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Read Beauty and the Bodyguard 658 The Cause Of Fainting?

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The Cause of Fainting?

“Shu, what happened to Yaoyao? Do you mind telling us about the situation at that time?” Ding Binggong was impatient to discover the truth. Since he hadn’t gotten any useful information from Doctor Lee and Zhifeng he had targeted Yushu instead. Yushu stuck with Mengyao all the time, so he a.s.sumed that she should know the full story better than anyone.

However, Yushu’s words were more or less the same as the other students. All of them went to the canteen for lunch and fainted after returning to the cla.s.s not long after….

Initially, Doctor Lee had suspected that food poisoning was the cause of fainting. After all, the students fainted after having their lunch break, but this a.s.sumption wasn’t possible, because when comparing the fainted ones to all of the students who went to have their lunch in the canteen, there were only 28 students that were affected!

In other words, the possibility of food poisoning as the main cause of fainting was very small, otherwise, why didn’t this happen to the rest of the students? To say that only one dish was poisoned wasn’t plausible as well, because it was highly unlikely to have only 28 students eat the one dish out of the whole cohort

So only by sending the students for a physical examination could they determine the cause of this mess.

On their way to the hospital, the ambulances had to run a few traffic lights. It was very uncommon to have a group of ambulances on the street so the cars moved away and avoided blocking their path instinctively. They knew that having so many ambulances at once, something serious must have happened.

Ding Binggong made some preparations before calling to Chu Pengzhan- he had to report this event to the chairman. Besides, Chu Mengyao was one of the fainted students, there was no reason for him not to inform Chu Pengzhan with this emerging problem in the school.

Pengzhan was in the middle of meeting. He didn’t want to answer the phone at first, but the three words “Ding Bing Gong” were shown on the incoming call screen, and he had to answer this no matter what. After all, it was extremely unusual for Binggong to contact Pengzhan outside of the reports given weekly.

If it wasn’t about public affairs, then it must have been about Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu or Lin Yi. Something must had happened to either one of them, only then Binggong would call Pengzhan privately! Thinking until this point, Pengzhan raised his hand, indicating to the table to pause the meeting and answered the call, “ Ding, what’s the matter? I’m in the middle of meeting….”

Penghzhan had made it clear that if Binggong did not have anything serious to discuss, he should call him back a while later.

“Chairman Chu, something has happened to the school!” Binggong said solemnly, “During the afternoon break, there were 28 students that had fainted for an unknown reason, and one of victims happened to be Chu Mengyao….”

“WHAT!” Pengzhan was so shocked, he had unconsciously risen from his chair! Twenty over students fainted simultaneously- from the opening of the school until now, news this serious had never happened before. If this serious case wasn’t handled properly, the school’s reputation and even the trust from the people within the industries would be heavily affected, all of them would be going down the drain for good!

However, what really worried Pengzhan was his daughter’s safety! Mengyao was part of his life, how could he have the mood to continue the meeting when he heard that her own daughter had fainted? He waved his hand to dismiss the people from the meeting, “The meeting stops here, Li Fu, follow me!”

“Yes, Mr. Chu!” Li Fu nodded and followed Pengzhan out of the meeting room. As Pengzhan’s right-hand man, naturally, he was able to sense the difference in the atmosphere around Pengzhan- his emotions weren’t in check, it seemed like something terrible had happened.

In Pengzhan industries, Pengzhan was the only person in charge- his one word was like the nine tripod cauldrons so even if they were unsatisfied with his decision, no one would dare to voice it. Xie Guangbo and Jin Gubang had just left the industries not long ago, so there was no way the new bloods were not aware of that.

The people in the meeting room remained silent when Pengzhan left the room. They didn’t leave the room instantly, instead, they waited for a moment before leaving the room and returned to their own offices.

Pengzhan, on the other hand, had his eyebrows furrowed and was still on the phone, whispering, “Is Yaoyao alright? Is she in danger?”

“Mr. Chu, I’m not sure yet, but we are reaching the hospital soon, a few more minutes drive,” Binggong replied.

“Okay, which hospital, I’m coming over right now!” Pengzhan was worried but he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“SongShan’s second hospital,” Binggong said.

The best hospitals in the city were SongShan’s first and second but Songshan’s first hospital was established first. Being older, it had earned them a higher degree of recognition than Songshan’s second.

However, Songshan’s second was actually a division of Songshan’s first, after Guan Xuemin’s son’s famous medical group founded Songshan’s first, Songshan’s second hospital was then established. The doctors were all the same- they were transferred over there from Songshan’s first hospital, and the facilities were all brand new so many youngsters preferred Songshan’s second hospital.

Songshan’s first hospital was unable to send out so many ambulance cars at once so Songshan’s second hospital had taken up the job, sending out the ambulance cars and transporting the students to the hospital.

“Alright,” Pengzhan ended the call and faced Uncle Fu, “Head to Songshan’s second hospital now! Yaoyao has fainted, and a total of twenty-eight students have fainted for an unknown reason, we have to go there right now!”

“Okay, Mr. Chu!” Uncle Fu heard that Mengyao had fainted, he quickly started the engine and drove at maximum speed to the hospital!

After five minutes, the ambulance cars stopped at the entrance of the Songshan’s second hospital accordingly, the medical workers were already standing by, waiting for the ambulances to arrive. They quickly transported the fainted ones down and sent them directly to the emergency room!

Yushu was still sticking onto Mengyao until the entrance of the emergency room but was told not to come into the emergency room, and had to wait outside patiently. She finally released her grip, “Yaoyao sis, you have to tough this out!”

Binggong, Zhifeng and Yushu were keeping watch at the entrance of the emergency room, waiting impatiently for the result.

“ Ding, Dean Wong, Shu!” Pengzhan came to sight and saw that the three of them were waiting at the outside, he walked with big strides towards them, face full of worry, and with Uncle Fu beside him….

“Mr. Chu!”

“Uncle Chu!”

Binggong, Zhifeng and Yushu called at the same time.

Binggong smiled wryly, “They are still being examined in the emergency room, the result isn’t out yet!”

Pengzhan nodded with a worried face, “What’s the situation in the school? First, we have to stabilize it, and make sure that the students don’t develop unnecessary panic between them.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got it under control!” Binggong nodded, “But as for the parents… should we notify them?”


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