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Chapter 1589 1589. Copies

“Jordan and I will face the two liquid stage experts,” Noah roared. “The others will take care of the gaseous stage before supporting us!”

Noah had understood that his group couldn’t escape that threat as soon as the trio started moving. The two liquid stage experts were faster than him, while the third cultivator seemed able to match his speed.

The unstable substance flowed inside his black veins before a wave of dark matter covered his figure. A draconic armor that featured six arms enveloped him before roots spread around his higher energy.

The roots gave birth to three blades in his empty hands. Night, Snore, and Duanlong also came out of his separate s.p.a.ce. Noah was going all-out from the beginning of the fight.

Noah didn’t divide the opponents casually. The cultivation level of the two liquid stage existences was too high for normal humans. Only hybrids could endure the inevitable beating that had to follow.

The trio didn’t appear human anymore. Their glowing eyes and the insect wings gave them a monstrous appearance, but Noah could sense that they still had mental energy at their disposal.

The three of them were using spells to fly forward. That partial transformation didn’t remove their ability to rely on centers of power that magical beasts didn’t have. Yet, the process had clearly affected their mind since they didn’t even bother to speak in front of a friend.

Duke clapped his hands before his aura exploded forward. A wave of azure light blinded Noah for an instant, but it didn’t manage to suppress his mental waves.

Noah could sense Duke multiplying inside that radiance. When the light vanished, he saw that the expert had created three exact copies of himself.

Duke didn’t suffer any drawback to activate that technique. His copies carried the same cultivation level and aura. Noah suddenly had four liquid stage cultivators to take care of.

The sword-shaped roots on one of his right hands opened while a black handle came out of his draconic chest. Noah drew the cursed sword and slashed toward his four opponents, backing his attack with everything he had.

A ma.s.sive singularity came out of his figure. The whole area became empty of air, energy, and terrain as his destructive attack filled the land.

Azure s.h.i.+elds appeared in front of the four Duke. They tried to block the singularity, but Noah’s attack ended up piercing those spells and landing on their body.

The four Duke shot backward until they crashed on the ground. Limbs and pieces of their torso had disappeared after the clash. One of them had even lost his head, but his body continued to move.

‘What the f.u.c.k?’ Noah cursed in his mind at the sight of the headless human figure standing up and clapping his hands.

The other three Duke did the same, and an azure halo soon shone in the area again. When the light disappeared, Noah could see that the expert had created four more copies that didn’t have any injury.

Noah covered the area with flames before launching another attack. The expert didn’t manage to avoid that singularity, but he tried to block it with s.h.i.+elds again.

The eight figures suffered fewer injuries during that clash since Noah’s singularity didn’t manage to pierce many s.h.i.+elds. Still, the expert clapped his hands and multiplied himself again.

Noah remained speechless. He now had twelve liquid stage opponents ready to unleash their full power. The expert’s ability didn’t make any sense, but Noah didn’t let that sight scare him.

Duke had gone through a transformation, but only severe drawbacks could justify that amount of power. Cultivators couldn’t just multiply themselves. Noah would have already done it otherwise.

‘I need to push him until the drawbacks take over,’ Noah concluded in his mind while storing the cursed sword.

Noah couldn’t overpower so many liquid stage experts, but he had something that could delay them. It was time to use his new ability.

The dark world expanded and covered the whole battlefield. The workshop activated while Noah remained hidden inside his currents of dark matter.

Duke sent some of his copies forward, but the dark world suppressed their power and made them unable to find Noah. The expert snapped his fingers to launch shockwaves that destroyed entire chunks of the technique, but he still failed in uncovering Noah.

Dark matter constantly refilled those destroyed areas and gave Noah more s.p.a.ce to find a safe position. He never stopped moving and planned his new destination according to where his opponents were.

‘It’s still too slow,’ Noah sighed in his mind while inspecting the twelve copies laying waste to his technique.

The dark world managed to suppress the expert and his attacks, but the latter remained a liquid stage cultivator. It only took him three series of attacks to destroy most of the technique and corner Noah.

A ma.s.sive six-armed dragons came out of the last lump of dark matter when the twelve copies approached that area. The creature had the power of a magical beast in the lower tier, but its figure radiated Noah’s energy.

The twelve copies quickly attacked the dragon and destroyed it in a single wave of attacks. They only had to snap their fingers to shatter the dark matter that made its body.

‘I wonder how much energy they can use in this state,’ Noah thought while commanding the workshop to send the second specimen.

A second six-armed dragon came out of that lump of dark matter, and the twelve copies quickly took care of the creature. However, the dark world expanded during that time and engulfed them again.

The twelve copies launched shockwaves, but they found out that two lower tier dragons had appeared in front of them. Duke didn’t hesitate to shot toward the creatures, but a series of tentacles came out of the dark world and cracked at them.

The tentacles. .h.i.t the surprised copies and flung them on the ground. Large pieces of their body had disappeared after the exchange, but they all stood up and clapped their hands to multiply.

‘How many times can he even do it?’ Noah wondered when he saw twenty Duke watching toward the dark world. ‘Well, this should reduce his time, at least.’

More tentacles cracked out of the dark world while the copies tried to shot toward the sky. The expert quickly created s.h.i.+elds that blocked those attacks, but he soon found the two dragons on top of him.

The twenty copies destroyed the dragons in a matter of seconds. Those creatures were stronger than the average magical beast due to the dark matter, but Duke was too powerful. He was a one-man-army ready to unleash his full might in an instant.

Yet, the twenty copies didn’t manage to go far. Noah kept expanding the dark world and put them into a position where he could surprise them with the tentacles and send them back on the ground.

‘This doesn’t seem the a.r.s.enal of a liquid stage cultivator,’ Noah thought while inspecting his battle and the other fights.

Noah noticed that the winged cultivators didn’t use many spells. They only relied on their iconic ability before limiting themselves to less powerful techniques.

The gaseous stage cultivator was even alone against Luke’s companions and the rest of the rank 7 experts. It didn’t take much to take the expert down, and Second Prince didn’t hesitate to study him.


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