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Read Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1368 – Cole, Kneel Down

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Chapter 1368: Cole, Kneel Down

Lea used a beast skin to dry Gu Mengmeng’s little feet after was.h.i.+ng them clean. He then took out a new pair of shoes and helped her put them on. “Alright, be a good girl and sit still.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded, only then did Lea wave his tail and s.h.i.+eld her behind him. “I don’t think the great Fox King came to Sauder just to pit his fighting skills against the wolf race?”

Cole chuckled and leaped backwards.

At the same time, Elvis halted his attacks and also stepped back.

Elvis returned to Gu Mengmeng’s side and stood shoulder to shoulder with Lea, completely blocking her off and not allowing Cole to catch even a glimpse of her.

The battle between Elvis and Cole earlier was mostly just a mutual testing of waters. Although Lea was was.h.i.+ng Gu Mengmeng’s feet, he managed to observe more or less the entire fight.

At the level of the Beast King, there is nearly no difference between the powers of each race. It was not possible for Elvis alone to crush Cole, but Elvis was not the only Beast King they had on their side. Hence, they still held the advantage here.

Cole raised one hand. “Lea, move aside.”

Lea went limp and collapsed to his knees.

He struggled to stand but failed to squeeze out even the tiniest bit of energy.

Gu Mengmeng remembered this scene clearly. Wabei had behaved like this when the mark behind her neck started to change.

Gu Mengmeng jumped off her stool to help Lea. She shot Cole a scornful sideways glance and said in a cold voice, “Cole, kneel down.”

At Gu Mengmeng’s command, Cole really went down on his knees. Elvis, who was just about to launch an attack at Cole, immediately halted. He quietly went back to stand at his original position.

Cole was rather surprised himself. He tried to stand up but found no strength to do so.

Gu Mengmeng helped Lea up and sat him down on her stool. She then stood beside Lea with her arms gently around his shoulder, letting him lean against her. Elvis stood diagonally behind Gu Mengmeng, finally allowing Cole and her to see each other.

Gu Mengmeng smirked. “Do you understand now? Even though you are the Beast King, you are still lower than sc.u.m before me.”

“That is but of course.” Cole seemed to revel in Gu Mengmeng’s stern expression. His face was full of unbridled joy and wors.h.i.+p. “Ah Gu has always held the highest and most revered existence in this world. I am just the dirt beneath your feet.”

Gu Mengmeng was completely immune to Cole’s disgusting fawning. She just asked in a chilly tone, “What have you done to my sons?”

Cole shook his head. “The young masters are all in an extremely safe place, under my protection.”

Gu Mengmeng sneered. “Why should my sons be under your protection? Who do you think you are?”

Cole gazed deeply at Gu Mengmeng as he said in a gentle voice, “Ah Gu, haven’t you considered the major impact to the Beast World when Elvis used the Heart of the Desert to activate his Beast King bloodline?”

Gu Mengmeng frowned but didn’t answer.

“Currently, the Love of the Sky and Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs have yet to surface as they are under the protection of the Beast Deity. Apart from you, no one else is able to get at them. The Tear of the Beast Deity and Heart of the Desert lies within two Beast Kings, and no one dares to go after them. The Key of the Beast King has yet to come into existence and so there is nothing to covet there. Therefore, the two remaining treasures…”

Gu Mengmeng’s heart skipped a beat.

Cole knew then that Gu Mengmeng had understood one of his key points. Hence, he continued. “I remember you said before that ‘an innocent man will be targeted just for possessing a valuable treasure’. I feel that saying fits Chixuan to a tee.”


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