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Read Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 617 – CatChapter Her!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! is a web novel made by Coconut Fiber, 椰子絮.
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Chapter 617: Catch Her!

Ack frowned and ran up quickly.

Jian Qi looked at his movements and ran down the stairs.

In the surveillance room, someone noticed this scene and asked, “What are the two mercenaries doing? Why are they running down the stairs?”

“Let me take a look!” one of them said.

The person beside him picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “Team One, go and take a look at the stairs. Two mercenaries there are not right. One is chasing the other on the stairs!”

Just when Jian Qi was about to escape from the two-story building, Ack picked up the box on the ground.

He frowned and opened the box. However, it was empty!

Knowing that he had been tricked, Ack’s face darkened.

The item had been taken away by the masked man!

Holding the box, he quickly followed her.

In less than a minute, the distance between him and Jian Qi had widened.

As the two of them were running down the stairs, not only were the mercenaries heading toward them, but the elevator had also reached the top floor.

The mercenary leader. Qi Mo, Ah Feng, and a few other mercenaries were following him from the side.

When the elevator door opened, the mercenary leader stretched out his hand and aimed it inside. He pressed the b.u.t.ton on the ring, and all the infrared rays disappeared.

Qi Mo glanced at the ring and looked ahead.

A group of people walked toward a room.

After entering the pa.s.sword and iris recognition, the door opened.

The mercenary leader pressed the b.u.t.ton on the ring again. However, he immediately noticed the opened gla.s.s cover.

His expression changed, and he quickly ran over. The box was gone!

“Boss, what happened?” someone asked.

At that moment, a mercenary following them received the news from the surveillance room.

“Boss, the surveillance room just found two mercenaries on the stairs! They’re almost on the first floor!” The mercenary reported nervously.

“Catch them!” The mercenary leader said with a dark expression. He was filled with murderous intent.

“All of you, go and capture them now. You must get the box back! If the item inside is taken, I’ll make sure all of you suffer!”

The mercenary leader was furious. Everyone quickly turned around and left.

Qi Mo scanned his surroundings, and his gaze landed on the top of his head. Two of the lids were open. Thus, the other party took something from above!

Qi Mo turned around and left. He was confused.

Two people?

Were they the same people? Was one of them Qi Zai?

At this time, almost everyone was training. There was no time to walk away. Hence, Qi Zai was more likely to be there.

Qi Mo quickened his pace.

When Jian Qi arrived on the first floor, everyone in the building gathered on the first floor to capture Jian Qi and Ack!

Ack was slower, so she wanted to stop him.

Fortunately, he was carrying a gun. After eliminating a few people, he quickened his pace to catch up with her.

Jian Qi looked at the congested first floor. Everyone was holding heavy firearms. She immediately braked and hid. Then, she took out a few smoke grenades and threw them toward the living room—


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