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Read Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 726 – What Is Most Important: How You Feel

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Read WebNovel Billion Of Pampering Only For You Chapter 726 – What Is Most Important: How You Feel

Chapter 726: What Is Most Important: How You Feel

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

She packed her wet clothes, got up, and was going to ask him to turn the lights on.

Suddenly, there was a warm body leaned over behind her, and it was almost in full contact with her back. Then, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her thin waist.

“You…” Before she could speak, her chin was pinched, her head turned to the side, her lips were taken into his.

At first, it was a light affectionate caressing. But how could he restrain himself? Soon, it became a feverish kiss, gobbling up the sweetness of her mouth.

Mo Xiaomeng moaned. Because of how she was postured, she couldn’t push him away even if she wanted to and she had no choice but to be helplessly kissed by him.

His fiery tongue plunged into her little mouth, sweeping around wantonly, his big hands restlessly stroking her body.

Just as the temperature in the air was rising, suddenly a glimmer of light shone in the darkness, and it was followed by the sound of pleasant music.

Mo Xiaomeng was out of it for a few seconds before she realized that it was her phone that was ringing.

It was only at this moment that she realized his tongue had invaded her little mouth. The two were almost inseparable in the extremely pa.s.sionate atmosphere.

She snapped out of it, hastily pushed him away, and found her cell phone lying by the side.

Luckily, she didn’t bring the cell phone out earlier, otherwise the cell phone would have dropped into the water.

As soon as she saw the caller ID she tensed up.

Not feeling like answering the call, she bit her lip as she listened to the music for a few seconds. Then, she finally answered.

“Brother…” she called softly.

Initially seeing something odd in her expression, he was thinking if it might be some guy who had called. Upon hearing her call out “brother”, his serious expression eased up.

The tent was so quiet that it seemed like he could hear the conversation over the phone.

“Are you with Xiaoxiao?”

“Yeah.” Mo Xiaomeng replied faintly. She glanced at Ye Sijue before walking out of the tent.

Exiting the tent, she walked to a distance where no one else could hear her.

Mo Xiaomeng explained to her brother, “Xiaoxiao’s school is having an autumn outing, so she brought me along.”

“Are you having fun?” William asked.

Mo Xiaomeng smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I’m having fun. We will spend a night here and go back tomorrow afternoon. We are camping in tents next to a valley. I heard that in the evening we’ll be able to see lots of stars. Xiaoxiao even brought an astronomical telescope.”

“As long as you’re happy.”

Hearing her silvery voice, William knew that she was having a great time.


His voice became deeper as he said seriously, “I know about that matter.”

Mo Xiaomeng paused, her expression quite complicated and she didn’t give any replies.

William continued, “You ran to China because you didn’t want to be engaged with Chris?”

Mo Xiaomeng looked slightly aggrieved, tugging at the corner of her mouth, but she quickly smiled and said, “How should I express it… It just felt too sudden.”

William said calmly, “Well, you grew up with Chris since young, and you two knew each other very well, so the family made a decision for you to be engaged with him. Though… there were other factors involved, but what is most important is how you are feeling.”

Listening to his brother’s gentle voice, Mo Xiaomeng knew that he cared a lot about her, and her nose felt slightly sour.

Of course, she knew that her engagement with Chris wasn’t such a simple affair that she could stop it by just saying that she didn’t want to.


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