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Read Beauty and the Beasts Chapter 1262 – Arthur and Right (1)

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Read WebNovel Beauty and the Beasts Chapter 1262 – Arthur and Right (1)

Chapter 1262: Arthur and Right (1)

Curtis communicated with the wild snakes and then sent them off.

They left the tribe and scattered in all directions. When they came into contact with their own kind, they’d further disseminate information. The wider the range, the greater the search group.

A fox who had a young eagle with him. This was a piece of information that was easy to identify.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh—

The forest was enveloped by the sound of the heavy rain. As the densely packed rainwater landed on the ground, it formed many small streams that mixed with the soil and flowed into the river, dyeing the river water into a mud color.

The water level of the river in the forest surged tremendously, flowed fiercely, and had many impurities floating on it. They looked as if they were having a dragon boat compet.i.tion, all of them fighting to move forward.

A chunk of thick rotting wood drifted at the fastest rate. There was even a brown-haired man with a skinny body sitting on it. The man was carrying a young eagle that was completely drenched. That young eagle was Right, whom Bai Qingqing was thinking about.

“Screech~” Right hid into the man’s embrace, trying hard to avoid the rain.

“Don’t move. Your wing joint has been twisted and you need to rest and recuperate.” The man’s tone was extremely gentle. It could be because he was drenched in the rain, his countenance looked pale and colorless. There was grief coming from his gaze, making him look even weaker when he didn’t have a strong figure, to begin with.

The man scooped up a leaf floating on the water and sheltered Right with it.

“Screech~” Right was docile and stopped moving.

“We’ll get some rest after we find a place to take shelter from the rain,” the man said, then started to pay attention to the surroundings.

The environment in the mountain was complicated and constantly changing. There was no lack of natural caves, and they came into one not long later. Other wild beasts were hiding in the cave, and it took the guy a lot of effort to chase them away before they took over their nest to rest.

“I’m a doctor. My name is Arthur. You’re an eagle beastman? Why aren’t you at Sea Cliff? Were you abandoned by your father?” Arthur stroked Right’s wings pitifully and guessed.

“Screech~” Right suffered from internal injuries and had been drenched in the rain for so long that he didn’t have much energy left. He didn’t hear what the other party was saying and subconsciously gave a reply.

Arthur’s heart ached for him even more. He lowered his eyes to conceal the sudden flash of grief, then said in a soft voice, “I also have no home to return to. I’ll take care of you in the future. Let’s live together.”


Right let out a weak cry. He lay on the ground and water kept flowing out from his feathers, soaking the floor. His weak appearance seemed as if he was on the verge of death.

For some reason, this scene seemed to agitate Arthur, and he suddenly broke into a panicked expression. He didn’t care that Right’s wings were broken and shouldn’t be moved recklessly, then started to shake his body vigorously.

“Screech!” Right was given a fright and bounced up to his feet as he flapped his wings. He was then tormented by the pain from his wing joint and swayed.

Arthur heaved a huge sigh of relief, raising Right to shake off the water on him, and said, “There’s so much water. This won’t do. We must dry you up.”

He looked around and brought out the only dry gra.s.s nest in the cave, shattering a piece of rock before trying to knock them.

This rock was meant for lighting fire, and it was also damp. Arthur knocked the pieces together over 100 times before sparks came out and lit up the dried gra.s.s.

Gra.s.s wouldn’t last long when used to burn, and this pile of dried gra.s.s wouldn’t last for long. Arthur didn’t light up the flame, but instead, covered the fire starter with damp gra.s.s before stuffing Right into the gra.s.s pile.

“Wait here and don’t move. I’ll be back in a while,” Arthur said.

“Screech screech~” Right nodded docilely.

Arthur covered Right completely with gra.s.s, stood up to take a look, then walked out of the cave, feeling worried.


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