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Read Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 241 – Big Sister Qi, Were the Candies Tasty?

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Read WebNovel Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 241 – Big Sister Qi, Were the Candies Tasty?

Chapter 241: Big Sister Qi, Were the Candies Tasty?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lightning said, “This is outrageous!”

Crocodile followed up, “This is not right!”

Feng Yi, “…”

These two were crazy!

But the lozenges were not supposed to be eaten like that!

After everyone had a.s.sembled at the field, Tang Jinyu started briefing about the elimination rules.

Everyone would go into the forest and move about as an individual. Teaming up was allowed and there would not be any time limit. The elimination would end when there were only six of them left.

In that period of time, everyone could be teammates or enemies!

They would be wearing a wristband with a b.u.t.ton. They would be eliminated if the b.u.t.ton went off!

As such, the wristband was their second life!

There would not be any weapons in this survival mode, they could only fight hand-to-hand!

After Tang Jinyu was done with the briefing, everyone was shocked!

Only close combat fights?

Did that mean that people who were not able to fight hand-to-hand would be eliminated?

Everyone had different feelings at this revelation. Tang Jinyu continued, “In this elimination round there will also be a hunter. You have all fought with him before in the last training. He was the one that tortured all of you to death and that person is Li Yibo!

Unfortunately, he will be the one and only hunter in this elimination round and he will be having a wristband. Hence, the only way to eliminate him is to fight until he is not able to stand up straight!”

Jian Qi was impressed when she heard Tang Jinyu’s speech.

What did he mean by the one that tortured them to death, Li Yibo?

This was literally giving everyone a chance to avenge themselves. In fact, it was their only chance to fight him officially!

Jian Qi did not even have to look around to feel that her comrades were all fired up.

They were all badly tortured by Li Yibo the last time!

Even though it was training, they all felt wronged and this would give them a chance to get revenge!

“Training shall resume now.”

Tang Jinyu said.

Everyone moved on from that topic and started their training for the day.

Everyone seemed excited even for a five-kilometre warm-up run.

Jian Qi maintained her own speed and ran breezily.

Lightning and the others joined the troop and went close to Jian Qi. “Big Sister Qi…”

“Yes, Instructors?”

Jia Qi smirked and looked at them. “Aren’t the three of you instructors? Why are you guys giving out indescribable…”


Crocodile combed his hair with his fingers.

Jian Qi giggled. “I was going to say frivolousness.”

Crocodile. “…”

“Girl, do you know that talking bad about your instructors in front of them would lead to unpleasant circ.u.mstances?” Crocodile was grinding his teeth.

“I didn’t want to say it though. You were the one that asked,” Jian Qi replied calmly.

“Big Sister Qi, let’s ignore him for a while,” Lightning pulled Crocodile away and smiled at Jian Qi. “Big Sister Qi, were the candies tasty?”

“Not bad.”

“Can you give us some?”

Jian Qi looked at the person and gave him a mischievous smile. She then took out the candy and gave it to Lightning. “I’ll give you everything.”

Lightning smiled. “Big Sister Qi, you’re so generous. I just wanted one, why’d you give me everything. But since you are giving me all of it, I shall take it then.”

Jian Qi smiled mysteriously and started running faster.

Lightning moved to the side and the other two followed him.

“Both of you go away. Big Sister Qi gave me this!”

Lightning looked at Crocodile and Feng Yi with cold shoulders.

He turned his back to them and opened the box.

The box was empty.

1“Puh… hahaha…” Crocodile started laughing. “I knew it. There’s nothing inside!”

Feng Yi, “…hehe.”

Lightning, “…”

‘F*ck, did the girl throw them all?’

How did she finish it so quickly!


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