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Read Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 1415 – The Easter Egg’s Secret (2)

Billion Of Pampering Only For You is a web novel created by 默小水.
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Chapter 1415: The Easter Egg’s Secret (2)

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She continued, “I saw her a few times when I attended banquets, but it seems like she doesn’t know who you are.”

If the girl knew who she actually was, taking her down a peg wouldn’t be fun anymore.

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded in understanding.

Just then, someone recognized the girl and exclaimed, “Isn’t she Sun Huiwen? She’s an online celebrity on Weibo! I think she’s a model.”

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, I recognize her too. It really is her.”

“That’s strange. Why is she at our school? Could she be attending the activity this time?”

Upon hearing this, Sun Huiwen lifted her chin egotistically and gazed at the crowd around her proudly. Speaking in a louder voice, she announced smugly, “That’s right! I was specially invited by your Student Union to partic.i.p.ate in the activity as a guest-of-honor!”

She even emphasized the words “guest-of-honor”.

Han Qiqing cursed silently as she heard this. The f*ck!

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned. She looked at Han Qiqing and asked, “For the activity this time… weren’t you involved in the planning? Were you the one who invited her?”

“How could I have!” Han Qiqing was feeling gloomy. “Do you think I’d invite someone I dislike? Is that even possible?”

Mu Xiaoxiao thought about it and thought that it wasn’t possible.

“How did you not know that she’d been invited to the activity this time?”

Han Qiqing stammered, her expression a little awkward, “Um… I didn’t actually take part in planning the activity this time… I dumped the work on other people.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

No wonder she didn’t know that Sun Huiwen was invited.Read more chapter on

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Qiqing, does it really do you good to be lazy?”

Han Qiqing rubbed her nose and even leaned onto Xiaoxiao on purpose. “I didn’t want to be lazy! You weren’t there previously and I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything because I was thinking of you all day.”

Sun Huiwen sneered at Han Qiqing. “So you’re also from the Student Union? That’s great. They said that they were going to send someone over to escort me. Instead of troubling them, you shall be my escort!”

Han Qiqing glared at her and pointed to herself. “You want me to serve you? Dream on!”

Was there something wrong with this person’s brain?

“Stop changing the subject. Didn’t you say that there’s an exclusive custom edition bag here? Take it out and show me. I really want to see it, you know? The way you lie is so fake! I saw through you right away, you know?” Sun Huiwen’s att.i.tude was really deserving of a beating.

Mu Xiaoxiao frowned. She could no longer stand it. “You want to see the bag, right? Sure, it’s here. See for yourself!”

She took the bag off and held it out.

Sun Huiwen didn’t even glance at it. She said dismissively, “Yours is definitely fake! Don’t try to fool me with a fake!”

“You’re determining that it’s fake without even looking at it?” Mu Xiaoxiao stared at her.

“You don’t say? I’ve used branded goods ever since I was born, no matter what it is. I can tell what’s real or fake just by looking at it. The strap of your bag doesn’t even have the right color. It’s so fake. Do I really need to look at it?” Sun Huiwen sneered, her gaze scornful.

Han Qiqing laughed, amused by her. “So it’s fake just because the strap is a different color? Who told you that! Don’t act like you know anything when you don’t. Who’s the laughable one now.”

Sun Huiwen couldn’t stand being shamed. She retorted, “Sure, you say it’s real, right? How can you prove it?”

This question stumped both Han Qiqing and Mu Xiaoxiao.


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