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Read Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 52 – I Really Do Know Taekwondo

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Chapter 52: I Really Do Know Taekwondo

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Jinyu got his subordinates to check, and it was indeed true that Jian Qi had just left to have dinner with her manager until the duo returned to her hotel room that night.

As for who had tied the two criminals up, it was still a mystery!

On the second day, Qiao Bo’s manager and a.s.sistant had both been changed, shocking everyone but Jian Qi.

Coco was worried that Jian Qi would be sad that her Romeo left and that she would do something unimaginable, but she was calmer than anyone on the set.

This calmness continued until all Jian Qi’s scenes were shot successfully.

On her last day on set, the director informed that this drama would be aired alongside its shooting, so it would have its premiere broadcast next week.

After Jian Qi left, Coco arranged fewer schedules for Jian Qi because he knew that she only had a little more than a month left for her to prepare for her exams.


“Isn’t that Jian Qi?”

“Why is she back? Wasn’t she supposed to be shooting for a drama?”

“Who knows, maybe she’s just here to keep up appearances. She doesn’t look like she’s back here to study, anyway.”

“Remember how Acting Emperor Qiao helped her clear up her rumors? Who knows what she did to make him help her…”

“And the incident with Chu Yuhan too, didn’t she say that Jian Qi framed her? Apparently, Jian Qi got some thugs to beat her up too!”

“Who knew that Jian Qi was such a person? You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at her!”

During this time she wasn’t at school, it seemed that the rumors surrounding her only grew.

She knew Qiao Bo’s influence, so she didn’t mind the rumors about them, but…she got thugs to beat Chu Yuhan up, they say?

She had almost forgotten this person after a whole month!

Back at the dorms, she realized that Chu Yuhan had returned to their room.

The two other roommates weren’t around, and only Chu Yuhan was there on her phone. Seeing Jian Qi, she furrowed her brows and finished her current call quickly.

Jian Qi immediately noticed the ugly bruise on her face. It seems those people did a number on her last time!

It had almost been a month and she hadn’t recovered completely.

Chu Yuhan glared at her angrily and shouted: “Jian Qi, I’ve always thought of you as a friend! I never thought you would set me up like that!”

Ignoring the unreasonable rants of the other, Jian Qi took her textbooks and prepared to leave.

“You stop right there!” Chu Yuhan grabbed her arm. “Jian Qi, you better tell me the truth. Did you trick President Zhang into believing that you know taekwondo? Is that why he beat me up like that?”

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow lazily and smiled elegantly. “I do know taekwondo, why don’t you give it a try?”


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