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Read Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 297.1 – Trapped, With No Way Out

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Chapter 297.1: Trapped, With No Way Out

Hearing that, a corner of Qing Yu’s mouth stiffened in a smirk. “In that case, why not you come soak yourself in this essence of goodness as well? Even if it is unable to elevate your cultivation, it should at least strengthen your body somewhat.”

“Ha, you impish la.s.s. Trying to taunt me?” Lian Shi was unable to suppress a smile. “Such things are of absolutely no use to me.”

Qing Yu scoffed indignantly and crossed her arms before her chest as she gazed lazily at the man and said: “You people captured my Mother and have now taken me as well. It is said that you people are seeking to extract the Flame element out of our bodies in order to create an invincible and immortal human weapon. What? Are you people seeking to reign over the entire world?”

Hearing the young lady’s words, the look on Lian Shi’s face seemed to show a tinge of surprise. “Where did you hear all that from?”

“There’s no need to deny it. Anyway, I know what you people are seeking to achieve but there is just one point that I do not understand.”

When Qing Yu spoke about that, she kept away her nonchalant and indifferent demeanor and turned to look at the man with a measuring gaze. “The contents within this water helps to raise my cultivation. Aren’t you afraid that after I grow powerful, I might just run away from here?”

“You are quite intelligent aren’t you? It looks like you’ve already discovered the peculiar effect the water gives you?”

Lian Shi went a few more steps forward and crouched down to study the young lady a moment before he curved up the ends of his lips slightly. “This thing you’re worrying about will not happen. The reason you are being immersed here in this pool is to let the Flame element in your body mature and grow more powerful, so that it will give us the greatest effect when the time comes.”

Qing Yu snorted disdainfully and then said in a voice filled with contempt: “I fear that you might be underestimating me here. This place will only be able to hold me for a period, so if you really intend to hold me captive, can I trouble you to find a better place than this at least? This place here is…..”

When she spoke up till that point, her voice then paused for a moment, and her face looking like she was secretly gloating inside, she pointed a finger above her head. “I would think it’s no longer suitable for me to remain here any longer, don’t you think? I am such an important prisoner afterall, so if anything were to happen to me, you might not be able to answer for it, will you?”

Lian Shi’s gaze followed the direction the young lady’s finger was pointing at. With such a large gaping hole overhead, where everything in here was so incredibly exposed without a sliver of cover, it did not seem like it would be a suitable place to hold her in captivity anymore.

But when he saw the gloating smirk on the young lady’s face, mirth rose in Lian Shi’s eyes. He then said slowly in a soft voice: “Although I do not know how you wrecked the place up like this, but since we chose to imprison someone as important as you here, did you really think that this place is as simple as you imagined?”

“What do you mean?”

Qing Yu felt a twitch tug below one of her eyebrows, and an ominous feeling came to rise up in her heart.”


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