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Read Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 748 – Might Have a Misunderstanding

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Chapter 748 – Might Have a Misunderstanding

“Mo Gonzi, how come you are here?” Xia Zhiqing asked with a happy smile on her face.

“I heard that today was the day for the tournament so I came to cheer for you. It’s just that there were some problems in the restaurant that delayed me a bit, so I am late.”

Listening to the words of Mo Yunjue, the faces of all the others filled with smiles.

Even though Mo Yunjue was a member of the Qing Dynasty, he did not cheer for Lingyin College, but cheered for them instead. This was indeed shocking.

Cui Haoyan and Dongfang Yu looked at one another. As a man, they were able to discern that Mo Yunjue had a good impression of Baili Hongzhuang.

If this was not the case, there was no need for Mo Yunjue to offend the second prince for them.

In fact, everything Mo Yunjue has done has been for Baili Hongzhuang.

They believed that Mo Yunjue had come for the sake of helping Baili Hongzhuang, so for that reason, he was also their good friend.

“Hey, that’s Mo Gonzi from the First Tower. He must have come to cheer for Baili Hongzhuang.”

“Baili Hongzhuang is a student of Canglan College, I didn’t know she was actually the wife of Mo Gongzi, it’s very fortunate.”

“I don’t know what Mo Gongzi thinks, the third princess is also very good, but he seems to be unmoved.”

“I think the third princess is too arrogant. Do you really want to marry someone like her? On the other hand, Bail Hongzhuang is good, much more suitable as a wife.”

Everyone had their own opinion, but they were all filled with interest towards this love triangle.

Gong Shaoqing and the others had their expressions changing after hearing the words of the surrounding people. There… seems to be a misunderstanding?

Xia Zhiqing and Zhan Yunfeng looked at each other. The man that Nangong Yue’er liked was Mo Yunjue?

If this is the case, then this misunderstanding is really too big!

Mo Yunjue’s face held a slight smile, and his eyes landed on Baili Hongzhuang.

This woman was always proud and strong. He believed that there would be a good performance this time at the tournament.

Almost at the exact moment that Mo Yunjue arrived, Nangong Yue’er noticed him. She also saw that the man who was in her heart only had eyes for Baili Hongzhuang.

Mo Yunjue had not seem to even notice her existence, the smile on his face was solely because of Baili Hongzhuang!

Since the First Tower opened in the Imperial Capital, she had seen Mo Yunjue many times, but it was immensely rare to see him smile.

Most often, Mo Yunjue’s face held no expression, she always thought that he disliked smiling.

Now it seems that he did not dislike smiling, he just disliked smiling at her.

A crazy jealousy swept through her heart, she was going to kill Baili Hongzhuang!

What she can’t get, she will never let others have either!

Baili Hongzhuang could also feel the killing intent that started bursting out of Nangong Yue’er’s body, but she was still not nervous or felt panic.

In fact, she had been the target of many different killing intents throughout her life, the killing intent displayed by Nangong Yue’er was still quite ordinary.

However, the fact that Nangong Yue’er wanted to kill her was out of her expectations.

The tournament had always banned killing their opponents, but it seemed that these rules did not matter to the third princess.

She completely ignored all rules and did whatever she wanted to do.

Thinking about this, Baili Hongzhuang could not help to show a bit of disgust in her eyes.


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