought flashed across his heart. Liu Qing could not help but have a little higher opinion of Xiao Yan. Being able to persevere in using this kind of method to train was something that only a person with a strong mental strength could do.

While this thought revolved around his heart, Liu Qing did not immediately draw the Mountain Splitting Spear on his back that he had not used. His somewhat large hands were slowly extended out. They curled occasionally and widened at other times, forming numerous strange claw-like arcs.

“Don’t say that I am underestimating you. I will only use the Mountain Splitting Spear on opponents who are qualified. I hope that you will possess this qualification.” Liu Qing glanced at Xiao Yan and spoke faintly. One of his claw-like hands hacked in front of him abruptly. An invisible wind shot out, and left behind a couple of tiny dents on the ground.

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not reply. Unless one displayed a strength that would truly cause their opponent to take him or her seriously, a person like Liu Qing, who possessed great strength, would not view you seriously. Xiao Yan thought that if it was not because he had quite a good performance in the few matches earlier, it was likely that Liu Qing would have been too lazy to even bother saying these words to him.

The conversation of the two people in the arena was also transmitted to the viewing gallery at the edge. However, no one felt that Liu Qing was arrogant and haughty. Instead, they quietly praised him in their hearts. He was indeed worthy of the name Tyrant Spear Liu Qing. Who could beat him with such arrogance? This was the gap that was brought about by strength. If Liu Qing did not possess this kind of strength, it was likely that he would be scolded by others as being overly wild and presumptuous in their hearts when he voiced such words.

On the high platform, Liu Fei’s pretty face contained love and tenderness as she eyed the wide and heavy back that would cause people to feel extremely secure. That arrogant sharp aura caused her to be intoxicated with love.

“Hmph, just watch carefully. Look at how elder cousin will defeat that fellow.” Liu Fei suddenly let out a soft snort as she tilted her head and spoke to the somewhat pale-faced Yao Sheng beside her.

“Given chief’s strength, defeating Xiao Yan is naturally as easy as flipping his hand. No matter how he jumps, he is but a little worm who will ultimately have a hard time causing any large wave.” Yao Sheng’s gaze stared at Xiao Yan in the arena in a dark, cold manner. His defeat in the latter’s hands this time around was quite a big blow to him. Hence, he, being a little narrow-minded, naturally placed all of the blame of the humiliation that he had received from his defeat onto Xiao Yan. As he spoke these words, however, he had forgotten about what that would make him, after having been beaten by a person whom he thought of as a worm.

The pride on Liu Fei’s face immediately became a little richer after Yao Sheng’s words. Those pretty eyes swept across that green-clothed young lady on the opposite side of the tall platform who was elegantly seated. She clenched her silver teeth. The other party’s appearance was something that she could not find any flaw with, even from the perspective of a woman. However, it was because of this perfection of the other party that she ultimately bore a grudge. The phrase, ‘women are jealous creatures’ was completely true.

As private conversations sounded from all over the tall platform. Su Qian waved his hands slightly from the audience seat. The voices of the entire stadium became much softer.

Su Qian’s gaze eyed the two people who were facing each other within the arena. Even with his strength, he could not help but form some antic.i.p.ation. Although it appeared that there was a large gap between the two, this match still retained one suspense after another. Perhaps other people might think that Liu Qing had a higher chances of victory, but his many years of experience told him that Xiao Yan’s chances of victory was likely not low. Even with his old sharp eyes, he was unable to see just who would win or lose this battle.

“Since the compet.i.tors have already arrived, then I will announce that this last match that determines the last name in the top ten will officially begin!” Su Qian’s gaze looked all around him as his faint voice arrived slowly under the antic.i.p.ation of the countless number of people.

As Su Qian’s voice fell, a boiling atmosphere immediately covered the entire stadium. Numerous fiery hot gazes were firmly focused on the two people in the arena. They clearly understood that this fight, which was perhaps the most exciting fight since the start of the Grand Compet.i.tion, was about to begin.

An extremely tyrannical aura suddenly erupted from Liu Qing’s body within the arena after Su Qian’s voice sounded. The strength of this aura was something that caused even the audience, who were a great distance away, to feel difficulty breathing.

As a wave of pale-golden Dou Qi surged out from Liu Qing’s body, his large claw-like hands also appeared to once again expand a little at this moment. As his knuckles were slightly bent, they emitted a clear sound just like beans being crushed.

The claw-like hands that were curled into a strange arc randomly tore at the air in front of him. Immediately, the air rippled and a partially visible air scar appeared in the area where his claw-like hands pa.s.sed before being swiftly annihilated…..

Although many people had never faced it head on, they were still able to feel a powerful suppression from the overbearing aura that Liu Qing emitted. Hence, there were quite a number of people who felt an admiration toward Xiao Yan who maintained an expression as calm as an old well while standing in the arena.

The seals were quickly formed on Xiao Yan’s hands. An instant later, the green-colored flame surged out and the temperature which abruptly soared immediately spread and obstructed the powerful aura of Liu Qing.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!”

The green-colored flame that spread all over his body emitted a ‘suo’ sound, and was withdrawn into his body as this low cry sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. Following the entrance of the flame into his body, Xiao Yan’s aura also rose in correspondence. Although he was still unable to compare to Liu Qing, he was at least able to engage in a standoff with the latter and not appear too weak.

Xiao Yan had displayed the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame before the fight had even begun. This was sufficient for one to see just how seriously he regarded Liu Qing. Of course, he also understood clearly in his heart that it was likely that he would be completely defeated in the first exchange if he did not use the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ to raise his strength. After all, Liu Qing, who had taken half a step into the Dou w.a.n.g cla.s.s was much stronger than an ordinary peak level Dou Ling.

Xiao Yan’s sensed the powerful galloping wave-like Dou Qi that flowed in a rumbling manner. He let out a long breath as his arms shook. His sleeves were just like metal pieces at this moment, emitting strange ‘Clang Clang’ sounds. The heavy ruler was tilted to the side as the green flame Dou Qi shrouded over it. An invisible, hot wind grilled the ground until it appeared dry.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly lifted. He eyed Lu Qing, who similarly had his Dou Qi wrapped around his body. Suddenly a low cry sounded in the arena. A faint rolling thunder was immediately emitted as a vague black shadow, dragging an enormous black ruler, carried a ferocious aura as it shot explosively toward the unmoving Liu Qing in front of a countless number of heated gazes.

Xiao Yan actually dared to take the lead in launching an attack in a fight of such great disparity. Just this boldness caused many people to nod quietly.

The dozens of meters of distance was covered in the blink of an eye. The two people instantly became close to each other within the arena. Their gazes were locked on each other, and their fighting intent, that could not be suppressed, finally completely erupted in a boiling manner.


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