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Chapter 38 : You Are Really Hard to Please

     The door of the sports car is automatically opened.

     Mu Xiao Xiao’s head slightly lifted and went down again. She didn’t even get up, not move a bit.

     Yin Shao Jie had no choice but to get off the car and walked to her. He squatted down in front of her, staring at her head and can see the hair whorl in the top of her head.

     “You get on the car or not?” he asked with patience.

     Think of him, Master Yin, the woman around him is following him to please him. The only girl he has ever yield in this life is the little girl in front of him.

     Mu Xiao Xiao still had some anger, but she can’t say it, she snorted.

     The two facing each other while squatted, appear particularly childish, like have a tantrum child.

     Yin Shao Jie couldn’t help but feel funny as if he had returned to his childhood memories.

     “You are already angry, you don’t plan to ride my car? If so, I will leave oh. Or, you just want me to carry you to get in the car?”

     Mu Xiao Xiao just slightly lifted her head and glanced at him, as if waiting for him to do what more movement to coax herself.

     “Well, if you don’t talk, then I have to choose one.”

     Yin Shao Jie stood up, patted his pants, and looked down at her.

     What choices?

     Mu Xiao Xiao still didn’t figure it out. Suddenly, two pairs of arms hold her which in a squatting position and hold her up.

     “Ah–” she was shocked, and it was so frightening to be held in such a position, she afraid that she would fall.

     However, Yin Shao Jie’s movement was very fast. She had already been transported to the car, placed on the pa.s.senger seat, he still bent over to fasten her seat belt.

     “You scared me!” Mu Xiao Xiao finally talked, blamed him.

     Yin Shao Jie smiled. “So I chose the right one? You just want me to carry you to the car? said early ah, why are you being difficult, you are really hard to please.”

     Although he seems disliked her and said that she was difficult to please, he still followed her intentions.

     After Yin Shao Jie fasten her seat belt, he wandered back to the driver’s seat, started the engine, and drove the car out of the underground garage.

     Mu Xiao Xiao sat next to him, she has already cooled down.

     For a long while, she only then started to talk, “I just thought… you really left me alone.”

     At that moment, she really felt wronged. didn’t expect him to drive away so suddenly. He didn’t even pull a few more words with her. She didn’t really want to drive him to the living room to sleep on the sofa ah.

     If she really so heartless, she would not let him sleep in the room last night.

     Of course, Yin Shao Jie only scared her. Looking at her grievances, he suddenly feels rather guilty. If he had known earlier he would not play.

     After all, Mu Xiao Xiao is different from those girlfriends. He doesn’t care about those girls. If they’re angry, they’re angry. He will not take the initiative to coax them. Anyway, when the times comes they will subsidy themselves.

     But Mu Xiao Xiao is different. If she is angry, she is really angry. She will no longer care about him.

     Of course, Yin Shao Jie will not say his real thoughts, but only pretend troubled, “If I really did this, you later will complain to my mother and then I’ll have to be scolded?”

     He is not afraid of being scolded by his mother, but he is more afraid of his mother lecturing him it will be annoying.

     Mu Xiao Xiao pouted her lips and mumbled, “I just said it… I am not the kind of nasty person who loves to complain.”

    Besides, she is not a three-year-old child. How can I complain to the elders all day because of some small things?


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