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Read Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 417 – Listen to the Walls

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Read WebNovel Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 417 – Listen to the Walls

Chapter 417: Listen to the Walls

“I think I should go and explain it to your father. After all, it’s a big deal. I still have to go through the process. My att.i.tude just now was rather sloppy.”

“No, it’s fine. Really!” Tang Jinyu scoffed. “Eat well. If you’re full, I’ll get them to bring it for you. We’ll go back when you’re full!”

Tang Jinyu sat on a stone stool beside him and stared at her coldly.

Jian Qi looked down at the cake on her plate and looked at him.

She got up and walked over obediently. “Instructor Tang, shall we eat the cake together?”

“Hmph…” Tang Jinyu scoffed and looked at her. “I don’t have as huge an appet.i.te as yours!”

Jian Qi immediately gave up.

She sat there and started eating leisurely.

She was completely unfazed!

Seeing Tang Jinyu’s cold gaze, Jian Qi was about to continue when she heard a conversation close by. “I didn’t think I’d see Qiao Bo here today!”

“Didn’t the Tang family’s old man hate the entertainment industry? There are two of them today.”

“So, the rumors are wrong?”

“Who knows?”

Jian Qi tilted her head and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Is my idol here?”

Tang Jinyu subconsciously frowned. He had forgotten that someone had always liked Qiao Bo. In the past, she had said that Qiao Bo was her idol!

Before he could say anything, Jian Qi said, “Let’s go talk to him.”

Then, she finished the last piece of the cake and walked toward the main hall excitedly.

Tang Jinyu frowned even harder at this.

When they returned to the lobby, they were surprised not to see Qiao Bo.

Tang Jinyu’s gaze landed on a restless Tang Yiyi. He walked toward her.

Seeing him, she subconsciously grabbed his hand. “Brother, Dad…”

“What’s wrong?” Tang Jinyu asked.

“He called Qiao Bo to the study.” Tang Yiyi was nervous.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits!”

Tang Jinyu consoled her.

Even if he didn’t listen, he could already guess what the old man would say.

At this thought, Tang Jinyu turned to look at Jian Qi. However, she was nowhere to be seen.

He pursed his lips. If he didn’t look at her for a few seconds, she would disappear.

He looked at Tang Yiyi beside him. Tang Jinyu didn’t go looking for Jian Qi. He hoped that she wouldn’t create trouble for him again.

Half an hour later, Qiao Bo came down from upstairs. Tang Yiyi hurried over.

“Qiao Bo…” Tang Yiyi said worriedly.

Qiao Bo smiled faintly. Just as he was about to speak, a maid came over and smiled. “Miss, the birthday party will start in a few minutes.”

Tang Yiyi ignored the maid and looked at Qiao Bo.

She couldn’t help but ask, “My dad…”

“It was just a simple conversation. It’s nothing…” Qiao Bo didn’t plan to continue on this topic.

Tang Jinyu glanced at him. As long as he didn’t get angry and leave, it meant that his sister was not the only one willing!

He looked away and was about to look for Jian Qi when she walked over with a plate of fruits.

“Where did you go?” Tang Jinyu asked.

Jian Qi smiled. “Listen to walls. They have ears.”

Needless to say, Tang Jinyu knew what she was talking about.


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