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Read Be happy with sports Chapter 570 West Conference Semifinals 10

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Read WebNovel Be happy with sports Chapter 570 West Conference Semifinals 10

Chapter 570 West Conference Semifinals 10

So Eva went right after arriving home to Miami, Eva wants to sleep in Miami that day and the next day goes to the restaurant very early to see how Anna was doing, so Jake went to sleep to rest after the tiring game.

The other day Jake woke up very early and then called his mother to see if she had arrived well in Miami, Eva said that she had arrived well in Miami and would go to the restaurant as soon as she ended that call.

So Jake relaxed and went to eat his breakfast, that day he and the other players had a day of rest after winning the last game, Coach Rambis was very concerned that the players were very tired and could be injured in these playoff games.

If Jake, Shaq, or Kobe got hurt it would be almost impossible for the Los Angeles Lakers team to win the NBA t.i.tle this season, that was the goal of Coach Rambis, the team’s board, and all the players.

On the next day, they would have a training day and then they could rest on the 28th too, Coach Rambis said that if the game between the San Antonio Spurs team and the Utah Jazz team still had the seventh game the players could rest 2 more days.

Jake did not expect the game between these teams to have a seventh game, in fact he did not even expect these teams to have a sixth game, after all, Jake thought that the San Antonio Spurs team would easily win the 4 games.

Of course Jake knew how the Utah Jazz team was a great team and was a tough opponent for the season, but as the Utah Jazz team had lost to the Portland Trail Blazers team and the Portland Trail Blazers team lost to the San Antonio Spurs team in just 4 games Jake thought the San Antonio Spurs team would advance by winning all 4 games easily.

Of course, it was better for the Los Angeles Lakers team that had to play 5 games that the opposing team in the next phase would play 6 games, so it was expected that the players of the opposing team would be more tired and so the Los Angeles Lakers team that would play the First 2 games in Los Angeles would have even more advantage.

After a few hours Jake got a call from Kate, he didn’t call her because he knew she would be busy that day, but it looked like Kate had taken some time off to talk to Jake.

“Hi Jake, congratulations on your team’s victory and for advancing to the next stage of the playoffs.”

“Thank you, I was very happy with this victory and because our team qualified for the next phase of the playoffs, even though our team has won 4 games and we only had 1 loss, all games were very difficult and the Portland Trail Blazers team it was a tough opponent.”

“I think the next opponent will be even more difficult to defeat, but I am confident that our team can win reaching the NBA Finals and win the NBA t.i.tle.”

Jake hoped that the San Antonio Spurs team would be the opponent in the next phase of the playoffs, so the next games would be the most difficult of the season, this season the Los Angeles Lakers team won 2 times against the San Antonio Spurs team and lost only 1 game.

But at the beginning of this season, the San Antonio Spurs team was not performing well and it was at the beginning of the season that the Los Angeles Lakers team won the first 2 games, in the last game that was at the end of the season the San Antonio Spurs team won.

The Sun Antonio Spurs team lost only 3 games in the last 20 games and lost 8 games in the first 20 games, that showed the difference in the team’s performance, so Jake was concerned about the next games and was surprised that the Utah Jazz team was able to force a sixth game in the dispute against the San Antonio Spurs team.

“I also think that the Los Angeles Lakers team will win the NBA t.i.tle, so you have to win against the next opponent so that I can watch your team’s games in the NBA Finals.”

Jake was also looking forward to seeing Kate again, even though he couldn’t speak to her, knowing that she would be watching the games would make him more confident to perform better and help the Los Angeles Lakers team win.

After that Kate told Jake that she would probably be doing shows until September and then taking a few months off until Jake’s vacation was over, after that Kate would go to work until June and finally finish the tour that Lily and the record company had booked.

Jake knew that Kate had made this concert schedule to have her vacation together with his vacation, Jake was very happy because it meant that Kate also thought a lot about their relations.h.i.+p and so she did it.

After that Jake talked to Kate for a while and after finis.h.i.+ng the call he thought he could rest for the rest of the day, but soon he got an unexpected call, it was William who was calling Jake to let him know that he and his other friends had come to Los Angeles.

William, Zack, and Haruto came from the university to visit Jake in Los Angeles after they went on vacation at the university after finis.h.i.+ng their third year, Haruto had just finished his fourth year and had graduated from university.

Of course, Jake knew that his friends were on vacation and he also knew that Haruto had already finished his senior year at university, but he didn’t expect them to go to Los Angeles as soon as they went on vacation.

After a while the car Jake rented picked up his friends at the airport and they arrived at Jake’s house, the three were very surprised to see Jake’s mansion, they knew that Jake had a lot of money, but they didn’t know that he had stayed so rich after leaving university for just 1 year.

“What a beautiful house, Jake, if I had known that you had such a nice house, I would have come before to pay you a visit.”

“It’s nice to see you too, William, I didn’t expect you to come and visit me here on your vacation.”

“I also didn’t know that we would be visiting you anytime soon, but now the Los Angeles Lakers team arrived at the West Conference Finals in its first season, we had to come here and cheer for you.”

“Unfortunately Aaron cannot come with us because he has to train for the American Football team games, we know that you are going to be very busy after entering the NBA, so we decided to come here.”

“I see, how was this semester at the university for you?”

“It was more difficult to pa.s.s the exams without your help, Jake, I didn’t know that my grades would drop so much, luckily I still managed to pa.s.s after studying more.”

“William is right, even though I didn’t study in the same as you, you still helped me a lot, and this semester it was much more difficult, Jake.”

“Hahaha, I said that I helped you a lot, but you still thought you were very smart and that I didn’t help you much, now you have seen the truth.”

“How’s your training going, Zack?”

“It’s harder to train now that I don’t have you to train with me or Coach Davis who came to Los Angeles, but I still kept training every day, I think I managed to improve this past year and the next marathon we’re going to running together I will show you this improvement of mine.”

Jake was happy to see that Zack had continued his training even after he and Coach Davis left the university, Jake thought about asking Coach Davis to stay at the university to train Zack.

After all Jake knew he wouldn’t do any running training until the end of the NBA season, but soon Jake gave up doing it because he knew that Coach Davis wanted to buy him a house to live with his family in Los Angeles that would be where Jake the next few years would pa.s.s.

After all, Coach Davis lived with his family in a hotel for the 2 years that Jake remained at university, so Jake thought it best to let Coach Davis buy his house and stay on vacation in Los Angeles during those months that Jake would be playing in the NBA season.

In addition, Jake wants to see if Zack would still continue to train even after he and Coach Davis left the university, after all in the future Coach Davis could not continue training Zack, so it was better than Zack got used to it.

“I am happy to see that you continued training and that you still want to run in the marathons, this year I think about running again in the Chicago marathon, I cannot guarantee that this will really happen, but I would be happy if you ran with me.”

“Of course, Jake, I’m going to run in Chicago again and I’ll be able to run in a much shorter time than last year.”

“Zack, I think that after this Chicago marathon you should start running some marathons during the year without me, you have to be independent if you want to be an even better athlete, who knows you will become a marathoner in the future too.”

“I had thought about it before, I still don’t know if I want to be a professional marathoner in the future, but I’m sure that I love running and I want to continue training to stay healthy.”

“You don’t have to become a professional marathon runner if you don’t want to, you can have another profession and just run 1 or 2 marathons during the year if you can continue training and it doesn’t hinder your work you can still run the marathons.”

“I think you have the talent to be a professional marathon runner, in just 3 years you trained hard to be able to run a marathon in less than 3 hours, so in the future, you may be able to be in the top 10 in several marathons and maybe even win one marathon someday. “


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