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Read Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 299 – Let Her Go Back To Where She Came From

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Chapter 299: Let Her Go Back To Where She Came From

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Hearing the whole story, Mu Xiaoxiao gasped as she was outraged by the injustice dealt to Lu Qianlan.

Isn’t this abandoning the wife who had gone through hardships with him!

Mu Xiaoxiao had not expected that Uncle Gu, who did not seem like a bad person in her previous impression of him, was actually such a cruel and unscrupulous person.

Indeed, the truth was always harsher than reality.

Evening, after school, Mu Xiaoxiao had Han Qiqing accompany her to the condo, as she had to pick up some things.

Han Qiqing could not help but advise her, saying, “How long do you intend to be at odds with Yin Shaojie? Talk it out and make up with him soon!”

“I don’t want to make up with him,” Mu Xiaoxiao said as they reached the door to the lift.

Han Qiqing sighed and said, “Oh Xiaoxiao, though I also feel that Yin Shaojie had gone overboard this time, I don’t want to see you unhappy all the time.”

She felt that Xiaoxiao might as well discuss it clearly with Yin Shaojie. If he really liked An Zhixin, then Xiaoxiao can forever give up on him and forget about it.

Love was selfish. It could not accommodate a third person.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at her as she explained, “I’m not feeling unhappy because of him.”

She was in a bad mood because she had found out Lu Yichen’s real ident.i.ty.

As it turns out, the adult world is so complicated and so… scary.

The lift just happened to arrive, and the two entered it.

However, Han Qiqing could not believe what she hsf said. If she was unhappy not because of Yin Shaojie, then who else could it be?

“He always going along with you. At worst, you could just throw a tantrum saying that you don’t like An Zhixin so that she can go back to where she came from.”

Just as she finished speaking, the lift reached the first floor, and the door opened.

The two girls who entered were initially chatting happily but cut their chatter upon seeing Mu Xiaoxiao.

An Zhixin was the first to say something as she smiled and greeted Mu Xiaoxiao, “h.e.l.lo, are you two just back from school too? Oh yeah, why haven’t I seen you and Shaojie these two days?”

“Shaojie?” Han Qiqing raised her brows. Just the sound of how she was addressing Yin Shaojie was ear-piercing to her.

She immediately realized that the girl before her was An Zhixin.

Han Qiqing scoffed inwardly. Sure enough, she is a disgusting white lotus 1 !

w.a.n.g Shiyu’s eyes seemed to be scanning as she looked at Han Qiqing and Mu Xiaoxiao from top to bottom. Noticing that the two girls were wearing the top grade branded items, she became intensely jealous of them.

However, she did not reveal her feelings. With a hypocritical smile, she pulled on An Zhixin’s arm as she said, “Oh Zhixin, is this girl the new friend that you said you had met recently?”

An Zhixin nodded, and she took the initiative to introduce them, “This is w.a.n.g Shiyu, my best friend.”

Before Mu Xiaoxiao could say anything, Han Qiqing had a derisive look as she gestured for Mu Xiaoxiao to stop and folded her arms at her chest, saying, “Xiaoxiao, don’t introduce me. I don’t want to get acquainted with those thick-skinned people who have no sense of shame.”

w.a.n.g Shiyu was furious upon hearing that. “Who are you talking about!”

An Zhixin looked slightly pale.

“I’m not talking about you.” Han Qiqing laughed haughtily as she shot a glance at An Zhixin, saying, “I’m talking about somebody whom if Xiaoxiao had not helped her, she would have been forced into prost.i.tution by her own father. How could she even be enjoying herself in this grand residence and wear brand name clothes then?”

w.a.n.g Shiyu sneered, and she reb.u.t.ted loudly, “You are the ones who are thick-skinned! Hilarious! She was not even the one who saved Zhixin. It was Young Master Jie who saved Zhixin. What has she got to do with it! Taking credit for yourself. Truly shameless!”


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