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Chapter 7 : As a Fellow Women Why Bother Making Things Difficult 

     Mu Xiao Xiao took a look at Yin Shao Jie and said with dissatisfied tone. “You can do it yourself!”

     She was bullied. If he didn’t do anything, he would wait and see.

     Even if she didn’t say it, Yin Shao Jie wouldn’t let her be bullied, especially on his territory.

     Yin Shao Jie coldly looked at Han Yuner and said, “Han Yuner, you say, how should I deal with you?”

     Han Yuner was looked at by his cold eyes, her back shivered then thought about it in a hurry.She decided to take a deep breath, raised her hand and slap herself.

     “I’m sorry! It’s my fault! I shouldn’t do it without asking!” While crying she slaps her own face. From her face, look likes she apologizes very sincerely.

     Mu Xiao Xiao listened her slapping sound, and her weeping face. She thought about it decided to let it go, and said, “Okay, don’t hit again.”

     If continued to slap like this, seems as if i’m taking advantage to bully people.

     As a fellow women why bother making things difficult

     If it is not necessary, she does not want to argue, or even hit others.

     “Let’s go, go back with me!” Mu Xiao Xiao turned her head and looked at Yin Shao Jie.

     Yin Shao Jie said to the people in the room, “If you want to play, then continue to play. If you don’t want to play, then disperse. I will go first,oh yes, my mobile phone?”

     The Attedant hastily present it respectfully with both hands, “Master Jie, your mobile phone is here.”

     When Mu Xiao Xiao saw the mobile phone, her grievances because the phone cannot get through suddenly surge up.

     She glanced at him and said, “Yin Shao Jie, I called you before, you actually can’t recognize my voice, furthermore I came with taxi but don’t have money to pay. I want to call you for help. You don’t pick up my phone.If your phone is not used, give it to me!”

     Hence, I reach out to grab it.

     But Yin Shao Jie’s hand is longer than her hand, He stepped forward one step and she already can’t get it.

     His long arm bent, took the phone back into his pocket.He hold her shoulder in his arm and walked outside.

     “Aiya,inside the room is noisy, it’s normal that I can’t hear your voice. What happened? Suddenly went back to China.Looking me this late Is there an important matter?”

     Yin Shao Jie is full of questions, even when she returns to China during the Chinese New Year, she will not come find him so enthusiastically.

     He suddenly smiled a little ambiguous, “Xiao Xiao, you should not be… suddenly found out that you like me? Come find me so anxiously, and quarrel with my ex-girlfriend, you said, are you want to confess to me?”

     Mu Xiao Xiao looked up and smiled faintly at him, then slammed her foot ruthlessly on his foot.

     Yin Shao Jie screamed in pain, glare at her, “You stink girl! can’t I make a joke? You have been in the US for a few years, and your sense of humor is gone?”

     Mu Xiao Xiao snorted and said, “I am in a bad mood tonight!”

     When she was in a bad mood, he still joking with her. He was looking for it!

     Yin Shao Jie took her out of the bar, his expression return to the normal proud and unruly Yin Shao Jie. His long arm casually put on her shoulder and asked, “Speak, why are you looking for me?”

     “Looking for you to open the door, I don’t have your home key.” She said, the most important thing is that his house didn’t need key to open the door. So she can only find him.

     Yin Shao Jie puzzled. “My house? My mom and family they are there, someone will opens the door for you. if you call, they even will line up to welcome you.”



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