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Chapter 99: Threaten

Watching Xiao Yan stroll over, Ge La smiled coldly. He had seen many such new students who had stood out, but none of them had a good ending. Wearing down the spirit of new students during their recruitment was an unofficial tradition in Jia Nan Academy. Those who possessed the qualification to be recruited usually had quite a lot of talent. These people were also usually pampered within their home and seldom met with any mocking or taunting. Carrying this kind of att.i.tude and entering Jia Nan Academy which was filled with outstanding individuals would easily result in fights breaking out because of verbal disputes. At the end, this would only cause unnecessary trouble. Hence, when recruiting new students, it was important to let the new students clearly understand their ability and wear down their arrogance and spirit.

When faced with this unofficial rule, even the teachers of the Jia Nan Academy did not raise any objections. Thus, this rule continued to be pa.s.sed down over the generations.

Tightening his fist and allowing his faint Dou Qi to enshroud over it, Ge La smiled coldly. Back when he first joined the Jia Nan Academy, he had also resisted with his talent. However, a two star Dou Zhe senior had only used one punch before he sensibly ran out to stand under the blazing sun for half an hour. This personal humiliation had further increased his desire to grind down the spirit of each new student he saw.

Under the watchful eyes of the surrounding people, the young man finally stopped right in front of Ge La.

“Yu Er, why are you not stopping him? Being under the sun is much better than suffering physical injuries.” Seeing the sinister smile of Ge La, the girls beside Xiao Yu somewhat unwillingly blamed her.

Standing beside Xiao Yu, Xue Ni recalled the appraisal Xiao Yu had of Xiao Yan and her clear eyes blinked. Curiously, she stared at the young man who had continued smiling faintly. She wanted to know whether Xiao Yu was right and that this young man called Xiao Yan really had a talent comparable to that Witch.

Closing her red lips tightly, Xue Ni placed her hands in front of her chest while antic.i.p.ation flashed across her eyes.

With the redness on her face yet to subside, Xiao Yu appeared extremely attractive. She lazily stretched her arm and then pushed aside the black hair in front of her forehead. As she stared at the young man’s back, she said in an offhanded whisper, “It is difficult to say who’s going to suffer.”

Watching the two men in the tent who were about to start fighting, the twenty plus new students under the sun curiously directed their gaze at them. Before choosing to be under the sun, they had also attempted to retaliate but those retaliations were all easily forcefully suppressed by their much stronger seniors. Seeing another who wanted to challenge the strength of these seniors, they began to gloat at his misfortune as they got ready to observe how he would embarra.s.s himself.

“Are you ready?”

Enjoying being the focus of everyone’s attention, the smile on Ge La’s face grew richer. His small eyes glanced at Xiao Yan and spoke with a smile.

“Begin.” Xiao Yan simply scratched his chin quietly, causing everyone to be stunned.

“Heh heh, Little boy. Your mentality is not bad.” Faced with Xiao Yan’s att.i.tude, Ge Le was a little surprised. Immediately, he felt an anger from within. Was this an attempt at discriminating against him?

Lightly releasing his breath, Xiao Yan did not bother to say any nonsense. He simply lazily stared at the somewhat angry face of his opponent.

“Very good!”

The calm of his opponent had hurt Ge La’s pride. With a cold smile, he furiously rushed forward with his right fist clenched and Dou Qi agglomerating on it. Immediately, the fist, along with the accompanying wind ruthlessly bombarded toward Xiao Yan’s head.

The surrounding audience, upon seeing Ge La use such a great force against a new student, frowned.

Gently lifting his eyelids and watching the large fist rus.h.i.+ng at him, Xiao Yan shook his head. He raised his palm where the first was about to strike was and halted Ge La’s fist.

After halting the fist, his palm did not even make the slightest movement. The punch which had a huge amount of energy and strength did not even raise the slightest reaction, much like punching air.

“Speed, slow! Strength, weak! Are you really a student from Jia Nan Academy?” Lifting his face, Xiao Yan shook his head and whispered.

The ridicule in the young man’s whisper caused the surrounding people to become dumbfounded. One by one, astonished gazes stared at the spot where the fist and palm made contact. It was difficult to imagine that a new student would be able to easily block an attack from a one star Dou Zhe.

Luo Bu, who was originally full of smiles. gradually turned gloomy as he watched this scene. His gaze was filled with coldness as he watched the young man who was smiling faintly. It seemed that he had made a mistake. Had he known, he would have let someone who was stronger enter the fight.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Do you want to die?”

Being publicly ridiculed by a new student, Ge La’s face had turned completely red as he bellowed. His right leg aimed at Xiao Yan’s lower abdomen and violently kicked.

With an indifferent face, Xiao Yan’s lazily swung his unused left hand as one would do to a fly. Finally, with a snapping sound, he hit Ga Le’s ankle; a bruise instantly appeared.


An intense pain was emitted from the ankle, causing Ge La to breath in a mouthful of cold air. The fury on his face became even wilder. Quickly retreating a step, he broke away from Xiao Yan’s palm. His right leg stepped off the ground and borrowed the force to rise high into the air. Spinning abruptly, a pale green Dou Qi appeared on his right leg. A wind blade like imaginary light covered his leg before it ruthlessly cut towards Xiao Yan’s skull cap.

“Shameless. To even use the ‘Wind-Light Edge’. This is a High Huang Dou Skill. This guy is far too shameless.” Watching the blurry light blade on Ge La’s leg, the group of female students, whose face were filled with anger, yelled furiously.

Seeing Ge La’s action, Xiao Yu’s eyebrow creased slightly only to relax soon after. Back then, even after using a High Xuan Dou Skill, Jia Lie Ao’s hands were still crippled by Xiao Yan. She did not believe that with just the strength of a one star Dou Zhe, this guy could do any significant harm to Xiao Yan.

Lifting his face, the somewhat sharp wind caused Xiao Yan’s face to shudder slightly. Slowly lifting his palm, he aimed at the descending Ge La.

“Scram!” Moving his lips, the faint voice shouted.

As the shout died down, a ferocious and shapeless force came rus.h.i.+ng forth from Xiao Yan’s palm and ruthlessly landed on the chest of the descending Ge La.


As his chest suffered an unknown heavy blow, the cold face of Ge La immediately turned white. A moment later, his body was pushed backwards as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


After his body was thrown back by more than ten meters, it landed heavily on a rock that had been baked under the hot sun. Ge La’s body slightly twitched as his terrified face watched the young man who was standing a distance away with his palm still stretched out. His chest felt then stuffy and his vision became black as he finally fainted.

The time between Ge La’s powerful attack till the time he was thrown back without any apparent reason was only slightly more than ten seconds.

Seeing how the victory was decided in such a short time, the people both within and outside the camp harmoniously kept silent.

Under the hot sun, the new students foolishly stared at Ge La who had fainted near them. Moments later, their fervent gaze s.h.i.+fted towards the young man standing under the shade. This was the first time they had witnessed a freshman defeating a senior. Moreover, this new student seemed to be slightly younger than them.

The prettier young ladies amongst the new student gazed pa.s.sionately at the black clothed young man who wore an indifferent face. Their eyes were filled with a wors.h.i.+pful glint. Was it not for the inappropriate atmosphere, they might have screeched once or twice to vent their wors.h.i.+pful feelings.

“Certainly… a terrifying talent.” Staring intently at Xiao Yan, Xue Ni let out a shocked sigh and shook her head. Xiao Yan’s strength had proven that what Xiao Yu had said earlier was the truth.

“Yu… Yu er. This person from your family, what exactly is the level of his strength. From the looks of it, it seems he has already become a Dou Zhe, right?” While staring dumbly at the young man in black, the girls beside Xiao Yu abruptly asked with a stammer.

What a joke. Being able to easily beat up a one star Dou Zhe to such an extent, his strength was already greater than most of the people here.

Xiao Yu smiled sweetly as she stared intently at the young man standing on the spot where the fight had taken place. An unknown radiance flashed across her eyes. A moment later, she copied Xiao Yan’s manner and waved her hands while speaking with a smile, “If we were to fight, even I would not be able to beat him. Do you think he is a Dou Zhe?’

Tsk tsk, a Dou Zhe at such a young age. Even in Jia Nan Academy, that is considered to be one of the top talents. Heh heh, Yu er, it seems you have quite a good taste. But he is your cousin, isn’t he? Why don’t you let us have him?” The beautiful lady’s laughingly teased.

“Get lost you lewd woman!”

With a red face, Xiao Yu pushed the girl away. In her heart, Xiao Yu muttered without reason, “I have already said. There are no blood ties between him and me…”

The sudden appearance of her heartfelt feelings caused the tip of Xiao Yu’s ears to scald. She quickly scolded herself before calming her feelings, not daring to let her imagination run wild.

Compared to the laugher on Xiao Yu’s side, Luo Bu’s face was becoming increasingly gloomy. He coldly stared at Xiao Yan as the corner of his mouth twitched.

“I do not need to go out now, do I?” Carelessly pulling down his sleeves, Xiao Yan looked at Luo Bu and smiled faintly.

“haha, You seem to have some hidden skills.” Hiding the coldness on his face, Luo Bu once again displayed a radiant smile. Walking forward, he patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders in a seemingly friendly manner as he coldly whispered, “Little boy, you had better not be too impudent. Although you possess some talent, there are many in Jia Nan Academy who are more outstanding than you. With your att.i.tude, you will find yourself in an unfavourable situation in Jia Nan Academy.”

“Thanks for your reminder.” Nodding his head with a smile, Xiao Yan said, “But I believe that you do not possess such qualifications”

Xiao Yan was no fool. Luo Bu’s enmity toward him was something he clearly understood. Therefore, there was no need to act ignorant in front of him. Even if they were to fight, Xiao Yan was not afraid of him. If he were to be more annoyed… it was not as though it was the first time he killed someone and destroyed the corpse.

Although Luo Bu’s enmity towards him originated from a misunderstanding, Xiao Yan did not have the leisure mood to explain it away. Putting it in a less courteous manner, it was Luo Bu who did not possess the qualification for Xiao Yan to do so.

Moreover, Xiao Yu may have argued with him everyday but Xiao Yan did not wish for her to be harmed by this two-faced hypocrite.

Listening to Xiao Yan’s rude words, Luo Bu radiant smile once again dissolved into coldness. His cold eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan and his face twitched. The cold glint in his eyes seemed to imaginary slash Xiao Yan into multiple pieces.

Xiao Yan ignored the pointless visual a.s.sault. The indifferent smile on his delicate and handsome face was clearly better at giving others a good impression compared to the forceful pretentious hypocrite smile.

“Arrogant boy. When you start at Jia Nan Academy, I will take good care of you as your senior.” Luo Bu clench his teeth and said with a cold smile.

Touching his face, Xiao Yan softly said, “I don’t know about other things but if you continue your act, believe me, I am able to cause you to be unable to leave Wu Tan City.”

Shrinking his eyes, the corner of Luo Bu’s mouth twitched as he stared at the young man. Within those black eyes, he found a depth of indifference.

His body trembled without leaving a trace. When he looked into those chilly black eyes, Luo Bu actually felt a frightening coldness. This feeling was similar to the one he got when he faced a savage Mystical Wolf alone during his last mission.

Luo Bu covertly swallowed his saliva. The threatening words which were about to escape his mouth were also forcefully swallowed.

“Very good.” Luo Bu heaved out a breath of air seemingly intent on expelling the embarra.s.sing chill that he had felt. Clenching his teeth and nodding his head, he had already made a decision. If he had the opportunity, he would get someone to cultivate a ‘good’ relations.h.i.+p with this boy.

Indifferently staring at Luo Bu, Xiao Yan was considering whether to find an opportunity to let this guy vanish from Wu Tan City in order to avoid future trouble when a tender female voice from within the tent caused Xiao Yan to soften.

“Hehe, this little boy has quite a great talent. This time around, it looks like I have found a treasure.”


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