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Chapter 291: Grandma Gets Slapped in the Face. Fu Tingyu’s Dominance

The old madam felt that her question was inappropriate after she had asked it. Even though she had asked the question subtly, Yu was still an adult holding a high position. Wouldn’t it embarra.s.s him if she asked him a question like that in front of outsiders?

The old madam felt that she was getting old and that she was speaking inappropriately without regard for the occasion.

However, since she had already asked the question, she waited for her grandson to answer it.

Fu Tingyu replied, “Grandma, just speak your mind.”

He had not understood what his grandmother had just asked. Seeing that her grandson did not understand what she meant, the old madam shifted her gaze from Yu to the beautiful girl and said in a flat tone, “You go out for a while. There are some things we are going to talk about.”

The old madam’s tone and att.i.tude were already considered rather polite to a stranger she had only met once.

This was not only because she was highly educated, but also because she was the mistress of the household.

Qin Shu nodded at the old madam. “Yes, Grandma.”

Qin Shu turned around and made to leave the room. However, she had just taken one step when a large hand held her wrist tightly, preventing her from taking another step. She turned around and looked at Fu Tingyu in puzzlement.

Fu Tingyu glanced at her and indicated for her to stand by his side obediently. Qin Shu glanced at her grandmother and hesitated slightly. His grandmother clearly wanted her to go out because she did not want Qin Shu to listen to their conversation. It would not be appropriate for her to stay.

The old madam looked at her grandson’s actions. She could not help but furrow her brows. What was this grandson of hers trying to do?

Fu Tingyu saw that the girl was standing still and not moving. He pulled at her and brought her back to his side. Then, he held her hand tightly and turned his dark eyes at the old madam. His tone sounded as if he had no intentions of backing down. “Grandmother, just speak to the both of us if you have something to say.”

Qin Shu stood by the man’s side. She could not do anything else but cooperate with him. If she did not, she would hurt the man who would dare to talk back to his grandmother whom he respected the most just for her.

She had no choice but to make Grandma unhappy right now.

The old madam saw that her grandson was so persistent about both this woman and Qin Shu and she could not figure out his temperament.

Since her grandson didn’t care, was there anything that she could not ask about?

“What are your plans for the girl next to you?” Although the old madam was a little angry, she still spoke tactfully.

A flash of doubt appeared in Qin Shu’s eyes as she was called upon. Did Grandma suddenly come to persuade them to get a divorce?

But looking at Grandma’s behavior, it didn’t seem like it.

She couldn’t help but hold the man’s hand tightly.

Fu Tingyu turned his head to look at the girl and seemed to understand the meaning of his grandma’s words. His grandma didn’t recognize her as Qin Shu.

He turned to look at the old madam. His gaze was burning hot and his voice was deep and firm. “Grandma, you have watched me grow up and you are familiar with my temperament. I have always been a man of my word. What I said in front of you in the past will never change for the rest of my life.”

The old madam was a little confused when she heard this. What he had said in the past had something to do with this girl?

“Then what about Qin Shu who’s in Bright Garden?” The old madam couldn’t help but ask. She felt confused by this grandson of hers.

Qin Shu, whose name was called upon, suddenly realized that the old madam didn’t recognize her. Otherwise, why would she mention Qin Shu from Bright Garden?

She seemed to understand what the old madam had meant.

Since the old madam remembered her, did that mean that the old madam did not really hate her?

Fu Tingyu chuckled. “Didn’t you recognize her? She is Qin Shu.”

Hearing that, the old madam could not help but look at the girl beside Fu Tingyu with wide eyes. She could not believe it. “Yu, is she really Qin Shu?”

Although she was wearing very old-fashioned black-rimmed, she looked very refreshing with her hair tied up. Even the scar at the corner of her eye was gone. It wasn’t difficult to tell that she was originally very beautiful.

“Of course, Grandma.” The corners of Fu Tingyu’s lips lifted. His slender fingers reached out to the girl’s nose and grabbed the frame. He took off the old-fashioned, revealing the girl’s exquisite and perfect facial features that could sink a thousand ships.

After Fu Tingyu took off the old-fashioned spectacles, the old madam raised her hand and pushed the reading on the bridge of her nose. She looked as if she wanted to take a closer look at Qin Shu.

This was the first time the old madam was seeing Qin Shu without any makeup on and she was indeed stunned by Qin Shu’s good looks.

The old madam, who had always questioned her grandson’s taste and aesthetic judgment, was slapped in the face by Qin Shu’s looks this time.

It also proved that there was nothing wrong with her grandson’s taste and aesthetic judgment.

“When did that scar on your face heal?” The old madam was a little curious because she had heard that the scar had been there for a few years.

Qin Shu let the old madam size her up. “The scar healed some time ago after I applied scar removal ointment on it.”

The old madam was done sizing her up and stopped staring at Qin Shu. She felt a little a.s.sured and said, “It’s a good thing that the scar could be removed. Otherwise, it would be quite hot with your hair hanging down on a hot day.”

Qin Shu arched her eyebrows at the old madam. “Thank you for your concern, Grandma.”

The old madam felt that this was a joke. She had been wondering why her grandson would change so suddenly.

So they were the same person.

It also meant one thing. This grandson of hers had really broken too many rules for Qin Shu’s sake. This was not a good thing since he was in charge of the family.

Fu Tingyu put the black-rimmed back on the girl. After putting them on, he looked at the old madam. “How is your health recently?”

“I’m fine. There are people taking care of the house for me. I have nothing to do every day. You, on the other hand, are too busy to take care of your own health.” The old madam felt a little sorry for this grandson of hers. She knew he was capable, but it also took a lot of energy to take responsibility for the Fu family.

Fu Tingyu said, “Grandma, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

“You only know how to say that you know what to do. You have to put your money where your mouth is.” The old madam sighed. After all, it was her son’s fault for dying so young and leaving such a heavy burden to Yu.

Fu Tingyu said, “I will, Grandma.”

The old madam looked down at the Pu’er tea in her hand. She had not taken a single sip of it just now. It was a bit of a waste.

She brought it to her mouth and took a few sips. The temperature of the tea was just right and it tasted alright too. After taking a few sips, she placed the cup on the gla.s.s coffee table. Then, she stood up and said to Fu Tingyu, “You continue with your work. I’ll go back first.”

“I’ll send you off.” Fu Tingyu walked around the coffee table and reached out to help the old madam.

The old madam waved her hand. “There’s no need. You’re so busy. Housekeeper Fu is waiting outside.”

“I still have time to send you off no matter how busy I am.” Fu Tingyu helped the old madam up. The old madam did not reject him and was secretly pleased.

Fu Tingyu helped the old madam out of the office.

Qin Shu did not follow them because Fu Tingyu had contradicted the old madam countless times in the past and it had always been because of her.

Fu Tingyu personally sent the old madam off. Although the old madam had said that there was no need, she was actually quite pleased about it.


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