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Read Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1113 – They Had Stopped Seeking Trouble But Trouble Continued To Plague Them.

Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO is a web novel created by Su Yunjin.
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Chapter 1113: They Had Stopped Seeking Trouble But Trouble Continued To Plague Them.

Gu Mengmeng paused before continuing. “There is only one each of the seven treasures. As long as you two each use up one of them, there will be no way anyone can gather them to open up the s.p.a.ce-time portal.”

Gu Mengmeng was making a lot of sense. The Tear of the Beast Deity was already within Gu Mengmeng, so if Elvis and Lea used the Heart of the Desert and the Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs to activate the bloodline of the Beast King, then anyone who wished to open the s.p.a.ce-time portal had to kill all three of them to a.s.semble the seven treasures.

Ha, one Beast King was already enough to dominate the entire Beast World—three Beast Kings would be like buying the most elite weapons in those freemium online games. They could roar across the skies: Is there anyone else who could beat us?!

Gu Mengmeng, Elvis and Lea formed the iron trinity. In the Beast World, their relations.h.i.+p was the strongest and most invulnerable. It was impossible to try and break them. The minute one of them was attacked, the other two would immediately come to the rescue. So to retrieve the seven treasures from them would be like the delusions of a mad man.

Elvis and Lea exchanged looks after Gu Mengmeng explained her thinking. Their eyes lit up.

Yes, they had momentarily lost their minds at the notion of “Gu Mengmeng will leave”. They had been sucked into a huge tornado of panic and completely unable to think properly then.

But at times of crisis, danger and opportunity existed side by side.

They would gain the upper hand if they could retrieve the three treasures before Cole had the chance to carry out his schemes.

Even if they could just get two of the treasures, the advantage would still lie with them.

Elvis wrapped his arms around Gu Mengmeng’s waist and kissed her forehead. “I have become so overly-cautious ever since I met you. I totally forgot that being proactive and attacking first is my usual style.”

Lea’s mind raced on even more fluidly and meticulously. He held Gu Mengmeng’s hand to his lips. “Leave this matter to me. I will make the plans for it.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded. “Mmm.”

For the past two years, Lea and Elvis had laid down their arms and banners, revolving their entire lives around Gu Mengmeng. They just wished to go about peaceful little lives, and had long forgotten their ambitious plans to unify the entire Beast World.

However, even though they had stopped seeking trouble, trouble continued to plague them.

Since they could not find peace by hiding and avoidance, why not come out with a bang?

They wanted to see who would dare have any nefarious designs on them once all three of them became Beast Kings.

That night, Lea and Elvis had insomnia for the first time in a long while.

It was not out of worry, but excitement.

Those much-hated seven treasures had suddenly become much-coveted objects to them.

They wanted Gu Mengmeng to stay, and have it such that no one in this world would dare go against her.

Gathering those seven treasures seemed to be the best solution.

When Gu Mengmeng awoke the next morning, Elvis and Lea both had to head out at the same time. It was a rare occurrence.

Elvis needed to continue gathering their supplies for the winter, while Lea had to make preparations in their search for the seven treasures.

Gu Mengmeng was rather unused to being alone. In the past, one of them would always be by her side.

Lea had already cooked a pot of meat and Gu Mengmeng ladled a bowl for herself.

Gu Mengmeng sat alone at the six-seater table.

Ha, she had always eaten alone in the past and never felt it was an issue.

But now she understood that loneliness was also a kind of luxury. Because to recognize it, you would have experienced company and protection first.

“Great Messenger.” A soft voice called out from nearby. Gu Mengmeng looked up to see Mandy.


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