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Read Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 219 – The Question Of Bai Meijiao’s Punishment

Billion Of Pampering Only For You is a web novel created by 默小水.
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Read WebNovel Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 219 – The Question Of Bai Meijiao’s Punishment

Chapter 219: The Question of Bai Meijiao’s Punishment

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Mu Xiaoxiao had already come to terms with the news and was somewhat full now. She looked at Yin Shaojie in the eyes and pulled his hand off.

“I know. I wasn’t thinking that it was my fault.”

How was it her fault that Bai Meijiao happened to hate her and wanted to cause her harm?

She wasn’t the type of person to wallow in self-pity.

Mu Xiaoxiao gave her usual smile as she looked at Han Qiqing and Song Shijun and a.s.sured them, saying, “Relax, I’m fine. I’m only feeling a little gloomy because I’m upset.”

It should be normal for her to feel gloomy since she had never experienced anyone mysteriously and repeatedly trying to harm her, right?

Han Qiqing smiled back. “As long you’re fine,” she said.

Song Shijun was relieved as well and picked out a piece of food for Mu Xiaoxiao. “Here you go. Supplant that indignation with an appet.i.te for food! This beef fillet is quite delicious; have some.”

Mu Xiaoxiao used her chopsticks to push his away. “I’m not eating that! It’s got your saliva on it!” she said with mock disgust.

Song Shijun clutched at his chest and pretended to look hurt. Having no other choice, he turned to Han Qiqing with the beef fillet he had between his chopsticks.

“Eh, eh, eh!” Han Qiqing moved her bowl away swiftly, also looking disgusted. “I don’t want that too!”

Feeling hurt, Song Shijun harrumphed before popping the beef fillet into his own mouth. “I’ll have it if you don’t want it then!”

Mu Xiaoxiao was now full and put down her chopsticks.

She looked at her friends and sighed, “Actually, I still don’t get it. I can understand Bai Meijiao’s hatred for me, but does that warrant hiring thugs to hurt me? It does seem a little… over the top.”

She could still understand it if she had put itching powder into the present to hurt her, even though she was very angry about it as well. However, it wasn’t absurd.

On the other hand, contracting a hitman to harm her… It was too terrifying!

Song Shijun shook his head. “As I’ve said already — women’s hearts are the cruelest! Once a girl gets jealous and loses her mind, there is no limit to what she can do,” he said movingly.

Han Qiqing, however, was not in agreement. “Even though that’s not wrong and there are girls who look really tame and docile in appearance but have a malicious personality, I cannot imagine Bai Meijiao hiring hitmen to hurt Xiaoxiao when I look at her. It’s not that I don’t think she can’t but rather… she shouldn’t have the guts to do so!”

Song Shijun couldn’t help but tease her. “Which is unlike you, who is willing to do anything, huh? Maybe you, Qiqing, will lose your mind over love as well.”

Upon hearing those words, Han Qiqing became uncomfortable and furrowed her brows. “No, I won’t!” she retorted.

“That’s hard to say. When a girl is in love, all of their rationality is gone.” Song Shijun wagged his finger, looking really annoying.

Beside them, Mu Xiaoxiao smiled as she said, “I believe Little Qing is not that type of person!”

Song Shijun had originally wanted to continue arguing but shut up immediately at Great Master Yin’s glance.

He had almost forgotten that Mu Xiaoxiao had powerful backup.

Grinning, he nodded and said obsequiously, “Yes, yes, of course. Whatever Great Mistress Mu says is naturally right! Your humble servant doesn’t dare to object!”

Han Qiqing and Mu Xiaoxiao were tickled pink by his antics.

After lunch, Mu Xiaoxiao followed Yin Shaojie back to the Student Union’s office.

Sitting on the sofa and hugging a pillow to her chest, she wanted to take an afternoon nap.

Yin Shaojie walked over to her side and sat down. He stared at her wordlessly.

Mu Xiaoxiao lazily stretched. “Do you have anything you want to say to me?” she blinked at him as she asked.

Yin Shaojie looked at her resolutely. “About Bai Meijiao — how do you want to punish her?” he asked in a low voice.


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