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Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO is a web novel produced by Su Yunjin.
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Chapter 804: There Is A Difference Between Insanity And Perversion

Elvis was calm beyond reason. He was completely unruffled by Peter’s words, but just replied coldly, “It doesn’t matter whether I believe it, because… I just don’t care.”

Peter chuckled and nodded. “Absolutely right. I don’t care either. Whether it was you or one of your other brothers, it didn’t matter which one, as long as just one of you remained alive…”

Just one remained alive?

Gu Mengmeng remembered Natalie saying that she bore six…

No wonder she never heard Elvis mentioned about his own brothers. They had all died?

Peter gazed absently in the direction of his cave. “Stray beasts should never have children. Stray beasts only s.n.a.t.c.h females back to satisfy their s.e.xual urges. Children? They are a shame. I don’t care about pa.s.sing on my bloodline. For someone who has been abandoned by the Beast Deity, what’s there to pa.s.s on? However, that child was borne by Natalie for me. If possible… I still hoped he could survive.”

“In that case, why did you kill your own children, and purposely use that to incite her?” Gu Mengmeng couldn’t understand. Was this the so-called love-hate relations.h.i.+p? “Did you know, when Natalie mentioned those children, how miserable she looked?”

“Miserable…?” Peter suddenly laughed with a measure of comfort. “So, it appears that those children didn’t die for nothing.”

Gu Mengmeng clenched her fists. As cruel as a tiger might be, it would never devour its own cubs. How could this person be comforted by the death of his own children? What did he mean by they didn’t die for nothing?

Somehow, this reminded Gu Mengmeng of something Elvis once told her.

He said that in order to become as powerful as he was now so that he could protect her, it was worth all the hards.h.i.+ps he had endured.

She replied that she didn’t mind if he was weaker. Her heart ached for the pains he had suffered as a child.

But he said…

If he had been weaker, he probably wouldn’t have the chance to stand before her.

At that time, she thought he meant that she only liked powerful males. If he was not powerful enough, she wouldn’t like him.

But now, it appeared that she had misunderstood.

He meant that if he had been even slightly weaker… Elvis would have ended up one of the five dead children.

As she thought of how her man had nearly died in Peter’s twisted love story, pain shot through Gu Mengmeng’s heart. She really wished to give him one tight smack straight to h.e.l.l.

“After all her partners died, she wanted to use death to leave me. She had already abandoned me once, how could I let her leave me again? Moreover, she was so perfect that she would definitely return to the Beast Deity’s embrace after death. While for me… I am destined to be abandoned and bound for h.e.l.l. Now that I think of it, Natalie still trusted me. She trusted in me just so she could abandon me…”

“She said that these children were the only gift she would ever give me. Since I loved her so much, I would definitely treat our children well. As such, she could die without regrets.”

“I couldn’t let her die without regrets. I couldn’t! I couldn’t allow her to hand those children over to me without any worries and leave me forever. I forbid it!”

Gu Mengmeng felt so suffocated that she didn’t wish to continue listening to his story.

She knew how crazy a male could be over love. Snake had already used his own life to teach her that fact.

However, there was a difference between insanity and perversion.

“No wonder she would rather die than remain by your side…” Gu Mengmeng stared at Peter coldly.


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