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Read Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 109.2 – The Mysterious Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please is a web novel produced by 木子以栖.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 109.2 : The Mysterious Old Man

Using Bai Zhi Yan’s words, it was said that although usually a little lazy, he was still rather useful when it really mattered. With that pair of eyes that were able to see ghosts, all those ghosts and ghouls seeking to ambush them from within the darkness were not even given a chance to make their move.

“The reason for this trip, is to help her?”

Lou Jun Yao and Qing Yi were still walking at the back and they were speaking to each other on and off.

“That’s right. Lai Lai’s father is a gold grade Elixir Cultivator and he suffered cultivation backlash after being ambushed, greatly damaging his life essence. So now we need to capture a little ghost with the ability to collect and gather life essence to help him recover or his cultivation will disperse till its depleted and he will die.”

Hearing her words, Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips indiscernibly. “You are really so kind to anybody and everybody.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Qing Yu turned back to smile at him to say, her long narrow eyes seemingly shining with a sparkling light. “I am only like this to people I care about. With people that have nothing to do with me, unless they are of some use to me, otherwise even if they were dying right before me, I will probably not even give them a second look.”

Regardless whether it was in her past life or present, she could never really be considered to be a good person.

There was kindness, but the prerequisite was that there was no threat of harm upon herself.

In the past life, someone said she was callous and hard hearted, clearly cold blooded and merciless, but hypocritically presented a caring image to the people in the world on the surface, deceiving many with how she looked on the outside.

Some people have also said that was what really terrified people most.

The young lady’s eyes were always smiling, but that was just a veil that prevented people from being able to see through her, like she was always putting on an amiable and approachable smile, but actually had cold cruelty running deep in her bones.

Lou Jun Yao was dazzled for an instant at that moment.

Young ladies at that age, regardless whether it was in Cloud Heaven or in the lower level realms, were mostly adorable and bashful, many innocent and guileless, some arrogant and bossy, ones that were pretentious and ent.i.tled more than he could count.

But it seem that only she stood like a lone tree, unique and special.

Clearly a young and flawless beauty, she did not look out of place in the slightest when dressed up as a boy, her mannerisms and actions as easy going and magnanimous as any man, possessing such great skills but she kept such a low profile that people easily overlooked her.

She seemed to possess many faces, and every single one so lively and refreshing. She was not weak, stronger in will than many men. She valued ties and friendship very much, never seeking to take advantage of others, instead fearful of owing people favours that she was unable to repay, always making sure debts are properly and sufficiently cleared.

Although it could be said that she was clever, but just by that one point alone made seem rather foolish.

No matter the time and age, women were always viewed to be weaker, and could only survive under the protective wings of men.

But on the young lady here, Lou Jun Yao had never seen weakness on her. From the moment they had first met, he had known that her future was limitless and impossible to predict.

Hence he had remained here in the Constellation Lands and still did not go back, not just to deal with his personal matters, but was intrigued by the talents in this young lady. He knew, that she could only be won over only by outsmarting her and not forcibly seized, otherwise, only the opposite effect would be achieved.

The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face deepened and his moist thin lips raised up slightly in a faint arc before he said: “What you’re doing is just great. In this world, kind people usually do not go far.”


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