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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want is a Webnovel completed by Young Master Yunsi.
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Chapter 133: How Could Hers Not Be In There?

The screen was filled with pink petals, looking as if there was a shower of petals. This lasted for ten seconds before it stopped.

In death or life we are separated and far apart.

With you I made an agreement.

I grasped your hand,

Together with you I was to grow old.

— Qin Shu

Fu Tingyu stared at the poem on the pink letter. His heart, which had been as calm as a lake was suddenly stirred up. He could not calm down even after a long while.

He read the letter over and over again.

The poem on the letter was the same as the poem on the post-it note.

After the initial excitement, a complicated look surged into his pitch-black eyes.

There was joy, but also shock.

This was from Babe?

She quickly gave Fu Tingyu an answer just as he was feeling puzzled.

The pink letter folded itself and words appeared on the cover, one after another, forming a sentence.

“To my dear husband”

Fu Tingyu stared at the four words on the pink letterhead and looked at them for quite a while.

And at the same time,

Qin Shu stared at the computer screen. Her pale fingers typed the last word before she slowly moved her hands away.

She really had gone all out to make him happy.

How was she going to explain how she had managed to send the letter? t

She couldn’t admit to hacking.

Because her teacher had instructed her not to reveal her skills before he had left.

Qin Shu quietly closed her laptop and stuffed it into her desk. She propped his elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her palm as she started to think.

There was an old saying that was true. People in love would always act without thinking about the consequences.

But Fu Tingyu would definitely be happy.

Ye Xue saw Qin Shu resting her chin on her hand in a daze and couldn’t help but ask, “Qin Shu, are you unhappy?”

Qin Shu turned her head to look at Ye Xue. “I’m very happy.”

She was happy if Fu Tingyu was happy.

Ye Xue looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Why are you in a daze when you’re happy?”

Qin Shu glanced at Ye Xue’s body and asked instead of answering, “Have you lost weight in the past two days?”

“I’ve lost two kilograms.” Ye Xue’s sounded a little excited.

Qin Shu looked at Ye Xue quietly and told her mercilessly, “A person’s weight would hover up and down around two kilograms. If you drink less water and eat less rice, it’s normal to lose two kilograms. You can’t consider that weight loss.”

“I thought I’d lost weight.” Ye Xue lowered her head in disappointment.

“You don’t have to eat less on purpose. Exercise more. It’s best not to eat snacks and food that are high in calories.”

Ye Xue nodded. “Okay.”

The mock exam papers were treated the same as the college entrance exam papers. The name column was sealed.

After the results were released, the teacher would announce the answers right after cla.s.s started.

The students were also looking forward to this mock exam because they would be entering the real battlefield after this. Whether or not they would be able to return triumphantly would depend on their own abilities.

The form teacher walked into the cla.s.sroom and stood on the podium. She looked a little upset.

When the students saw that the form teacher’s expression was a little dark, they did not dare to make a sound. They guessed that the cla.s.s’collective results were bad this time.

The form teacher’s expression was dark as she handed out the test papers one by one, calling out the names of the students and their scores.

There were students who were pleased with their results and there were those who were not when they received their test papers.

“The overall results and ranking for this mock exam will be pasted on the noticeboard. Students can go and take a look at it after cla.s.s.”

The form teacher picked up her copy of the test paper. “Now, let’s take a look at the answers.”

Ye Xue looked at Qin Shu’s empty desk in confusion. She could not help but ask, “I don’t think you got your test paper?”

Qin Shu frowned and looked at the podium. “Miss, where’s my test paper?”

The entire cla.s.s looked at Qin Shu when they heard that. There were some who were puzzled, and some who were gloating.

Fu Tingyan was also curious about Qin Shu’s score, but he didn’t hear the form teacher report her score. He had just been wondering about it when he heard Qin Shu’s question.


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